Love List; Our Favorite Gifts

In this week’s Love List, the SweetPhi team is re-capping some of our favorite gifts!  It’s always fun to see what memories stuck out in the mix of the holiday madness.


  1. Good TV things! Jack Ryan (new season on Prime) and Glass Onion: Knives Out (on Netflix)!!
  2. This list of Grandparent-Approved advice for the New Year is so sweet, I absolutely love 5,8 and 10!

    Pajamas, photo calendar, girls play purse, Pikachu, race track, bath seat
    Pajamas | Photo calendar | Purse set | Pikachu | Race track | Bath seat
  3. Our favorite gifts this Christmas:

Bridget’s Picks

Xbox, Skylander Imaginators, Butterfinger Bells, Dr. Kit, Cowgirl Boots
Skylander | XBox | Bell mold | Dr. Kit | Cowgirl boots
  1. Favorite gifts
    1. Tyler – a new XBox!  I know this sounds crazy, but a group of family members went together and purchased this for him and it was truly so great to see him so happy and surprised – like a kid on Christmas!  And honestly, he usually gets like socks and a book so it was time for something super special!
    2. Bridget – Butterfinger Bells.  Ok hear me out on this one.  Every year for as long as I can remember, Santa 😉 has put Butterfinger Bells in our stockings and then all of the extra candy that wasn’t used in stockings was kept in a bowl on the coffee table at my parent’s house.  Well one Christmas, the bowl wasn’t there and I threw a fit about it…in a funny way.  I told my parents about my memories of that bowl.  These bells have been discontinued, so this year, my Mom and Dad MADE ME my own bells.  They crushed up full sized Butterfingers, bought a bell-shaped mold and made them.  So amazing and throughtful.
    3. Elliot – Skylander Imaginators (similar to the one linked).  I have never heard of this, but my husband played it as a kid and my son is in love with it too, so Santa pulled out a miracle (it’s not made anymore) and found a game with 8 included characters (imaginators) and the necessary portal.  He was SO excited!
    4. Lucy – a tough tie between cowgirl boots (gifted by her Grandma, so I’m not sure if this is what she paid) or this Dr. set.  She is OBSESSED with horses and wears the boots everywhere.  Plus, we have played A LOT of Dr./Patient these days.
  2. One other quick share since I told so many stories above!  This was a fun little feel good story about confetti on New Year’s Eve in New York.

Alyssa’s Picks

pillow, coffee mugs, Carhart hat, candle
Pillow | Coffee mugs | Hat | Candle
  1. I loved getting these pillow cases as a gift because I’ve been wanting them but never buy them for myself!
  2. Another thing I’ve been wanting to do is get rid of all the old coffee cups we have and get a set of matching ones, so getting these was so nice and just what I wanted!
  3. I also got a new winter hat (these ones are the warmest!), which I already have one so I wouldn’t buy myself another but it’s so nice to have two to grab from!
  4. I also got one of my favorite candles! When they burn out I take the wax out and repurpose it into a little plant pot!

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