Loftie Sleep Mask Review

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I test and review many eye masks as Reviewed’s sleep writer, so I know what types of masks don’t work for me as a stomach sleeper: Standard, flat masks tend to put pressure on my eyes, while contoured masks frequently feel rough. Despite the variety of masks I’ve worn to bed, I haven’t been able to find one that provides total comfort. That changed when I tried the Loftie Sleep Mask. Made of synthetic silk fabric with “hidden” eye cups, it’s the one mask that makes my entire face feel blissful as I sleep.

Loftie’s mask won’t create uncomfortable pressure on your face, but it doesn’t create total blackout conditions like some other masks we tested.

What is the Loftie Sleep Mask?

The $20 Loftie sleep mask is made of orange synthetic silk and has a stretchy band. From the outside, it looks like a normal eye mask. But the mask contains subtly contoured pockets sandwiched between the layers of fabric over each eye, with the aim to eliminate pressure that can cause discomfort or even prevent you from falling asleep.

The brand Loftie launched with its flagship Loftie alarm clock in 2020 to help people become less reliant on their smartphones. The Loftie clock can be controlled via an app, but it also works manually with buttons on the device, meaning you don’t need to pull out your phone before bed. It includes gentle wake-up noises as well as sleep sounds and meditation tracks. It earned our upgrade pick among the best alarm clocks we tested and was so beloved by our tester that she now has her own. The brand also sells other sleep products, including a dimmable lamp, a book about sleep, and snooze-inducing puzzle.

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What we like about the Loftie Sleep Mask

Person holding orange satin sleep mask in hands.
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Loftie’s inner eye cups prevent pressure on the eyes.

It’s easy on the eyes

The gentle contours on the Loftie Sleep Mask eliminated pressure on my eyes when I used it. I appreciated this feature: Eye masks that lie flat across my face have bothered my eyes in the past because they feel too tight and constricting.

It’s soft on the face

On the flip side, contoured masks—ones that offer a bubble of space over each eye—can eliminate the pressure problem, but as a stomach sleeper whose face presses into my pillow at night, I find many of those to be irritating as well. If the mask has a bulky design or is made of rough material, I feel it digging into or chafing my skin as I attempt to fall asleep. Loftie’s “hidden” contours and soft, silky material present no such issues. The mask feels gentle on my face all night long.

It blocks enough light for day napping

Loftie’s mask fulfills its intended purpose, which is blocking light for better sleep. I’m sensitive to light and find it difficult to fall asleep when it’s not pitch-dark in my bedroom. I use Loftie to block morning light on occasions when I want to sleep in and am pleased with the results. I also experimented with Loftie on an afternoon when I wanted to nap. With Loftie on my face, I drifted right to sleep.

It’s machine-washable

I ran the Loftie Sleep Mask through the laundry with cold water as part of my testing procedure and was pleased to see that it made it through in perfect condition and was ready to wear after air-drying. Washing eye masks is important for preventing eye infections and ensuring you’re not sleeping with a dirty cloth on your face.

What we don’t like about the Loftie Sleep Mask

Person laying mattress with orange satin sleep mask.
Credit: Reviewed / Betsey Goldwasser

Loftie might be dreamy on the face, but it doesn’t block all the light.

It doesn’t provide total darkness

Loftie Sleep Mask blocks most light, and I used it during the day for naps without issue. But it doesn’t provide a blackout-quality dark. I tested each mask in a dark room of our Cambridge, Mass. lab while a colleague shone flood lights on me. Loftie’s mask let through more light than average through its fabric in that test, and I could tell through the fabric when the floodlights were on or off without my colleague telling me.

It’s not real silk

Loftie’s mask is made of synthetic fibers instead of real silk. Because silk is known for its luxurious level of quality as well as its antibacterial properties, some people might be unhappy with this. On the upside, the fabric the Loftie Sleep Mask is made out of is easier to wash than most silk. If you must have the real thing, we recommend the Alaska Bear Silk Sleep Mask, which at $10 is half the price of the Loftie—though it is not contoured or machine-washable.

It’s not adjustable

Loftie’s mask isn’t adjustable like some others are. This wasn’t an issue for me when I used it, though, as the stretchy band was easy on my hair and kept the mask in place while I slept. But for people who like adjustable straps on their sleep masks, this could be a disappointment.

What other people are saying about the Loftie Sleep Mask

Loftie’s mask is currently only available on the company’s website, where it has 5 stars from just three (clearly happy) customers. They say the mask is “cute” and does a good job blocking light.

“Super comfy eye mask: Love how it doesn't put pressure on my eyes like I've had with other eye masks,” writes one reviewer.

“I've really noticed a difference in the quality of my sleep, and I especially love how it has built in eye sockets to alleviate pressure around the eyes, unlike a lot of other sleep masks on the market,” writes another.

Is the Loftie Sleep Mask worth it?

Yes, especially if you’re sensitive to the feel of a mask on your face

Loftie’s sleep mask was the most comfortable mask I tested. It didn’t put pressure on my eyes or irritate my skin. I was happy to wear it all night long—even when sleeping on my stomach. This is high praise from me: As with other masks, I’ve kept them on my bedside table to grab in the event that light awakens me because I can’t bear to wear them all night.

Although it wasn’t the darkest mask I tried, it blocked enough light for me to nap during the day. Our lab test where it faltered was also a little extreme—if you aren’t sleeping under flood lights, I think Loftie will get the job done.

The Loftie Sleep Mask is also fairly priced: At $20 it is a more justifiable splurge compared to other brand-name masks, such as the $49 Casper Snoozewear sleep mask and the $35 Manta Sleep Mask. Our top pick eye mask, Mzoo Sleep Eye Mask, costs $30 at full price, but is frequently available on sale for under $20. I would feel better about Loftie’s price if it were made of real silk, but I don’t think the cost is unreasonable. If you plan to use a sleep mask frequently, Loftie is a good value for the comfort it provides.

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