Light of Mine Unit Study - Premium from Towers of Light Christian Resources LLC Review

Disclosure:  I received this complimentary product through the HOMESCHOOL REVIEW CREW.

Towers of Light Christian Resources, LLC

I was so excited to receive Light of Mine Unit Study - Premium from Towers of Light Christian Resources LLC to use with our family!  This specific unit study is geared for kids grades 3-6+.  

Our Premium package includes the paperback novel, unit study workbook, USB flash drive and the Pathway Personal Player!  This is a truly impressive set.

Our Pathway Personal Player is an audio book MP3 player that includes our novel + bonus tracks.  The audio book is narrated by Stacey Bradshaw.  What a bonus to receive!  There are so many different ways to utilize this - if you have a struggling reader, you are traveling in the car, you just want to hear the story again, etc - such a cool addition to this premium package.

E (5th grade) has really enjoyed both reading our book and listening to it.  The audio is done extremely well.  I can hear her singing along with the music (This Little Light of Mine, etc.).

Light of Mine is the first book in a six-book series written by Allen Brokken.  This christian fantasy adventure is 222 pages and this includes 19 chapters, reading comprehension questions, an about the author page and more information about the other books in this series.  There are no illustrations within the text.  When Lauren, Aiden and  Ethan find themselves alone after The Darkness has taken their parents, they need to discern who to trust and how to navigate life.  They must stop the agents of The Dark One from putting out the Light and dooming the heathlands to eternal Darkness.  This first book specifically focuses on the christian value of discernment and E loves it.  It is gripping and adventurous.  The boys are now listening to it and they are very enthralled.  I love the questions it generates and how it really gets them thinking.  We are really looking forward to getting the additional series books!

How is the workbook set-up?  This unit study is specifically designed to be completed in four weeks.  Each week there is ~ 50-60 pages of reading because students are reading a chapter each day.  This reading can be done independently or aloud (this works great when multiple kids are listening, or if you have a struggling reader).  They can just listen or follow along in their book.

Above you can see a peek into our workbook with a peek into E's reading journal as well.

Students are encouraged to keep a reading journal and I love this!  For the first 4 days students will copy their memory verse and complete the vocabulary exercise, read the story passage aloud and discuss this as a group, complete the daily reading assignment (either independently or aloud), after reading, students will answer the reading questions in their journal - all of this will be done each day.

Here you can see E's answers to the reading questions.  After she completes them, we discuss them.

On the 5th day, students will complete the daily reading assignment (as all other days), recite their memory verse and wrap up the week with the coloring page, puzzle, and hands-on activity.  There is an answer key in the back of the workbook for every day of all 5 weeks.  I appreciate that this workbook has all the information for parents and students to complete it.  This workbook is a great way to encourage kids to dig a little deeper into the book and think about what they are reading while having fun.  And because of the christian worldview, they learn about God - what a win!

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