Kindergarten Science Unit - Living Things and What They Need

Need a little help covering life science with your kindergarten class?

This handy standards-based unit will save you time and help you teach your students that plants and animals need certain things.

They will learn that animals and plants live in places that meet their needs, and they will learn that animals (including humans) can change the environment to meet their needs.

Students will learn about animal homes and the different things that animals eat.

This complete unit is aligned with standards NGSS K-LS1-1, K-ESS2-2, K-ESS3-1 and Utah SEEd K.2.1, K.2.2, and K.2.3. 

This is a HUGE unit with lots of different activities!  It includes informative slide shows, lesson plans, worksheets, a little book for emergent readers, and writing papers for emergent writers to trace.

There are sorting cards and puzzle cards that can be used for centers.  It even includes a science lab on plants and age appropriate worksheets!

If you use everything included, this unit will take about three weeks to complete!

Don't spend your precious free time creating your own unit - I've done the work for you!

This resource has dozens of perfect ratings on Teachers Pay Teachers:

This unit is very clear and easy to use. My students were engaged and loved the activities that were perfect for little ones.
 This unit has lots of engaging activities that go with the standards for kindergarten. Everything is clear and well planned. My students loved the puzzle cards and the little book they made, which they practiced "reading" over and over. Nice integration with literacy.

Your little ones will LOVE this unit and it will save you TONS of time!

Download this complete unit TODAY: