It’s taking a while..............

.......................for me to feel like I'm  living a normal life again. 9 weeks in holiday lets with nothing much to do has upset my rhythm. 

Also holding me up is not having a decent sized freezer. The one that came here was the small one I had in the back porch and my fridge is the teeny one we had during our year in Ipswich so I need to order a bigger fridge-freezer sooner rather than later. I've had chest freezers since even before we got married so I'm used to batch baking and cooking. 

At least I can start weeding the garden as my brown garden waste bin has arrived. It came on Tuesday afternoon in between showers of rain and hail, the water was running down the road. The bloke delivering it said he'd been in the South of the county with no rain. A while later my Sister's husband dropped some puzzle pages into me on his way to the doctors and he said they'd had no rain 4 miles away in their village and then later BiL Andrew (3 miles away) rang to say his neighbour's were getting rid of some paving slabs which he knew I wanted for putting under my 'dalek' compost bin and he said he'd been up a ladder painting his house  all day with no interruptions for rain and definitely no hail!
 I seem to have moved across the A140 from one village that always caught any showers to another the same. So very different to the 23 years at the smallholding near the coast where we often missed the rain.

One little bit of normal was going swimming again after a couple of weeks missed through the move. While I was out it had been dry here but then it started raining again - seems to have been rinse and repeat all week!  On the way home I called in at the charity shop in Eye and found another Persephone - this time I knew I'd not read it and that it would fit on my shelves so snapped it up for £1. Persephone 23 -Reuban Sachs by Amy Levy - originally published in 1888.........older than most books I read.

Here's how my book shelves are looking now I'm all unpacked. Even my cookery books are here in the living room as there is nowhere for them in the kitchen

I've gone against my library assistant instinct .....where everything is pulled forward to the front of the shelves. Instead all the books are pushed to the back of shelves to make room for all my bits and bobs that used to live on my dresser (that wasn't really a dresser) and on the mantel-piece. 
No more seasonal mantle shelf decoration! 
Although I could do a display on the top of the pine shelf unit to the left of photo which holds all my books that I use for finding out about weather sayings, folklore and trees and all the other things I sometimes write about. 
Because of wood-burners and endless dust it's been 30 years since I dared have all my books in the living room................ nice to have them close at hand again and I'm pleased at how many I got rid of (so there is room for more?!)
Thanks for all the comments yesterday about the yew hedge - it's honestly very, very ugly but no, even if it's mine I'll not be digging it up anytime soon.

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