How to survive hotel quarantine

Hotel quarantine is a measure many countries insist upon to prevent the spread of COVID-19, especially for travellers from a red list country. Many destinations like Australia, UK, Hong Kong, New Zealand, China and Singapore have implemented a compulsory quarantine. Travellers usually have to quarantine in a hotel from anywhere between 10-14 days, at their own expense. 

If you are planning to visit Hong Kong or returning back to the region, you will have to isolate yourself in a hotel for a two-week compulsory quarantine. The Hong Kong government has also released a list of 16 designated quarantine hotels

Now that you have to spend some time quarantining in a hotel, why not make it a relaxing time instead of feeling trapped? Here are some tips that will help you survive your stay in a hotel room. 

Book a room with a view

Hotel Quarantine
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While the thought of spending your quarantine period in a single room may not be pleasing, booking a room that has a decent view can help. Out of the list of quarantine hotels, choose the one where you can book your stay that will make you feel positive about spending your quarantine in a single room. Even better if it comes with a balcony where you can sit and sip on your coffee. 

Wake up with a purpose 

Make a to-do list
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Plan how you want to spend each day in your room. Start it with some workout, followed by a pampering session in the shower try to accomplish something, even the smallest of tasks counts. You can also make a to-do list before you hit the sack and start the next day on a purposeful note. Also, sleeping early and waking up on time sets the tone for your day. Getting a good 7-8 hours of sleep is crucial to recharge your battery, especially during your quarantine in a room. 

All this not only gives you direction but also a certain degree of control over your day. Even studies have stressed upon the importance of establishing a routine.  

Get some exercise 

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Exercising kills two birds with one stone it keeps both the blues and flab away. Workouts are known to release happy hormones endorphins, serotonin and norepinephrine. Opt for a physical activity you enjoy and can practice daily in your room. This will ensure a happy quarantine period.   

Dancing, pilates, acroyoga, aerobics — choose from a plethora of options to stay fit and happy as you quarantine in a room. According to an article published by Harvard Medical School, working out also reduces stress in addition to releasing happy hormones.  

Soak in some vitamin D 

Hotel Quarantine
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Catch the early morning train, meaning, try to get some sunshine early in the morning. You can also meditate or practice yoga while you get your vitamin D dose. So, when you make your hotel booking, try and get an east-facing room.

Sunlight will instantly cheer your mood and energise you to face the day. It is also good for your health. An article by National Center for Biotechnology Information (NCBI) has also corroborated the same.  

Stay connected 

Hotel Quarantine
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It has become important, especially as the world combats COVID-19, that we stay connected with our loved ones. Use that complimentary hotel wifi (another one of the details to remember while making the room reservation) and make some time every day to talk to your friends and family members during your hotel quarantine. Whether it be through messages, phone calls or video calls, don’t hesitate to share your thoughts with someone you trust.  

A Harvard research even says that reaching out and connecting with people ensures longevity and happiness.  

Digital detox  

hotel quarantine
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Put that phone away and give your eyes some rest. Yes, you heard it right. Lesser screen time comes with a host of benefits which include improved sleep and attention span, which is good for your health. Research has also shown that those who abstain from using social media are less likely to develop symptoms of anxiety and depression.  

Instead of scrolling through your newsfeed, solve a puzzle or finally read that book you have been unable to start.

Pamper yourself 

pamper yourself
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What’s better than a relaxing day of munching on a bowl of fruits with a sheet mask on your face? Start the pamper-sesh with a warm bath and proceed to show some TLC to your skin and hair. You can also whip up a hair mask to pamper your tresses. Put on some good music and let the quarantine rituals begin.  

Eat healthy 

healthy diet
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As you hotel quarantine, try to choose healthy options when it comes to your meals. Giving into temptations for your breakfast, lunch and dinner once in a while is fine. Quarantine has made us seek comfort in junk food, but it will be only wise to not let this time ruin our healthy eating habits. 

Including junk and processed food in your diet has many cons, including obesity and lethargy. Make sure your breakfast, lunch and dinner satiate your hunger and nourish you during your quarantine period. 

If you are bored of the hotel food, you can also look for local delivery services that can provide you with some healthy and tasty meal options.

Cultivate a skill

learn a skill
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With quite some time in your hands, why not learn something new during your quarantine period? You can choose from a multitude of options available online, from guitar classes to cooking courses. Or use that space in the room to take an online dance lesson.

You can also start working on something you were planning to do for a very long time but weren’t able to find time. 

As you get ready to quarantine in a hotel, be sure of even the minor details prior to arriving in the city. Double check your room booking, check all the services that are a part of your package, including the complimentary ones, the food situation, and hidden costs among other things. All these details are important for a peaceful quarantine stay. 

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