How To Be Productive

In times like this, it can be hard to be productive. Especially if many of us are out of work or working from home or just want to be more productive in our daily lives. I thought I'd give you guys a productive structure which works for me and you can edit to make your own. So without further ado, this is how I am productive.

1. Wake up early
I think the key to being productive is waking up early and having more time in the day so you can get more done. It may be a struggle in the beginning if you're not used to waking up early but the more you do it then your body will naturally just wake up early.

2. Get ready as soon as you get up
The best way to be productive is to do something productive as soon as you get up from bed. Something simple as getting dressed is one step to being productive. I never feel motivated to do anything in my pyjamas so just getting ready for the day gets me in the mood to get some work done.

3. Tidy up
I cannot work if my surroundings are messy and cluttered. It just distracts me from my work and I end up wanting to just tidy up. So to start the day of being productive, I like to tidy up my work space and surroundings so that when it's tidy I can just focus on the work I need to do. Plus tidying up is another thing off the list for a productive day.

4. Work for two hours
I like to start working flat out for two hours and work my way from there. I find just working two hours whether that's on my blog or writing a novel or studying, I feel I can get a big chunk of work done. After two hours I will take a small break then work for another two hours. It just works out well for me. Sometimes after the two hours I want to keep being productive for longer. Dedicating a bit of time to being productive with no distractions really helps me to focus on my work.

5. Take breaks
It's important to take breaks because it's impossible to work flat out all day and not have a breakdown. Usually I will take breaks between the two hours to step away from my desk and have a little time to rest for a bit before getting back to work. Just try not to take too many breaks to the point where you've hardly been productive at all.

6. Don't forget to relax
This follows from the last time and that's don't forget to relax. While being productive is important on a daily basis, it's important to give yourself that time to relax. Work is important but sometimes when you feel unmotivated and struggling, that's when it's time for some relaxation. It's hard to work under pressure and stressed out so do take moments to chill out. Whether that's having a pamper session or binge watching a TV show after a productive day. Give yourself a reward for a productive day and it will make the day worthwhile.

7. Get enough sleep 
Sleep is so important because you can't function without sleep. Try to get at least seven or eight hours worth of sleep everyday. You could try to have an hour before bed of no screen time so that you're not distracted. Do something calm and relaxing like reading a book or even a puzzle book. Journaling is also a great way to let go of any feelings and worries which may keep you from sleeping. There's also a few meditating apps that you can use to unwind and relax before bed. Make a habit of going to bed at the same time everyday and you may find it'll help you to get enough sleep.

Anyway, that's all the tips I have on how to be productive. I hope this was helpful to any of you who want to start being productive. Of course you don't have to follow all my tips and you can change it to suit your needs.

Thank you for reading my blog and I'll be back soon with another post for you.

See you then.

Megan x 

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