Highlights Kids Book Clubs: First delivery for $0 plus $1 shipping

Join a Highlights Kids Book Club and get your first shipment (includes 2 books) for $0 plus $1 for shipping. Or opt for an Early Learners Subscription Box and get 50% off your first month, dropping the price to $12.49 with free shipping. Shop Now at Highlights for Children

  • Choose from Hidden Pictured, Puzzle, and Adventure club options for ages 3 to 9+ (60+ pages of fun in each delivery).
  • Book Club subscriptions include 2 books delivered every 3 weeks at a regular price of $6.95 per book ($13.90 total) plus $2.98 for shipping.
  • Choose the books you want to buy and keep with a 100% satisfaction guarantee. You can return any shipment you don't want and get a full refund credited to your account (including shipping costs). There is no minimum number of books you have to buy with the subscription, and you can cancel anytime.

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