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Title: Hidden Affairs
Author: Gwen Parks
Genre: Romantic Suspense
Release Date: April 8, 2022
Cover Design: Lori Jackson


Amazon Review - “I recommend this book; it is a hard one to put down.”

They’re what every good detective needs to solve the mysteries of the darkest crimes.
I’m a details guy. I see all the little things that make up the bigger picture.
Give me a puzzle and there’s nothing I can’t solve.
Until her.
She’s thrilling, mysterious.
Suddenly she’s everywhere. She’s filling all the free space in my head and lining my veins with something so addictive I can’t get enough.
Falling for her is like quicksand.
She’s become one puzzle I can’t solve. So many secrets and promises she can’t contain them any longer. But will she share them with me?
All I saw was the bigger picture with her and this details guys missed what was there all along until it was too late.
We spend time together, but do I really know who Wilder is? Will she ever reveal herself to me?
And if she does, will I be ready for it?

Cat gives this book 3 Meows with a 1 purr heat index... 
(most sex is off page or alluded to, also, this review contains a slight spoiler)

This book starts out in Jackson’s past as a child, then years later switches to his police partner Thorne. Thorne has been on the police force 7 years and is getting burned out when a big case comes that changes every one’s lives. He meets a mysterious woman that just appears. He becomes enamored but the case keeps getting deeper. 

Wilder is a beautiful mysterious woman that has lots of secrets. Some that will shatter the town, if she can figure how to get the monster caught. 

This book has a good backbone, the story and plot is pretty good and the characters are all interesting. My issue lies with how it all unfolds and some of the outcome. I really think the outcome needed to be harsher as there were several murders. Also Nothing is mentioned in Wilders' parts in the murders, even though she didn’t commit them and to me her part was unbelievable. Ok I’m going to say it… how can she transport bodies to be found with no transportation? Plus, we had all these murders and other than the first body all were just called she or body, never any names. I think I’d like to have seen more of the actual investigation and learned a bit more of how Wilder was getting around. 

I just think some things could have been better worked out and this could have been 5 meows. I will say, I’m anxious to see Jackson’s actual story. 

Gwen Parks writes compelling romance stories that make the hero and heroine a little desperate. She enjoys reading angsty romances in her spare time and listening to her carefully curated playlists. Second chance romance is her favorite trope to read. She loves when the hero fights for his leading lady and having the heroine a little headstrong. She loves spending her summers in the sun and out playing with her three dogs.


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