Have You Prepared Your Kids for Surviving?

How do you prepare your kids for surviving? As parents and adults, it is your duty to introduce the kids to the preparedness activities at a young age.

The reality of the situation is that most people who are faced with survival aren’t faced with it alone. You have a family which makes the task much harder and also gives you more motivation to make it through and survive.

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Have You Prepared Your Kids for Surviving?

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For all of the millennia, people have been surviving with kids for whom there weren’t all of the conveniences of modern society to use while making it through.

You need to find ways to do things, where you can keep your children safe while doing all the tasks you need to do to survive. Being prepared is essential to the whole family as they will depend on you for guidance and support to equip them in surviving any calamity.

Preparing children for natural disasters will be a challenging experience for all. Knowing what to teach your kids in advance will be the key for them to succeed with the necessary survival skills.

The major concern when surviving with kids is their safety. Children aren’t used to being put in a survival situation, so their instinct (curiosity) is likely to put them into contact with unsafe things.

Children learn by exploring and they will explore a survival situation like they would any other situation. One of our responsibilities is to establish limits to keep them safe.

What is allowed and what is not allowed for them to do. But at the same time, you want them to explore and learn. Learning is the teacher! The more they know about dangerous things, the less likely they are to be hurt.

To teach a child anything, it’s best to make a game of it. Children learn through play, so turn that lesson into play. The best when trying to teach a child survival skills, take them camping.

This will teach them the basics, learning the ways of camping will be the same skills needed in a survival situation. They will be readily active when called upon. Teach them the basics of caring for their safety.

Teach them to be alert to the presence of the dangers they may encounter while out camping. You should also have your kids learn how to take precautions in dealing with strangers while out on the camping trip.

How you teach your kids about survival to improve their well-being brings about fruitful outcomes in the end. This training enables your kids to act and think maturely at an early age.

Your kids will become smarter as adults after you teach them the necessary tools they will need in surviving the disaster.

Include the children in family preparedness discussions. Explain calmly and answer questions honestly and in simple terms. Focus on safety to ensure their survival.

Teach your children to memorize basic personal information about your family in the event of separation from other family members. Educate them on the need to stay away from downed trees, downed utility poles, and any wires that are lying on the ground.

Teach them to recognize the smell of gas and to tell an adult if they smell gas. Instruct them on how to get outdoors and leave the house if they think they smell gas.

Practice evacuation strategies and evacuation routes as a family project. Prepare a mini bug-out bag for each child. Include a family picture, a toy, a game, book, or puzzle to keep them occupied. Include treats to their liking.

Also in the family bug-out bag include copies of the children’s birth certificates, recent photos, and anything that will help in preparing for the whole family to survive and to stay together.

When it comes to the children think about safety, security, and comfort. Preparing is essential to all involved, especially young children. Just being kids makes them susceptible to becoming victims of disasters of all sorts.

Food is the one most essential items you must have for you and your family amid a disaster. You will ultimately be depending on survival food kits to get food into your body.

When these foods stuff items run out, you will have to rely on natural edible products around you for survival in worst-case situations.

Train your children to eat organic vegetables in meals for disaster preparation, thus making it easier to adjust to the different scenarios in case of a tragic event occurring.

Running safety drills will prepare all to be able to do what doesn’t come naturally and running drills enhances their physical capability to endure the effects of the disaster.

Make it a habit to include running as part of the kid’s exercise routine. Help them improve their survival skills while staying strong and fit. Practice!

One of the most important preps for emergencies is to have the First Aid survival kit ready and stocked. Emergency survival kits save lives when injuries occur.

Even the younger aged kids need to know how to use these tools for themselves and to help others in need. Find time to show them how to use the tools in the first aid kit, as they will not always have someone to look after them all the time. They need to learn the simplest way of protecting themselves to increase their chances of survival.

Plan, prepare, protect, get through, hold on, hold out, make it, and keep body, soul, and family together. You need a plan to prepare and to protect yourself and your family. Survival is our Strategy!”

Thanks for reading this. I’d love to hear what your ideas are and what you have done to better prepare to master survival in the outdoors and how you practice and why, so please leave your comments below and share your thoughts.

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