Giving the Gift of Memories

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I’ve given a LOT of gifts in my lifetime. 
I’m sure some are still around and maybe even being used or worn, but there are so many gifts that probably just get thrown in the trash after some time.
That’s why I’m more often than not turning to the gift of memories!
Why not gift a heartfelt gift that will stand the test of time? 
All of us have so many precious memories, and way too many of us (myself included!) have all those precious memories preserved in the dark abyss of our computer or phone. Why are we not doing something with them? Don’t we want to share them with our loved ones and look at them every day!?
Shutterfly is the place to find all kinds of ideas of what to do with those photos!
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I have 5 unique ideas of ways to display those photo memories and each makes an awesome gift as well!

1. Photo Books
I’m sure most of you are familiar with photo books. I’m always absolutely delighted when I finally remember to DO something with our photos and books are a fantastic way to preserve our experiences. My kids just love looking back on vacations, and important family events and reminiscing. 
Recently, my son served a 2 year mission for our church in Arizona. I was able to take many of his photos from his time serving, and make them into a highlight book. 

I’m so glad to have been able to snap these photos because the joy was authentic! He absolutely LOVED seeing so many precious photos printed into this gorgeous modern and streamlined photo books. 
I mean, look at that smile!

I was really impressed with the process of making the book. It wasn’t overwhelming and I felt like the process was very simple.
Shutterfly has many different styles to choose from, but this modern style was so classy and clean. I thought the quality of pages and photos was spot on and well worth the price. 
Here’s your challenge to make a photo book of your family vacation, child’s school year, or to help remember your grandma.

These photo books are irreplaceable in our family!

2. Framed Pictogram

How amazing is this pictogram printed photo? Now you can take a collection of photos and make a large customized photo! 
This is our “couple’s” version and I absolutely adore it. I mean, look at all the awesome things we’ve done together!
These make fantastic anniversary or wedding gifts! I love looking at our bedroom wall and remembering all the fantastic times.

3. Photo Magnets
I’m always impressed with how much even my younger kids value photos. I find them flipping through photo books or old pictures all the time. I wanted their bright and shining faces somewhere I look every day – naturally, the fridge! 
These photo magnets can be customized with all your favorite people.
They are, as I mentioned, perfect for the fridge, but also for lockers. Teens love having photos of friends and family and these magnets are perfect for that!

I also use their individual picture magnets for chore charts.
It’s a great way for them to see what is expected of them that day and self direct without me saying a word!

4. Clip Photo frame

There are photo frames and then there are PHOTO frames. This clip frame it itself a display! You can choose the pictures to create the border and then they can choose what to clip in the middle. I love the natural wood grain of each frame and how unique it is. 

6. Photo Puzzles
Family time is the best time and puzzles bring us altogether – especially when there’s a surprise at the end!
Shutterfly can help you to customize a photo puzzle and I think it’s the coolest idea ever.
Not to mention, I can think of a LOT of grandparents who would not only love putting this together, but also to see the end result. 

The puzzle pieces were great quality and fit together perfectly. 
Plus, there are SO many styles you can choose from!

Aren’t these the coolest ideas? I love how unique some of them are, and because they’re customized, they’ll feel straight from the heart too!
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Happy memory keeping!

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