Fun Crafts for Kids Using Your Printer

When staying at home it can be difficult to keep the little ones entertained. New toys and games aren’t always practical to buy, as costs can quickly start to add up. But we all know that a new toy won’t hold a child’s attention all day, so what are some low-cost methods of entertainment?

Luckily, there are lots of fun crafts you can do at home with only the use of your printer. When you’re using cheap printer cartridges, you’ll barely be spending anything per sheet. Get creative with some of these easy printing ideas:

DIY Jigsaw

If your kids get through jigsaw puzzles faster than you can buy them, try printing one off. You can find all kinds of images online that have been converted into kid-friendly puzzles. Depending on the age of your children, they might need a little help with cutting out the pieces, but afterwards they’ll have hours of fun. You could even have a go at converting a family photo into a puzzle for a personalised touch.


Origami is fascinating for most children, but it can be difficult to get started when faced with a blank sheet of paper. You can print off templates that make it easier to fold along the lines and create all kinds of different animals. Adjust the level of difficulty as time goes on and soon enough your kids will be learning how to fold paper without the guidelines.

Colouring Templates

Sometimes colouring books from the shop can get abandoned before your child is even halfway through. With printable colouring pages, you only have to print as many as your child will get through. What’s more, they can pick and choose what they’re interested in depending on their mood. If you fancy getting in on the fun, look for some adult-friendly mindful colouring sheets to relax.

Create a Calendar

A popular activity at many schools, creating a calendar with photos of your kids can help the family have a lot of fun. You could do a photoshoot at home, having your kids pose for every month before compiling it on the computer. These make great gifts for family members and are sure to be treasured for years to come.

Personalised Storybooks

Print off short stories that have your children’s names in to make bedtime extra special. Whether you decide to create the story yourself or use a template, kids will love seeing themselves going on an adventure. If you do decide to write the story yourself, the options are endless. You can include as many details from your real life as you like, creating a book your children will want to read again and again.

Wall Decorations

Whether it’s posters, the alphabet or good old-fashioned paper chains, your printer can help you create a whole host of wall art for your children. Don’t worry if your printer is limited to A4, you can always stick sheets together to create a bigger display.

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