Friday, July 10, 2020, Kevin Salat

Title: An homage to the KNIGHTS WHO SAY NI.

The first Friday for Kevin S. who is a Saturday away from hitting for the cycle here at the LAT. To create this puzzle, Kevin uses a common Friday trick - a 16 x15 grid. This is an "add a sound" Friday which is made easier by an early reveal. 37A. Joint protection ... or, in a way, creators of four puzzle puns: KNEE CAPS (7). The sound "nee" is added to the end of four phrases presented in a pinwheel pattern with the central reveal. Since puzzles have various forms of symmetry, this one has some uniques aspects. (1) Both across fill are twelve letters and the sound comes from NEY being added. However, HOLD COURT does not change but NO CLOO/NO CLUE does (2) Both down fill end differently. the first NIE, the second the tricky GNA which is hard for literal people. Queen Bea is a legitimate name for someone named Elizabeth, but Down Below becomes BOLO. Because of the extra words and spaces we have ESSENCE, RED CARD, SENSORS, WELCOME, CAME NEAR, ELITISTS, BOOK SMART, INK SMEARS,  IN REVERSE, and OVERSLEPT.

18A. Embrace Love?: HOLD COURTNEY (12). Courtney Love is much more (or less) than Kurt Cobain's widow.

57A. Is unable to sign the top-billed star for an "Ocean's 13" sequel?: HAS NO CLOONEY (12). Rather true and a bit sad so soon after the passing of CARL REINER.

12D. Casual topper for Elizabeth II?: QUEEN BEANIE (11). The mental picture of the queen in a yarmulke, called by many a beanie amuses, but among the 5000 or so she has worn THIS is the closest I found. CED?

25D. Consume some deli meat?: DOWN BOLOGNA (11). Sounds like taking medicine. Have I told the story of the white bologna?

I am tired; time to get to the rest.


1. Stockpile: HOARD. This did not jump to mind despite all the hoarding shows on TV.

6. "Fuller House" actor: STAMOS. More stuff.

12. Proof letters: QEDQuod Erat Dēmonstrandum. Latin.

15. Perfume name: ESTEE. If you were speaking Latin you might Laud Her.
16. IdeaPad maker: LENOVO. Lenovo Group Limited is a Hong Kong-based company that bought IBM's PC business.

17. Sch. in Charlotte: UNCUniversity of North Carolina.

20. Time often named for a philosophy: ERA. Also can get your clothes clean.

21. Approached: CAME NEAR. Back to literal clue/fill.

22. Estate beneficiary: HEIR. Only if there is no will in Florida; 'Heirs' or 'heirs at law' means those persons, including the surviving spouse, who are entitled under the statutes of intestate succession to the property of a decedent.

23. Rental garage array: SEDANS. Does anyone actually call it a rental garage?

26. Basic nature: ESSENCE.

28. "Cancel the mission!": ABORT. A sideways CSO to our resident astronaut HG. Pete Conrad went to the same high school I did.

29. Anxious med. condition: OCDObsessive-Compulsive Disorder.

32. Iberian capital, locally: LISBOA. Lisbon in Portuguese.

33. "Lawdy!": GAWD. Bordering on un-pc?

34. Ready to go back?: IN REVERSE. I like this one because to back up you need to be...

36. Writer Rand: AYN. The letters will keep her popular for many generations.

38. Civil War prez: ABE. In the news these days.

41. Educated in the classroom as opposed to the street: BOOK SMART. Versus street smart; we have both kinds here at the Corner.

43. Wrinkle: SNAG.

44. Hybrid utensils: SPORKS. Are there any Foons out there?

46. Nevada copper town: ELY. Not anymore, Ely's mining boom came with the discovery of copper in 1906. Ely was home to a number of copper mining companies, Kennecott being the most famous. They left in the 70's crash.
47. Bizet opera priestess: LEILA. Opera is not my strong suit, but I know his creation CARMEN. I did not know THE PEARL FISHER.

48. Friendly greeting: WELCOME. I had no choice.

50. Virgil epic: AENEID. Arma virumque cano. Latin.

51. Love god: EROS. Finally a Greek.

52. Snobs: ELITISTS.

56. Hosp. test: EKG.

61. It may not be intended: PUN. But today's clearly were.

62. Melodious: ARIOSE. This is having a melody, as distinguished from recitative.

63. Physique: FRAME. She was built like an A-frame.

64. Springs for a vacation?: SPA. Saratoga, and watch some horsies?

65. __ fly: TSETSE.

66. Nikon setting: F-STOP.


1. "Very cute": HEH.

2. Spanish bear: OSO. Hello, again Lucy.

3. CDC headquarters city: ATLanta.

4. Soccer ejection indicator: RED CARD. I will never forget ...

5. Pour to purify: DECANT. Can you get me some good wine? I decant!

6. Swing around: SLUE.

7. Gull relative: TERN.

8. Start-up money?: ANTE. Poker anyway.

9. Janelle of "Moonlight": MONÁE. A definite STAR. An award-winning movie...

10. Stayed out too long?: OVERSLEPT.

11. __ milk: SOY. Do we have any soy milk drinkers?

13. Tenor Caruso: ENRICO.

14. Takoma Park, Md., is part of it: DC AREA.

19. Yoga chants: OMS. I am working on a puzzle with OM part of the theme.

22. Gas company with toy trucks: HESS.

23. Long story: SAGA. Oo and I have begun watching the old PBS show, the FORSYTE SAGA.

24. Site with PowerSellers: EBAY. Who knew?

27. Gentlemen: SIRS.

29. Washington's bills?: ONES. The 1935 blue seal.

30. __ fraîche: dairy product: CRÈME.  This is a cultured cream soured with a bacterial culture, similar to sour cream or Mexican crema.

31. Helmet sticker: DECAL.

34. Concern for lefty writers: INK SMEARS. I broke myself of the twisted wrist style, so I am good.

35. Change: VARY.

37. Gorilla who learned modified 50-Down: KOKO.

39. Hanes brand: BALI.

40. "Jiminy cricket!": EGAD.

42. Tolkien beasts: ORCS. More LOTR trivia.

43. They may pick up speed: SENSORS.

44. Cleans, in a way: SWEEPS. October, February, May, and July.

45. Get excited: PERK UP. My morning coffee.

47. Allow to go free: LET OFF.

49. Commercial cow: ELSIE. Bordens.

50. Syst. with hand signals: ASLAmerican Sign Language.

53. "What am __ getting?": I NOT. The solve.

54. Chuck: TOSS.

55. Brand written in frosty letters: ICEE.

57. Uniform part, maybe: HAT. See "helmet" above.

58. __ Geo: NAT.

59. Angsty genre: EMO.

60. "For sure": YEP.

Yep, I am done and the stage is yours to provide comments and discussion. Thank you, Kevin, and all who read and write.