Friday Favorites 19

Happy Friday! It's time for another Friday Favorites post!

- I've been busy dividing dahlias this week, and I couldn't do it without my favorite pair of pruners*.

- Loving this mural that artist Emily Balsley is painting in an icecream shop in Madison, WI.

- How adorable are these little kitty brooches made by Shu Ning?

- This quilted overcoat pattern by Daisy Chain Patterns looks so comfy!

- I cannot wait for Deb Perelman's new book* to come out. The cover was released last week and it will be published in November!

- I bought my first bits of quilting cotton for 2022 this past weekend. These palette pick bundles* really caught my eye.

- Speaking candy, I finally replaced my faulty candy thermometer with this one. I got it in purple! Now I need to decide what to make first.

- While I was home, my Mom and I did a bunch of puzzles, including this new one* from the Magic Puzzle Company.

- Grabbed some of my favorite nonpareils from Malley's Chocolates while I was home!

- Kitten enjoys sitting on top of her homemade litter box cupboard!

Have a Great Weekend!

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