Forecast For All Signs March 2021 – Wonder and Magic

March Monthly Horoscopes

March 2021 Monthly Astrology Forecast For All Signs 


Know which rules to make – and which to break!

Give your imagination the freedom to attract

Happy birthday, Aries

Forget all that scary 12th house stuff you may have read about in the past. Denial, self-sabotage, fake friends and lovers, depression – the list is as long as the sum of your worst fears. Put it this way, March shows you the true meaning of 12th house power. Revelations. Imagination. Spiritual courage. Kindness. And above all, your ability to believe in yourself. These are the things that shift the cosmos and change the world.

Your truth – the spiritual, cell deep knowing variety, is all you need during the run up to your birthday cycle on the 20th. Stay connected to it and you will be setting yourself up to hit the ground running when it comes to go-getting, dream-weaving moves.

Go with the feeling, your hunches and your intuition for the first three weeks of the month, Aries. What feels right on all three levels for you. Mind, body and soul. Move towards what supports and energises you. You have ruler Mars jumping into your 3rd from the 4th. You’ll be in a go-getting ‘Say it like it is but actions speak louder than words’ mood once this happens.

You have what it takes!

Get some surety of purpose. Mars has you ditching any procrastination and tying up outstanding plans and loose ends. Expect high energy and this to impact work, business, ideas and outstanding projects. You’ll be direct, focussed and to the point now. And won’t have a lot of time for anyone who waffles or dodges the issue.

You’ll also have a built-in BS detector too. Those 12th house planets tell you when someone isn’t being 100% truthful. Mars has you calling them out. Or simply saying it like it is. Also watch for narky, sarky or snarky interactions especially around the 24th when Mercury squares Mars in its ruling sign. Ask yourself if they are really worth your energy or even that snappy come-back? Most likely not Aries.

Break The Rules – and Enjoy It!

Dare to dream – dare to simply take that bold step. Opportunities and solutions linked to long term wishes and dreams could appear around the 5th when Mercury and Jupiter make their third and final meeting in your 5th. Mercury will clear its retroshadow on the 12th. At which point we hit a rare and significant time where all the planets are in direct motion.

We have an imagination stretching new Moon in your 12th on the 13th. It falls very close to the stellium of planets now in here which I will talk about in a moment. This day also sees Ceres and Chiron conjunct in your 1st. Ceres rules compromise but Chiron is all about the outrageous. The dare. The bold. In other words, you weigh it up – and take a ‘now or never’ approach when it comes to going after something that just calls to the deepest part of your being.

Ask whose rules you are breaking by having or simply going after what you want. Is this someone else’s playbook? Or self-imposed rules? Doesn’t matter. While some rules make sense, others put a fence between us and joy, creativity and fun. So look at whose rules and why you may need them. Do they make sense? Or, do they keep you from what your imagination is telling you that you could have?

Happy Birthday to You!

Dreaming isn’t enough this March. And it is going to show you that love and fortune favour the brave and fearless dreamer. The one prepared to take a chance. And practical steps. We are navigating mutable tides in March as the planets build up in your 12th. As well as the Sun in your 1st from the 20th, Venus exits your 12th and gives you an extra special birthday cycle boost from the 21st.

The Sun/Venus conjunction on the 26th is designed to show you that your gift to yourself for the coming year is to give yourself, your goals and what’s important to you, priority now. Because only you can set the future in motion. if you won’t focus on you, your goals and what’s important to you, then who will? This also broadcasts to others your expectations and sets you up to receive back from the universe in kind. So, don’t dismiss the authentic power of your wants, needs and dreams.

But that mutable weather in your 12th also asks you to heal your past by looking back and seeing it for what is was without nostalgia. And if people from the past do return, to remember this is about new beginnings, not rehashing the past. Venus in your 1st acts as a magnetic force, drawing to you what you have thought about for a long time.

So, ensure that you dwell on the right things! If someone does reappear this month especially around the time of the new Moon on the 13th and the Venus/Neptune conjunction on the 14th, and ask for a fresh start, then take your time to see how or where they have changed. Beginning again really does mean going back to the start. So, don’t be afraid to ask for this to be certain.

Staying in the moment, being practical and paying attention to the steps you need to take to get what you want ensures you don’t squander your capacity to manifest those visions for your future, Aries. Taking care of you also means taking care of yourself physically, emotionally and spiritually. Nurture yourself by taking time for you.

And if those rules I talked about earlier don’t make sense when it comes to your daily routine or habits, replace them with one that do. Especially on the 30th when Mercury’s meeting with Neptune in your 12th infuses you with amazing insights and the ability to connect how you feel (especially your energy levels), with what you think, do, eat and repeat. Act towards yourself and others with kindness. This is how you engage with the magical forces of your potential.

Who Lights You Up?

Does someone make your heart beat faster? Or are you curious as to how they see you? Or have you identified a big empty slot in your life for someone or something? From missing pieces of the puzzle to missing links or simply what’s missing, someone could show you just what this is at the time of the full Moon in your 7th on the 28th.

With this happening close to Venus in your 1st – and reflecting the light from Venus’s ruling sign, you won’t be able to miss the person or the message they bring. You may be in the spotlight when it comes to love and attention. Or see someone as an example of who you can be or what you can achieve or have in the coming year. Whatever one this is, time to go get it. And make your own rules, Aries!

In a nutshell: Your birthday rules for your new cycle are: Act with kindness towards yourself and others; allow your imagination to guide you, and refuse to play by rules which don’t make sense. Be fiercely you now, Aries, in every way you can think of.



Has the new left you in need of a re-charge?

Reflect on all you’ve achieved

Breathe in and then let go. The future will take care of itself

Wow, Taurus. All that frantic rushing around and getting your head around sparkling new developments and Close Encounters of the Unexpected Kind, may have left you out of breath and craving some down-time and home comforts. Maybe that favourite beverage and putting your feet up with that boxset? Or just closing your eyes and letting go while wrapping yourself in a sense of satisfaction like a snuggle blanket? Take time and do what you need to do to reward yourself and re-charge.

Ruler Venus has been moving through your wish fulfilment 11th. Plus this month brings you the third and final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your ambitious 10th. Once Mercury clears retroshadow on the 13th, we have every planet in the sky direct and powering forward. No wonder you’re feeling breathless!

Friends, teams, connections, clubs, organisations, that Meetup group and Zoom room have all had a role to play too. New ways to get to your goals, the people who can co-create your dreams and the reasons you have them in the first place will be extra important now. Don’t dismiss the visions you have or what you are instinctively drawn to. This isn’t fantasy but reality asking you to discover fresh ways to make it just that.

Practical Magic!

Take time out to visualise and delve deeper into why you want what you want or those ideas or dreams for yourself that no matter what, you keep being pulled back to. The one reason we have dreams is for them to come true. And if they are not coming true – it could be because we need a bigger dream or else simply need to stop telling ourselves it isn’t possible. Because usually a version of the dream IS.

Explore creative ways to get to it or have it on some level. Your intuition is both your map and your compass. Opening up magical pathways and inspired ideas on the

New paths to explore to get to goal could magically open up on the 3rd thanks to the alignment from ruler Venus to Uranus in your 1st from Uranus’s ruling house. Doors open to opportunities on the 5th when Mercury and Jupiter meet – the day after Mars exits your sign and lands in your 2nd of assets and self-worth. The moves you make cement your stock and your own sense of value. Don’t hesitate, Taurus. For the first three weeks of the month, keep up the pace and know you can do this!

Forecasts for a Fresh Future

This month’s new Moon in your 11th could bring in new contacts or see you benefitting from existing ones in your wider network. It really is wishcraft time and about allowing your imagination to set you new dreams and paths to pursue. Past connections both personal and professional could feature or reappear especially when ruler Venus meets Neptune on the 14th. The new Moon falls very close to both Venus and Neptune. Making it a time to really give your imagination free rein when it comes to what you want.

Those you know could add that extra touch of reality bringing magic by offering introductions, resources, solutions or their own smarts. This really is about what you can achieve when you have a dream team. It is also more about friendships than romance. However – don’t rule that out in the last third of the month. More shortly.

In the interim, it’s time to begin something new for yourself linked to what, how and where you envision your future. So, all that breathlessness I spoke about could simply be you unable to resist the call to begin it – and making the most of each and every moment.

The pace doesn’t stop until the both the Sun and Venus move out of your 11th and into your 12th on the 20th and 21st. That may be the time you take a deep breath, and for the moment to put your feet up and unplug. Allow yourself recharge and reflection time now. The energy shift may see you happy to be home. And also appreciating your surroundings and those you live with more. Linked to this may see you looking at your space in a new way.

This cycle is all about preparation and completion both at the same time. This may lead you to the realisation it is time for a declutter and a sort-out. Many of you will feel you are on the cusp of something new or a big change. Now for some of you, the form this will take should be crystallising now. Either way, you may find yourself wanting to shed, refine and take a ‘less is more’ approach to what you have.

You will examine both your external environment plus your inner one in preparation for your new cycle next month. It’s time to look at what stops you from being in your flow.

What this is may surprise you. It can even be that comfort zone. This is different to you needing your soul couch on which to reflect, recharge and revive. Yes, that comfort zone is cosy and familiar but is it supporting you or keeping you stuck? Same goes for that habits, thoughts and yes, that ‘stuff’. Do you want to make new memories or simply to sit reliving ‘good times’? If your answer is the former then as the Sun and then ruler Venus arrive in your 12th on the 20th and 21st, embrace the desire for change.

If you meet with resistance, whether this is from others or simply in yourself, push through it now. Mars in your 2nd trine Saturn on the 22nd isn’t just about upping your professional ambitions. But hands you the determination to push through barriers between you and anything that will benefit you. Including your own resistance.

Go through those cupboards and closers. I’m not saying to get rid of everything you associate with wonderful memories. Just to look at it and even hold it. We all know about sparking joy. But do you need to hang on to it simply to spark old memoires because you don’t know when you will make new ones? If so, that is no reason to continue to hold on to it. And yes, dear Taurus. It is estimated that most of us have about £3,000 worth of unwanted stuff lurking in our closets. Have a think about how releasing it could just turn into a Go Fund Me for future good times. What’s aiding you? This month’s full Moon in your 6th on the 28th which also illuminates Venus in your 12th.

Occupy Your Future

No matter whether you sell, donate or trash, use this time to clear a space for the new to occupy. Your future remains in motion and the people who are destined to have a big impact on that – even if they are at a distance right now! That distance includes the past. Who or what relating to this do you consider beyond the realms of possibility? As in: Well, I’ll never hear from them again or that opportunity has gone for good.

Think again and prepare for the unexpected. Not only do we have Mercury meeting Neptune in your 11th on the 30th, the day after the full Moon sees the Sun and Chiron meet in your 12th. When it comes to your future, you could end up saying never say never again. If something or someone returns now, come to it from a place of having taken a deep cleansing breath and time to realign your soul. If so, you’ll recognise whether it (or they) had your name on it all along. Or whether this is just one more thing telling you its time for a declutter. What comes around now goes with you, or stays behind. Pause before April, Taurus. This is merely an intermission between one new phase and the next.

In a nutshell: Pausing for breath may take more effort than usual, Taurus. And may not happen until after the 20th. Take time to reflect however. Especially about what may be getting in the way of your future. Release and exhale this March!



Serve that fierceness

Go for goal

Make your move!

Gemini is in da house! And you and everyone else is going to know it once Mars lands in you sign from the 4th. It’s time to walk your talk. To feel fierce and confident again. And get ready for big news, solutions or an opportunity that is simply too good to ignore.

It’s a rare month now as ruler Mercury powers forward – just like you are. What transpires now is too big to miss and is designed to release you from anything that has been holding you back. Watch for this on the 5th when Mercury makes its third encounter to Jupiter in Jupiter’s ruling 9th.

Don’t hesitate and don’t say no. Mainlining on confidence means you are willing to take a chance now. Or maybe a leap of faith. And as you make your move, the universe moves with you. You can harness the full forward motion of the energy that’s available to us all now. Because once Mercury clears its retroshadow phase on the 13th we enter a rare phase where all the planets are direct!

Serving Passion!

Go getting vibes rule and this is your moment so don’t waste it. You have the ability to achieve so much this March. Especially if you allow passion to empower you. Love and other goals are in focus from the purely personal to the experience take-out. Don’t let lockdown blues defeat you now. Sure, our worlds may have got smaller and more restricted lately. The upside is that this has allowed so many of us to focus on what is truly important to us. And to prioritise that while no longer wasting time what doesn’t. Or simply never will.

Despite what is going on in the world, the fact is, people still find ways to meet, fall in love or pursue their goals. It all rests with how adaptable, flexible and creative you can be. Seek out alternatives around the 13th. Not only does the end of that Mercury retroshadow give you a green light, it also gets you thinking in new, more creative ways.

Mid-month not only has everything in the sky heading forward, but the 13th hands you a new Moon in your achievement sector plus a meeting between Ceres of cycles and new deals and Chiron, ruler of breaking every one of them and outrageous fortune, in your 11th. People you connect with now could offer you something very different in terms of friendship, entrée, influence or goal-getting. Look for someone who is unafraid to write their own playbook.

Or dare to try a radical new approach or simply an upfront one. Chiron says if it works, then work it! You may be fired up with a desire to get what you want. And it either sets your pulse racing or you won’t bother any more. But you are also cooperative and looking for that win/win outcome. Especially when it comes to career matters. The new Moon in your 10th falls close to both Venus and Neptune in here. Harmony, understanding and being on the same page is what you will be striving for. Especially when Venus and Neptune meet on the 14th.

Having said that, take care with what you say as someone may push a few buttons. Don’t get into arguments with anyone in a position of influence or authority for instance. Put what you want to say through a mental filter before you do. But there’s no need to be a push-over either if someone crosses a line or has a track record of asking too much or being ungrateful. Days to watch are the 22nd. This day is one of the best of the month for asking for what you want or making that career move.

The 24th however see ruler Mercury now in your 11th make a ‘Really?!’ angle to Mars. It’s ‘Here we go again!’. You may have thought you had communicated your thoughts clearly. It could be someone is merely trying it on. Or is too inconsiderate to take on board what you have been saying. If so, you’ll leave no room for misinterpretation or misunderstanding now.

Just in time – here comes the love!

Time to really focus on what you want from your future. On attraction and yes, romance, fun, pleasure and falling in love. If you want someone to fall in love with you, first fall in love with yourself. And no, that is not narcissism. Just seeing ourselves as loveable means we believe we are worthy of being loved. And attracting, having and experiencing the good things of life.

The Sun (20th) and then Venus (21st) arrive in your 11th of friendships, teams, groups, connections and visions for your future. And then meet on the 26th. It’s time to make a wish. This is one of your houses of attraction as it rules the friends or other people we attract, people power and your goals. So, believing that not only can you have something but knowing you deserve it too, is a key factor here.

Another house of attraction is your fabulizing 5th. This is our house of lovers, children, relationships with the potential to make us a parent, step parent, foster parent etc; our creativity and our ability to have fun and express ourselves. We have a full Moon in here on the 28th, shining back at Venus in your 11th. This could ignite a flirtation for some of you. Or see you expressing the love you feel to your current partner or via a hobby or activity you love to do.

You are also willing to take a chance when it comes to what you want to do. And you won’t let worries about what anyone may think about you get in your way either. It doesn’t matter who people think you are. What matters is who you believe you are. And this should be loveable, radiant, playful and optimistic under this full Moon.

Find ways to showcase the love you feel within into something that allows you to express your wild side. Think back to when you were younger. You didn’t do something just for the outcome. You did it because you enjoyed it and it was so immersive you lost all track of time and you certainly didn’t care what others might think about it either. So, under this full Moon and then the Sun/Chiron conjunction in your 11th the next day, work at recapturing this.

Share your experiences and your results too. You may be amazed at how others love your vibe. No, it’s not boasting either. It’s spreading joy. When people are happy, that’s what they do. So, be the light, not the shadow. Mercury’s meeting with Neptune in your 10th on the 30th hands extra special inspiration and also resonance to anything you say or communicate now. People will want to be part of what you are doing. Or else want you on their team doing what you do with or for them. Success always comes from love or loving what we do. So, fall in love with all you are this March, Gemini.

In a nutshell: The arrival of Mars in your sign gives you the X-Factor, Gemini. It also asks: What are you waiting for? You’re serving passion and confidence. It’s a potent mix. So don’t wait – go for it.



If you can dream it you can experience it

Get Ready for Secret Cancer (that’s like Secret Santa but with a map and cupcakes!)

Take that all important first step

Who makes it happen? You do this March, Cancer. What is it you want to start, begin, have, experience or even pick back up? If ever there was a month labelled ‘Begin it NOW’ for you – it’s this one.

Your ruler the Moon is pushing you towards an exciting new phase of emotional experience. Something bigger and which is designed to reconnect you to playfulness, learning, exploration or simply set you off in pursuit of a dream.

Imagine yourself doing what you love doing the most. What inspires you, makes you happy and above all, you can be totally yourself while doing it. This month is all about your search for Flow. And once you enter it – staying there.

Let’s get Physical!

Above all, as Mars lands in your 12th from the 4th, do something physical. Life was never designed to be a spectator sport. Yes, the situation with Covid may have made many of us feel we’re in some weird Simon Pegg/Nick Frost comedy about the end of the world that has taken a decidedly un-funny turn. There’s not even a pub that’s open in which to escape the apocalypse. Despite this, you can still take steps towards freedom, love and emotional satisfaction.

Mars says move it. Walk, jog, cycle, stretch, dance, skip, fly a kite, ride a horse, downfacing dog or simply take yours for a run. Build or create something. Tackle those DIY tasks. Get your garden if you have one, ready for spring. Mars has to take action. It doesn’t do navel gazing. Or even sitting around wondering if this is the right thing to do. March for you says spring into an activity and don’t go with the flow – create it for yourself instead!

Go big or go home

Once you are there, doors into opportunity will begin to open again. Usually with this month’s line-up in your 9th, I would be saying that travel especially the long-distance kind, would be on the cards for may Cancerians now. You are strangely enough, a sign associated with exploration. Yes, you may find this hard to believe as you reach for your heated throw and the Hob-Nobs. But astrologers in ancient times saw that many Cancerians had a restless side that yearned for a call to adventure. Probably when Mars was in their 12th along with a massive 9th house line-up. The reason being that you are ruled by the Moon and restless tides.

Leave that comfort zone for something wilder and bigger this month. And remember, travel isn’t limited to the physical kind. But includes leaning, spiritual and metaphorical journeys. Sometimes the journey or experience itself is the goal or destination. Especially when it involves a big vision we carry around with us.

This month asks you to step into a new experience cycle one way or the other. From the 13th, Mercury is out of retroshadow. And we step into a rare period where every single planet in the sky is direct! This also coincides with the new direction setting new Moon in your 9th. It’s breaking you free of the mundane. It falls close to the other 9th house planets in here – Venus and Neptune. So, this is your cue to stake that first step towards something you want to experience for your future. And to know that if you begin it now, that future will meet you halfway.

Despite most of us not travelling at the moment, you may find that the world comes to your door or via your devices this month. Especially after Mercury lands in here on the 15th. Overseas connections or contacts may feature as could distance business or learning. Making new connections even at a distance could open doors you don’t even know exist right now.

Key dates for you this month aside from the 13th are the 5th when Mercury and Jupiter meet for the 3rd and final time in your 8th. A solution or opportunity could appear that lifts you up away from a long term situation you may have felt was never going to change. The Sun/Neptune conjunction on the 11th and the Venus/Neptune meeting on the 14th is all about you tapping into the highest level of love and potential. Luck is on your side on these dates – but you must be grounded and take practical steps to make the most of it.

Just be aware that it’s easy to drift off course and lose sight of what you are aiming for. So, when it comes to taking that first step towards a large, long term goal now, do have a map, chart, compass, itinerary, guidebook to stick to! Boundaries may also be an issue for you. Even to the point of asking yourself where they went? This could just as easily include someone who does not respect them. Just because your sensitivity means you don’t want to hurt anyone’s feelings, doesn’t mean they get the right to trample on yours, Cancer. Don’t be afraid to tell someone they have crossed the line. Especially around the 24th.

Get Ready for a New and Better Deal

Let’s talk success your way as the Sun and Venus arrive in your status setting 10th from the 20th and 21st respectively. The 22nd has Mars working for you as it trines Saturn, ruler of your 10th, in your power money house. You will also be willing to try the outlandish, bold, charismatic and unique approach to establishing something for yourself under the influence of this month’s full Moon in your 4th on the 28th.

This is of course, the Moon’s ruling house. And it is shining back into your 10th and striking Venus in here as it does. The next day, the Sun and Chiron will meet in your 10th. You will be aware of having to strike a new arrangement on some level now, Cancer. This may not just be limited to work and career but could also include home, family, living arrangements and who does what. This may also include you telling rather than asking. Especially when it comes to how you need things to be.

Telling yourself a similar story could just put you back on course and in control when it comes to your future or what you need. If you suddenly wake up to the fact you have allowed things to drift in some way. Easy now that our routines have changed for so many of us. Taking a radical step to realign or coming up with new and better ideas is what the Mercury/Neptune meeting could hand you on the 30th. Take the first step on a larger, every day journey, Cancer.

In a nutshell: Expect a release into something bigger this month, Cancer. You are about to take the first step on an important journey. The destination? The future. Live it in the here and now in March!



1 + 1 = Love

Change has a purpose

Be the impossible!

Time to look at whether that routine or those everyday habits are as good for you as you think, Leo. Watch for a watershed moment or ‘Ah-ha’ around the time of the full Moon at the end of the month. But you don’t have to wait that long to make changes if you need to. Because there’s no better month than March to do this kind of work. Inspiring and fresh choices could make themselves known especially at the time of the new Moon on the 13th.

First however, we have Mars landing in your 11th on the 4th. Keeping yourself and others safe is one thing. But you will be actively seeking ways to connect now. Social distance activity buddies are favoured under this transit. As is the power of solutions, conviction, acting on ideas and super-confident choices. Direct these towards your goals now. And don’t be afraid to state your intentions. Mars energy always needs a channel. It demands we express it. If lockdown sees you frustrated when it comes to your social life right now, harness the energy into future plans. Don’t talk it – do it.

Past. Present and Potential Partners

But let’s talk love, Leo. Because the third and final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your partnership zone is exactly about that. The conversation could revolve around an opportunity involving you and one significant other. This may or may not be a romantic partner because this house tells you it’s all love. It could be that person you have a close working relationship with. Your bestie. A business partner or collaborator. But it really is about it takes two and both of you moving forward together.

Mercury will exit its retroshadow in your 7th from the 13th when we all enter one of those extremely rare periods where every single planet in the sky is direct. Time to initiate changes. And chances are – you know where these need to take place, Leo.

Change has a higher purpose

Moving forward, decisive decision making and embracing or initiating change, ‘Now I see it!’ revelations all come under the rulership of your 8th. As does love heading to the next stage as this is your house of sharing and joint assets. This is also your house of transformations and transcending issues. Of rebirth and personal power. Of stepping into something new or freeing.

The new Moon in your 8th also on the 13th combined with a freedom making conjunction in your 9th between Ceres and Chiron could hand you a change you might never have thought possible. When it comes to barriers and issues, they simply dissolve into nothingness. Beautiful solutions could be on offer on the 14th which is the day of the Venus/Neptune conjunction. Just ensure you are clear about the outcome you want to achieve. Freedom that enhances you on some level. You may need to restate this on the 30th when Mercury meets Neptune to ensure you leave others in no doubt about your intentions.

By the time your ruler the Sun arrives in your 9th, you should be feeling as if you have lightened the load on some level or simply more empowered. Venus also arrives a day later. We’re back to looking at those habits – especially ones you may need to adjust or ditch now. You’ve a desire to do or achieve more this March. And you’ll see quite clearly that this may require shifting your energy from one area into another. Or simply letting some habits which no longer serve you, go.

The Mars/Saturn trine of the 22nd is important for you as it involves plans for the future between you and at least one other person. Again, we’re back to that Now Age 7th house. Always keep in mind that this may not be between you and a romantic/marriage partner but just as easily involve a working relationship or other double act.

Change is the theme which carries on right through March. Even after the Sun is in your 9th. Freedom and change often work hand-in-hand and sometimes are so closely aligned we cannot tell which is which! Just that the outcome is the same. Releasing us into forward progress, freeing us from anything that holds us back and offering opportunities and solutions. You should be in no doubt about the form this is taking. Or that both are opposite sides of the same coin at the time of the full Moon.

It appears in your 3rd and opposes Venus in your 9th on the 28th. What you hear, say, share, agree to or are offered is the change/freedom news you’ve been waiting for. Business, the internet, writing, publishing, learning, getting about or even your devices may play a role too. Your ruler then meets with Chiron in here the very next day. This is telling you that what you cannot imagine could occur or the result you thought impossible, becomes improbably probable. Opportunity often arrives in unexpected form. Or unannounced. But that’s doesn’t mean it’s not the change you’ve been waiting for, Leo.

In a nutshell: Somebody once said if love is the answer – what’s the question? Chances are you have asked it and been answered this month, Leo. Power, purpose and potential are fuelled by love. And bring you the answer to: How can I create positive, empowered change in my life?



Know your worth

Get a reality check on love

Ambitions power you forward

Ruler Mercury clears retroshadow this month on the 13th. And as it does it hands you the rarest of times when every single planet in the sky is direct. This is everybody’s Go signal now. But most of all yours, Virgo.

Love Uncensored

Love talks and is the main topic on your personal agenda now. This includes all facets of partnership matters including working ones. And work you love to do too, Virgo. As well as discussions between you and your bae. Or telling someone how you feel.

What’s on your mind? Because this month dares you to say it anyway. So, for once don’t edit that speech. Chances are whatever it is it needs to be said. Love demands clarity this month. From you and from the other party. You need to know where you stand. So, don’t shy away from asking questions either just to ensure both of you are on the same page. Misunderstandings usually result from assumptions. March says don’t be an ass either way.

When it comes to love and relationships – whether we are in the early stages or already a twosome, we often steer clear of saying exactly how we feel or asking the other party to share their thoughts and feelings. We may not want to ‘spoil’ things or consider questions unromantic. Or even sometimes be afraid of the answer we may get if we do ask. But if you are after the deep connection that is on offer for you this month – or the ability to know it when you see it, asking the questions is the only way to be sure.

Not asking what the other party is seeking in the long term is an early dating mistake. As well as when things get going, avoiding asking them their attitude towards money, children, roles in relationships etc. The chemistry is great between us so we assume we think alike in all other areas. Only to discover further down the track they see things very differently to us. You’d also be surprised at how many people in long term relationships avoid asking their boo if they are happy.

So, no matter whether you have just connected on that dating app or are in long term lockdown with that significant other, remember – love is an on-going dialogue. So, start that conversational ball and rolling by sharing your feelings and asking for theirs.

Reality Check

The same applies to work matters this month. It’s a fabulous month for relationships of all descriptions. Including working ones especially on the 4th when ruler Mercury makes its third and final meeting with Jupiter in your 6th. Mercury’s entry into your 7th from the 15th occurs the day after the big love-in between Venus and Neptune in here. Both planets are concerned with free-flowing, empathic, higher love connections. But again, love shouldn’t be based on assumptions.

This month’s new Moon on the 13th, marks one of the most important fresh phases when it comes to duos, double acts or togetherness you have experienced for a long time. Past, present and potential partners will feature. As does real love. Not the fantasy. It has to be real to last. Finding out if it is the real thing or just an illusion is always your task when the planets get together in your 7th. And fact finding is what you are hard-wired to do, Virgo!

Days for discovery are the 4th when the Sun opposes Vesta in your 1st, and again on the 8th when Venus in its ruling 7th makes the same aspect.

Mars in your 10th is your ambitions on steroids when it too powers forward into your 10th from the 4th. You will either see doors open for you now with your ability to impress. Or else slam shut. Again, whatever happens this is your reality check of a different nature. And if it is the latter, your cue to try a different approach. Feedback will be given around the 22nd-24th. Take note as to what this tells you. You have either made all the right moves – or need new ones.

Go for Gold!

One person in particular or one relationship either professional or intimate, will be front and centre by the last part of March, once the Sun and then Venus have moved into your 8th. As could your relationship with your money. Your 8th being your ‘other’ money house. Someone is reflecting your sense of self-worth and values back at you. Hopefully, this is a gold standard you can bank on.

Venus rules your bank account and the Sun/Venus conjunction in here could bring you a Ka-ching moment or see someone offering to share their resources with you. Bear in mind this house rules loans, your salary, benefits and mortgages. These are all examples of resources being shared with or made available to you.

What this is could also surprise you. Or even the source. You could have had a preview of where, who or what around the time of the new Moon when Ceres and Chiron met. By the time the Sun and Chiron meet on the 28th – you’ll know.

This comes one day after this month’s full Moon in your 2nd. Venus’s ruling sign and house. It will shine back and illuminate Venus indicating this brings about a solution offer or even which boosts your stock in some way. It may trigger thoughts of worthiness as it does. Know you are as ruler Mercury meets Neptune in your 7th on the 30th. And if someone doesn’t agree – revert back to true Virgo mode and tell them to examine the facts.

In a nutshell: Love needs to get real. Discovering the truth begins with asking all the right questions this month, Virgo. You’ve the desire to succeed. And the confidence to make all the right moves this March. Power on!



Untangle your past and free your untamed side

Shine for you are light and wonder!

Your category is – Realness

It’s an Untamed kind of month, Libra. Have you read the book? This fabulizing month is all about authentically being the fiercest most unique version of you that you are capable of. And then seeing exactly what this hands you.

Brave New You

Of course, this is brave work. Not for the fainthearted! But then feisty you has never been that. Yes, we all know you are the sign who strives for balance and harmony. But this doesn’t mean you won’t take a stand if necessary, nor do what needs to be done when it comes to that outcome, Libra.

March initially shows you that there’s a huge potential for healing happening. And it begins with you no longer being willing to compromise or apologise for simply being you. And then asking for what you want directly. Or going after it without caring about what others think. As RuPaul says: What other people think about me is none of my business. Well, that’s true. And also, what you do is none of theirs either.

If you live your life caring about what others may think, you not only give away your power. But you cannot reach your potential either. Holding ourselves back to ‘fit in’ denies us and strangely enough, them, the opportunity to live a life filled with wonder and truth. So, why do it?

So, emotional honesty is your superpower this March. Be open about it or see the past as it was – and talk about that too. Above all, ask for what you need. Directly.

The healing aspects of this month are handed to you courtesy of ruler Venus in your 6th plus the Sun and Neptune and a new Moon pointing to fresh starts on the 13th. This is Mercury’s ruling house but it doesn’t arrive in here until the 15th. The deep healing I mentioned will be a continuous and freeing process all month long. Especially with Venus and the Sun opposing Vesta in your 12th. You’ll make connections between what you do and even your habits and even who you hang out with and how you feel. And why. And channel down healing as a result.

This isn’t a ‘slap a Band-Aid on that soul wound and keep going’ approach. But a deep emotional, physical and mental repair process where you see you have to give yourself understanding, caring and compassion. And take time out to do it is necessary. It’s a realignment process from which you will emerge rejuvenated and feeling whole.

Shine, for you are light and wonder

Shine – for you are light and wonder.
For there are galaxies within you and stardust dances in your soul.
Stars live in your eyes, and glory and grace live in your bones.
You are light and wonder.
You shine.

Doing this kind of work allows you to shine. How long has it been since you felt you were ‘light and wonder’, Libra? Let’s face it, Covid has made this difficult. But as you are undertaking your deep heal, Mars in your 9th tells you that while you may have wounds that need attention, this does not mean you are weak or have lost that fierceness. You are too strong and determined for that. What you are no longer doing is feeling you need to apologise for being you.

Getting on with the business of being you is what the Sun’s entry into your partnership zone from the 20th is all about. The one relationship we are in from cradle to grave to next life is with ourselves. So, love yourself and then yes, you can love somebody else – thanks again, RuPaul!

You are one of the few signs this month where love, what you love doing and the Law of Attraction is in full flow. You will benefit big time from the portal opening final encounter between Jupiter and Mercury in your Now Age 5th on the 5th. Plus once Mercury de-cloaks from retroshadow on the 13th in here, all the planets in the sky are direct. Step through that doorway marked ‘Opportunity’ no matter what form it takes.

And the category is . . .

This could be a self-created one. But one that again, allows you to shine. That should be your sole criteria now. For singles, someone could be drawn to that radiance. Or you attract in opportunities just by being you. Mars in your 9th from the start of the month has you wanting to break free. You’ll be testing your own limits during this time. Especially those that have been self-imposed or by others. And challenging them as part of your healing process.

Ruler Venus in its ruling 7th from the 21st and its meeting with the Sun on the 26th, is all about you drawing something or someone to you. The full Moon in your 1st on the 28th should show you who or what this is. It also opposes Venus. The day after this full Moon, the Sun and Chiron meet in your 7th promising a surprising twist in a relationship. One you may not have seen coming. It all tells you when you allow yourself to shine, surprises are what follow, Libra.

In a nutshell: Ain’t love the surprise this March, Libra. Be prepared for unexpected attractions and surprising developments between you and another. Deep healing clears the way for this to happen. Time to shine for spring!



Serving your Moment

Embraceable NEW

Make it happen

It’s always about meaning and depth with you, Scorpio. No matter what spin some astrologers or others put on it. You don’t just want sex and chemistry. You want that alchemical connection between you and someone else. The one that shifts your soul. It’s not just about money either. Your sign is after all, the ‘other’ money house of the zodiac. It’s about the power of choice that assets – even soul ones like your own empowerment, hand you.

Serving Standing Up For Youself

Ancient ruler Mars ignites its ruling house in your chart this month when it powers into your 8th from the 4th. Time to stand up for what you want and believing in yourself. Some people may push a few buttons now. If so, you’ll have the confidence to let them know they have crossed a line. You’ll also be empowered by the realisation that if you want things to change, the only person who can do this is YOU. And have the confidence to do whatever that takes.

Hold on for one more transit!

Meanwhile, back in your house of the Now Age, Mercury direct again has its third and final encounter with Jupiter on the 5th. Think keys and doors. Unlocking solutions or stepping through a portal to opportunity. For some this could be literal – a new home or job. For others, a new lifestyle or serious commitment to a path. And the means to do that.

Once you commit to something, the universe usually sends signs and validation your way. Watch the period of the 22nd – 24th for this. Once Mercury shrugs off the retrograde cobwebs from the 13th, we have a period where every single planet in the sky is direct. This doesn’t happen vey often. So, for you and everyone else out there, this is a time of green lights, new beginnings and yes, Carpe Diem (seize the day). No hesitation, no over-thinking, no talking about what we will do ‘someday’ – Just doing.

For most of this month up until the 20th, the emphasis is on your 5th. Your sector of pleasure, pastimes, hobbies, passions, children and young people, parenting and romance. Of being noticed, light hearted loving, glamour and indulgence. You may have been feeling many of these things have been off the menu recently due to Covid-related restrictions. The 5th house line-up should however be your astro-Uber Eats re-delivery of one or some of these.

People are still falling in love and going after their dreams. But taking a more mindful, practical approach to this. For many of us, especially a sign like yours with depth and a willingness to commit to a soul re-birth process, this has enabled us to tap into the sheer power of the present moment. So, abandon yourself to this.

Use your imagination in practical ways. And if you are seeking something – put yourself ‘out there’ in some way. This isn’t just your house of attraction but it is also your stage. Turn the spotlight on yourself, get your glamazon on and explore ways to get noticed. No, this isn’t narcissism. It’s a creative process where you reconnect to joy and the experience of loving being you!

This month’s new Moon on the 13th is extra special. It’s about what you would like to embrace when it comes to romance, children, pleasure and your creativity. What you wish for in the deepest corners of your heart. And ways you can receive and express love. It’s a Wilson Phillips moment coming up this month.

Your other dates to simply pursue what you love – or that new love potential are the 3rd when Venus angles to Uranus in your 7th, Sun conjunct Neptune in your 5th (11th) and Venus conjunct Neptune (14th). Mercury moving into your 5th from the 15th and meeting Neptune on the 30th promises imaginative ideas and out of this world news. Go where love or creativity wants to take you.

A new approach to work, study or wellbeing as well as ways to escape that rut or lockdown fatigue is highlighted by the Sun’s arrival in your 6th on the 20th. This is also the day of the Equinox – a day of balance and for creating one in your routine, habits and day-to-day life if things have got decidedly askew lately. Venus enters here a day later and meets the Sun on the 26th.

The full Moon in your 12th on the 28th which opposes Venus could have you looking at what habits support you and which ones don’t. Or even lead to revelations around whether someone or something is good for you – or not. All I can tell you is you will see things differently under this full Moon. And you need to follow your gut instincts on this and don’t ignore them.

If you do have an ‘Ah-ha!’ moment, you will take steps – radical ones if necessary, to bring balance back to your particular part of the Force. This may take others by surprise. Or even see you surprising yourself. When it comes to ‘Things must change – and I must change them’ – know you have the insight and the power to do just that, Scorpio. And also have fun doing it this March!

In a nutshell: Fabulizing planetary moments in your 5th this month put all that good stuff back on the meuu, Scorpio. I’m talking charisma, fun, pleasure and a whole lotta love. Hang on – it’s time to shine again!



Seek the heat

Plug those energy leaks

Pivot back into passion

Where’s the heat, Sag? Passion needs an outlet now. Are you going to make love or war? If lockdown has brought friction with your nearest and dearest, find something constrictive to do together. Set joint goals for the future or channel that energy into getting out and exercising. Above all, talk about what you are feeling, don’t suppress it now Mars lands in your partnership sector from the 4th.

If you try to dismiss or put a lid on your feelings, you may find they come out in unexpected ways. Especially around the 24th. So, express don’t repress those feelings. Mars has you looking at whether relationships are worth it – or not. And really feeling it – or walking away. No more lukewarm for you, Sag.

Of course, the real stars of the month for you are ruler Jupiter and Mercury making their third and final ‘seal the deal’ encounter in Mercury’s ruling 3rd in your chart. If the heat is missing in your life, it is now time to do something about that. News or what you yourself communicate could bring in solutions and fresh opportunities. There’s a powerful shift happening. And whether you know it or not, this is all around a new path or you getting back on track on an old one.

Once Mercury sheds its retroshadow on the 13th, we are in the rarest of periods where every single planet in the sky is direct. This is telling you that there is no better time this year to begin something or move forward again.

Getting knocked off course – whether by outside circumstances, losing our focus or by allowing ourselves to be influenced by others, is both a boundary issue – and an ownership one. When we own our path or purpose, we own our power. But like any resource, we need to watch for energy leaks or just allowing it to seep away because we are not staying focussed on what our priorities need to be. No matter what the resource is – talent, time, energy – its finite. So, this month is all about becoming more aware of how you direct these. And to make this your priority before the 20th.

Get The Universe On Side

Deal with leaky boundaries around home, living arrangements, family members, work or even neighbours now. Stopping the ‘drift’ – either of your focus, time or people not respecting your space, is essential repair work. For both your life and your relationships.

This month is going to hand you an exciting preview of what May-July and then 2022 has in store for you. The new Moon on the 14th like all new Moons is about new beginnings. But in this instance, it’s about allowing your imagination to take you on a journey towards possibilities. And for now, just having fun with it and not censoring the process. It’s also about trusting your instincts when it comes to starting something new. You want to feel that what you are setting in motion is in line with what the universe wants for you. How do we know this? By feeling it within.

The year reaches a pivot point on the 20th when the Sun crosses into your fab 5th. Which is why focussing on path work and purpose and plugging leaky boundaries is so important for the first three weeks of March. Because once you have done this you are then in a position to full throttle into fun and what makes you shine.

And also, if you find your energy is drained for some reason, you do now need to stop and ask why? The arrival of Venus in here, its meeting with the Sun on the 26th along with Mars in your 7th should see you filled with confidence, passion and fire. If not – what or who is stopping that from happening?

Time to take a chance or a calculated risk on the 29th when the Sun and Chiron meet in your 5th. Do what you need to do to get noticed. And with the full Moon in your wish fulfilment sector on the 28th, opposing Venus in your 5th, to understand that its okay to upset the apple cart once in a while if that cart is something you are having to drag around with you. Or if it actually belongs to someone else.

New beginnings are on the horizon for you this month. Do something with your ideas, be ready to go in a fresh direction if one opens up – which it should. And don’t wait for what you want to magically fall into your lap – go in search of it. Mercury’s meeting with Neptune on the 30th could point you in the direction of a new home or lifestyle. Sometimes we just have to be willing to go look for our life, Sag. Because when we do, we live our best life on the way.

In a nutshell: The final meeting between ruler Jupiter and Mercury in your Now Age 3rd could deliver news that’s too big to miss. And too good to turn down. When it comes to love – seek out the heat this March, Sag!



Make certain others get your meaning

Crush that hustle

Work those ideas

Mean what you say, say what you mean and don’t be afraid to ask others to clarify this month, Capricorn. Asking questions, probing and ensuring you understand one another completely is the key to love, understanding and so much more in March.

Don’t assume. And don’t be afraid to ask someone to repeat something. Or to repeat what they have said back to them to ensure you are both on the same page. There is nothing wrong with saying ‘Just to make sure I’ve understood this correctly . . .’ Honestly, it saves both parties a lot of wasted time and potential misunderstanding and hurt feelings. And if this happens, blame the big line up in Pisces and your 3rd.

Do the Hustle

That being said, this also amplifies your creative talents and ability to channel truly inspired ideas. You communicate with compassion, empathy and a touch of magic. This month also hands you incredible potential when it comes to money, income, your talents, skills and self-worth. You’re still benefitting from those planets in your Now Age 2nd. Mercury will shrug off that retroshadow on the 13th. And when it does, we enter a rare phase where every single planet in the sky is direct. But before that happens it has its third and final meeting with generous Jupiter on the 5th.

Some of you could be looking at more than one way to boost your income. Or just upgrading your main source. Whether it’s a portfolio career, a side hustle, a new position, a client you want to land or an idea you want to launch. What you do now could be a real money-spinner. And add to your feelings of attainment and self-worth too. Solutions to long term money questions could appear.

Have an unshakeable belief in your talents and skills now. Or even the way you run your life on a daily basis. Courtesy of ruler Saturn now in your 2nd. This does not mean you are not open to new ideas and suggestions. In fact, someone may well hand you a few innovative ideas this month not just around working smarter not harder; but also making more from what you are CEO of. Those ideas for instance. Your time, energy and everyday resources.

So, with that in mind, when it comes to money, work related issues or even wellbeing, avoid over-reacting or taking offense. Or if someone is being tactless or blunt to the point of being in your face, measure your response and ask yourself if they really mean to come across that way? Especially when Mars now in your 6th from the 4th, makes a narky angle to Mercury on the 24th.

But you will know the difference between someone making constructive and supportive suggestions and destructive, confidence eroding criticism too. And if that happens, also what to do about it. Don’t give in to self-doubt with the slew of planets in your 3rd, boosting ideas and inspiration.

Drawing down the Muse

Write it, create it, launch it, blog about it, start a YouTube channel, apply for it, submit it, talk about it and sell it if need be. Underselling yourself – stop being shy. Know you are the bomb. But if you don’t know something – please, don’t fake it. Nobody knows everything. It’s that simple. If you fudge the facts or talk up a good game without the playbook to back it up, you will be found out this month! Especially after Mars lands in your 6th from the 4th. You’ll need to remain factual and credible around the period of the 22nd – 24th. The 22nd sees a fabulous angle between Mars and your ruler Saturn. So, ensure you know your stuff because you are in a position to impress now and receive rewards for that.

Being clear, cutting through confusion, sticking to what you know and also asking for clarification, sees you and others on the same page. And could potentially bring in good news especially around the 11th – 14th. We have important meetings between the Sun and Neptune in your 3rd and Venus and Neptune, as well as a new Moon during this time on the 13th.

This new Moon is important as it falls close to the stellium of planets in here igniting the power of your imaginative ideas. And nudging you into taking action. Mercury which rules this house isn’t now far behind. And you won’t be able to resist doing something once it lands in here

Now Age Living

The Sun lands in your 4th of home, family, living arrangements, roots, lifestyle and security on the 20th. This is also the day of the equinox – when day and night are of equal length. So, a theme is balance, stability and equality. Venus lands in here on the 21st and conjuncts the Sun on the 26th. This is a wonderful time under which to upgrade your home – move, redecorate, renovate or just look to general lifestyle improvements.

This is the Moon’s ruling house in your chart. And we have a full Moon in your 10th on the 28th. Your 10th being Libra and Venus’s ruling sign. The full Moon doesn’t just reflect light back at the Sun in your 10th, but onto Venus too. This could show you areas where improvements can now be made. And this can even extend to career factors as this too plays a role in your overall security. Some of you may have been looking at a long-term shift in where you live or how you work due to Covid.

Relocations, permanent remote working or a realignment of priorities are possible now. You’ll be open to making radical shifts in these areas as the Sun and Chiron meet in here on the 29th. The meeting of Mercury and Neptune in Mercury’s 3rd on the 30th asks you go with the flow of your ideas now. This is your time to draw on the resources of pure imagination. Use this in your daily and your professional life this month, Capricorn.

In a nutshell: A little self-belief goes a long way this March, Capricorn. Leap into spring knowing you got the goods, baby. And let others know just what these are – in every way you can!



Let’s get this Now Age after-party started!

Love it or forget about it

Your superpower for March: Gratitude

Bye, bye birthday but for you it may feel as if the party continues. It’s not even like you took a break between it and getting the after-party started. Just one seamless continual experimental experience that allows you to express yourself and see opportunities appear and wishes manifest.

Please don’t become cynical during the Now Age. The first week of the month should see you receive answers, solutions or the new and exciting present itself (or themselves in some cases).

The 5th is one of the best days of the month for you. The third meeting between Mercury and Jupiter in your 1st occurs that day. Something may have been going backwards and forwards since the end of January. Loaded with potential, it may have not yet crystalised into its final form. Or you have been waiting for a definitive answer one way or another. This final meeting between Mercury and Jupiter could trigger this.

That ‘All Systems Go’ feeling intensifies after the 13th when Mercury shrugs off its cloak of retroshadow and every single planet in the sky is direct! Move forward with anything to do with self-promotion, image, appearance, your profile, title, look or personal message now. There’s something sustainable and lasting on offer promised by the angle between Venus and your ruler Uranus on the 3rd. What you feel about yourself and the image you project out into the world has a big role to play in your outcome. So, craft this accordingly.

Proceed with Passionate Intent

Mars sashays into Gemini and your 5th from the 4th handing you confidence, sex appeal and putting passion behind your ideas and what you communicate. Chemistry crackles now and romantic possibilities could appear for singles. Settleds could turn the heat back up or you channel all this charisma, uniqueness, nerve and talent into a creative project or self-expression. If you have children, you’ll find yourself spending more time with them outdoors or engaging in activities you used to enjoy as a child.

Your 2nd house remains lit up until the 20th when the Sun lands in your 3rd. Venus is the ruler of this house which rules money, income, possessions, your talents and skills, your self-worth and relationships which you consider ‘assets’ to you and which you can literally bank on. This month asks you to keep a close eye on your cash and also to creatively explore more ways to generate it or work with what you have. Above all, focus on gratitude now – not lack. Making lists of what you don’t have or feeling short-changed on some level will only lead to more dissatisfaction.

Upgrade your relationship to what you have and you’ll discover it will love you back and give you more to love. Inspired ideas for earning extra income could be yours thanks to the Sun and Venus meeting Neptune in here. But please don’t over-spend especially to compensate for something that’s missing on an emotional level. Also, if a new flirtation appears via that dating app, take it as just that until time proves it is something more serious.

The new Moon in this house on the 13th opens up a new pathway towards financial or self-worth improvements. It falls close to the stellium in here so look closely at what begins now. It’s linked to that gratitude focus I spoke of earlier. Above all, explore your ideas around how you earn your dough. The more imaginative the better now. This is especially good for anyone working in a creative field. See money not as green folding stuff but creative energy and a resource you can channel. Again, it’s not about what you have per se, but how you utilise it and relate to it. This can give you an exciting preview of what is to come later this year for you between May – July and also in 2022.

You Can’t Hide the Feeling

The Sun (20th) and then Venus (21st) in your 3rd says talk about it. Especially your feelings. You won’t be shy when it comes to opening up especially the day of the Sun/Venus conjunction (26th). This month’s full Moon appears in your soul-soaring 9th house on the 28th. And will oppose Venus from what is Venus’ ruling sign – Libra. This marks you being set free from something which may have held you inplace or restricted you for far too long ahead of a brand-new beginning. You may take steps to set this in motion yourself now – and signature outrageous, blue-sky thinking, out of the box Aquarian ones as the Sun and Chiron make a classic ‘fire and ice’ meeting in your 3rd. Saying or doing something you may have only dreamed about with astounding results.

Take your time with decisions around love and money as we head into April. Mercury and Neptune meeting on the 30th promises benefits – but they may not be what you think they are. This isn’t necessarily negative. Just look beyond the obvious, Aquarius. That new person who approaches may not be looking for love, but friendship. Or that money making opportunity will increase your cash but not in the way you expected. Whatever form it takes – practice gratitude.

In a nutshell: Your Now Age after party takes you on into March with self-worth boosting opportunities to celebrate. Want more? Shower what you already have with love and appreciation.



Show the world the power of your dreams

Time for your re-launch

Become the Magician in your own life

Magical new beginnings are possible this month right up until the 20th, Pisces. That posse of Now Age planets still in your 12th are like your very own spiritual concierge service. Seeking new ways to deliver that wishlist or else, handing you the information you need in order to transcend limitations and put you on track towards what it is you need. Especially when they are coupled with the all-star line-up in your 1st.

Lucky Jupiter and its meeting with Mercury in here for the third time on the 5th is the main highlight of what is, a very special first week of the month for you. You could literally land on your feet or see a solution drop into your lap as if by magic. Venus in your 1st aligning to Uranus in your 3rd on the 3rd, could point to positive and surprising news or developments. With Mercury clearing retroshadow from the 13th, we have every planet in the sky direct. This includes your ruler Neptune which spends half the year retrograde.

What you can imagine – become that!

Don’t dream it, live it by setting that fresh start in motion, Pisces. You are entering a year like no other. Not only due to those Now Age planets but also because the May – July period will bring you a preview of even better things to come in ’22 for you. What you begin at the time of the new Moon in your 1st could be linked to this. Or see you take that first step towards it.

Upping your focus on your image, appearance and self-care should be your priority. Especially if your kind Picses heart has had you putting other first. Or you have simply allowed yourself to drift along with lockdown and have stopped bothering. Yes, YOU matter, Pisces. The new Moon falling so close to Venus and ruler Neptune shows you this.

Your birthday cycle is always one where you show the world the role of dreamers. And how important imagination, mysticism, creativity, empathy and kindness are. Gazing at stars is every bit as important as staring at that spreadsheet. But our society focusses too much on one or deems it more important than the other. The fact is, we can’t attend to practical matters unless we allow our minds to first fly free.

And when it comes to that, engage the full spectrum of your creative and imaginative abilities when it comes to dealing with any outstanding issues, Pisces. If you feel you have problems to solve or challenges to overcome, then combining an inventive and imaginative mindset with a head-on approach, not only sees you turn mountains into dust, but leaves you with big rewards like a permament and unshakeable sense of empowerment.

Crush those goals

The first week again allows you to work this thanks to oppositions between the Sun and Venus in your sign and Vesta in your partnership zone. Sovereirnty, equality and balance are your goals now. Especialy around home matters and between you and those you live with. Be this your partner, children, other family members or even that flatmate if you have one! You’ll leverage the entry to Mars in your 4th from the 4th and the Ceres/Chiron conjunction of the 13th in your 2nd to craft yourself a new and better deal when it comes to who does what, sharing tasks or that work/life balance.

Above all, this is a time of putting yourself first, enhancement, beauty and believing in your ideas and dreams, Pisces. This month is especially good for any of you who work in the creative, intuitive or even healing fields. Or for those involved with horses, the sea, marine biology or even quantum physics. Playing with the quantum field to change your life and direction is something you may be indulging in via creative visualisation, astrology, numerology or the Tarot. Tap into wisdom and realise fate is not set – and neither is your future.

You can embody the card of the Magician in the Tarot this month and if you are wondering where to start with this kind of work, meditating on this card is a good one. Especially around the time of the new Moon and when planning what you want to do, accomplish or start over the next 12 months. Now what this is or give your imagination free rein on the 14th when Venus and Neptune meet. Then start to do whatever is necessary to make it real after Mercury lands in your sign on the 15th. the meeting between Mercury and ruler Neptune on the 30th is a day where you can fuse dreams with practical measures. Don’t waste it by simply dreaming. Tap into your belief in your own abilities to make it real.

The Sun landing in your 2nd on the 20th and then Venus on the 21st shifts your focus on to what assets you have at your disposal. This is Venus’s ruling house and in it, the planet of creativity and love has you taking action to get it. And also having no doubts about your right to have it either!

This month’s full Moon on the 28th shines on what adds or subtracts to this. Who or what supports you or makes you feel good. What benefits and enhances you – and what doesn’t. Look to your energy and also wellbeing matters. Also look at what needs to change now and how strong and empowered you feel making those changes.

Expect a strong emotional shift in how you relate to someone or something now. You may also see you’ve in fact, been worrying over nothing or giving your power away. If so, take it the buck stops with this Moon. The decision you make around this sets your self-worth soaring. Head towards what is truly worthy of you as we head into April.

In a nutshell: After a birthday cycle where you get to show the world the power of dreamers, get ready to come down to the material world, Pisces. And sashay into a new cycle of self-worth and belief!







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