Explorer Academy: The Double Helix by Trudi Trueit

Title:  Explorer Academy the Double Helix
Author:  Trudi Trueit
Publisher:  National Geographic
ISBN: 9781426334580

Cruz and his friends are still at the Academy, but something has happened. Cruz’s dad is missing and his aunt Marisol wants Cruz to stay with Dr. Luben and continue searching for the missing pieces of the puzzle his mom left for him while she searches for his dad. As always, these plans changed a bit, when Cruz received a mysterious email from Nebula who let him know they have his father and will contact him at the explorer Halloween party. Nebula wants the cipher pieces. The search was on to find his dad, find missing pieces and enlist the help of his friends to stop Nebula.

This is another exciting, action packed mystery with plenty of cool puzzles for your readers to solve. Readers will also learn about cool technology and history. Parents and teachers will enjoy sharing this read that’s perfect for the curious kid looking for an adventure.

Courtesy of Media Masters Publicity