Educational Gifts For Children This Christmas


 Classic World City Building Blocks from Hippychick (£41.95)*

If you have a little one in your life that enjoys building cities and towns for imaginative play, then these classic world city building blocks from Hippychick would make the perfect gift.

Along with blocks for shops and other buildings for the town, this set also contains blocks with numbers and letters, making it a great learning through play toy.

The set also contains 20 puzzle pieces which form the base for the city. It also comes with characters, trees and vehicles, making it a complete city set that's great fun for kids.


Rainbow Climbing Frame & Ladder from Sawdust and Rainbows (€345 & €134.95) 

If you have little ones who love to climb, swing, balance and test out their physical skills then a Sawdust and Rainbows rainbow climbing frame and ladder would make a fabulous Christmas gift!

The climbing frame easily folds away in seconds, yet is large enough for kids (and adults!) to sit under and make dens, etc.

The ladder makes for even more climbing fun and both a finished with lovely rainbow colours.  

 Sterling Feeding Station from Henry Bell (£19.99)

When it comes to educational gifts for children this Christmas you don't need to stick to toys and books. Sometimes the most educational gifts are ones which give children a hands on learning experience.

If you have a little one who loves nature, being outdoors and wildlife, why not get them their very own bird feeder? It's a perfect gift to enjoy in winter, giving kids the responsibility of filling up their feeder to feed the hungry birds. Henry Bell also have squirrel feeders available too.

Children will love seeing the birds come to feed and learning about different types of wild birds who visit their garden.

Dena Kid 12 Piece Set - Diversity from Hippychick (£39.50)

When it comes to educating children, one of the most important things we should teach them from an early age is diversity. The Dena Kid 12 Piece Set - Diversity from Hippychick is the perfect toy to introduce the topic of diversity in a fun way to children.

This toy focuses on different skin tones and is suitable from birth onwards. The figures are made from food-grade platinum silicone and are safe and simple for playtime. 

The figures can be played with in many different ways by different age groups, from chewing, bouncing, stacking, flexing and imaginative play. The can even be used as moulds for cooking and can be used in the freezer, oven and dishwasher. Such a great toy!

The Weather: Pop-up Book (£15.25)*

If you have a child in your life who loves weather and learning about all things to do with it, then this is the perfect gift for them. The Weather: Pop-up Book by Maike Biederstadt is an great book for weather lovers, with amazing pop-up illustrations of weather, such as a tornado, rain and rainbows and stormy seas.

This is a gift weather lovers will treasure and with weather facts and information on each different weather page, it's a great educational tool too.

Fun Play Attribute Beads from Edx Education (£22.99)*

Edx Education is a fabulous brand when it comes to all things educational and fun for children. All of their range would make for great Christmas gifts and stocking fillers for children, but I wanted to highlight a couple of products from their range.

The Fun Play Attribute Beads are a fun and interactive way for children to learn about shapes, colours and sizes. Each bead has a threading hole, which is great for helping children to improve their fine motor skills.

With different shapes, colours and sizes of beads included within the set, it gives children the opportunity to learn about sequencing, lacing, sorting and pattern making. This set is sure to keep them busy and having fun for some time!

The Transparent Letters (£6.99)* from Edx Education are a great stocking filler idea for children this Christmas. These make for a great educational gift as they give children the opportunity to learn their letters, help with learning spellings and having fun while creating words.


Kinetic Sand Sandisfactory Set from Smyths Toys (€24.99)

This set makes for a fantastic sensory play experience for kids. Including 10 different tools for molding, shaping and cutting the sand - which never dries out or creates a huge mess, children can create cool effects with the sand for hours of playtime fun.

This a great set for teaching children about different shapes, improving fine motor skills and promoting independent play.

Vintage Style Educational Posters from ink&drop (From £13)*

If you're looking for educational gifts for children this Christmas that would look beautiful in their bedroom or playroom, then these vintage style educational posts from ink&drop are perfect.

Available in 5 different styles - dinosaurs, woodland animals, sea creatures, farmyard animals and safari animals, these posters are not only beautifully done, but are great for teaching children the names of animals and sea life and recognising them by sight.

Available in different sizes and with or without framing.


Various book titles from Scribble (£ )*

Scribble have an eclectic, vibrant list of beautifully illustrated books for kids that would make for fantastic educational gifts this Christmas. Some of my favourite titles include:


Mr. Shaha's Marvellous Machines (published 8th of July 2021) is a fantastic book for showing children how they can recycle and transform household objects into their very own homemade toys and machines. This is a fantastic book for children who love science and who love to get hands on in creating their own 'inventions' and play things with items they already have at home. 

Nina | A Story of Nina Simone (published 7th of October 2021) tells the story of Nina Simone, sharing her bold, defiant and amazing legacy with a new generation. This is a brilliant book for educating children on powerful and historic women of colour and the legacy they have left on the world.

A Year in Fleurville (published 11th of November 2021) is the sequel to the fantastic Lunch at 10 Pomegranate Street (which I shared in this post). It follows neighbours who each tend to their produce in their gardens and allows the reader to delight in their harvests, learn their recipies and find comfort in the cycle of the seasons. This is a great book for educating children on food, growing their own produce and cooking.

All of these wonderful Scribe books retail for £12.99 and all would make for lovely educational gifts for children this Christmas that can be enjoyed by reading independently, or with parents.

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