Dots & Lines Flip Book

Vendor: Jiminy
Type: Toy
Price: 29.00

This flippin' fantastic Dots and Lines flip book is an interactive twist on the classic flip book. 

There are two books,  a 'dots' and a 'lines'. within each volume are the makings of 6 animations, ready for you find. To find out what these animations are, it is up to you to first connect the dots page by page and then – flip it!

This interactive flip book is great for those who love a good puzzle, are aspiring animators or as a way to keep little hands occupied. Perfect for those 6 years and up, it will get their brain working and imagination whirling.


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How does it come?
They each come in a eco-friendly cardboard presentation box measuring approx. 12cm x 7cm x 4.5cm