Devolver Digital E3 Event Sees Indie Teases and an Epic Dreamworthy Story

Devolver Digital E3 Event Sees Indie Teases and a Dreamworthy Story 1

The story behind Devolver Digital’s E3 Press Conferences presses on as the MaxPass+ Event continued the M-rated narrative, while also showing Shadow Warrior 3, Death’s Door, and more!

Nina Struthers is actually only a junior executive and everything we’ve seen so far has just been a pitch meeting. Who’da thunk it! It’s now time for the monetization-as-a-service process known as MaxPass+, as Devolver Digital continues to riff on the industry at large for questionable business practices and anti-consumer acts.

While the narrative-driven E3 conference is a must for keeping things light-hearted during a heavy news run that comes out of E3, they also had some games to show, including Shadow Warrior 3, Trek To Yomi, and Death’s Door.

The Shadow Warrior 3 Gameplay Trailer 2 was shown to start the conference, touting a 2021 release window for the PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4 platforms. In the style of a black-and-white Japanese film, Trek To Yomi was announced to be coming in 2022 to PlayStation 5, Xbox Series X, and PC. Phantom Abyss has previous player’s old forms running through a maze ahead of you in order to show where their paths went wrong.

Announced with a catchy tune and a comic-book art style, Wizard With A Gun will bring top-down, multiplayer-sandbox fun to Nintendo Switch and PC in 2022. Inscryption looks to bend reality and break the 4th wall with a 2021 release. Devolver Tumble Time offers a free-to-play mobile experience for those looking for puzzle gameplay coming later this year.

Trek To Yomi Devolver Digital
Trek To Yomi

Surprisingly, Demon Throttle, the next game from the team behind Gato Roboto, is receiving a physical release from Special Reserve Games, which will not see a digital release… ever! This physical-only release is available for purchase right now at their website until October 13th in an open pre-order window.