Delightful and Sweet Bookish Ghost Goods

I live for the season of the witch and in my mind, the season of the witch is all day every day. But there is something about fall, about the changing of seasons and the increasing darkness, that turns witching season into another great season: ghost season. Ghosts are so much fun because they can be creepy and scary as much as they can be cute and cuddly. So of course, combining ghosts with all things books scratches a specific — and perfect — seasonal itch.

Ghosts and books go together well, if you believe pop culture. From Ghostbusters to haunted libraries, the spirits live spending time browsing or dropping or otherwise engaging with tomes old and new. I like to believe that ghosts realize they didn’t finish their towering TBRs while on the side of the living, so they’re trying to catch up (and we don’t actually know by any scientific means if they do or don’t read because how would we know what happens in the ghost world?). It makes sense, then, there are so many great bookish ghost goods to check out.

From tees to prints and more, pick up some of these fabulous and fun bookish ghost goods for a more festive spooky season.

Image of a white shirt with the word

This ghost is trick or treating for books! The bats on this ghost book tee send it over the top for me, honestly. $15 and up.

A similar tee on a similar theme, but can we talk about how sweet it is the big ghost is reading with the little one? And they look like they’re a heart? $24 and up.

Image of a print featuring a ghost in a library.

Hang this cute lil library ghostie print in your home library. $13 and up, depending on size.

Image of a sticker featuring a ghost reading a pink book in front of a haunted house. It says

Pop this reading ghost sticker on your water bottle or laptop. I would believe books in ghostland look like that, honestly. $3 and up.

Image of a keychain in the shape of a ghost. It is reading a purple book.

This reading ghost will just be hanging around your keys all the time. $8.

Image of a gray bookmark with ghosts on it.

Keep your place with this fun ghost bookmark. $5.

Image of two magnetic bookmarks in the shape of ghosts.

Prefer magnetic bookmarks? These ghosts want to be your BOOk BOOdies. $6.

Image of a pink blanket. The blanket has white ghosts in hats and bows reading books.

What better way to get cozy to read than with a minky blanket? This sweet find is perfect for ghost lovers with its sweet pattern. $55.

Image of a black mug with a ghost on it. The ghost is reading a book, and in white text above the image is the word

A perfect mug for enjoying your beverage of choice while you read. $20.

Black notebook with white ghost pattern.

Keep your TBR and your bookish thoughts in this adorable ghost notebook. $13.

Image of an enamel pin with books and a ghost emerging from one of the open books..

Do forgotten books have their own ghosts? This enamel pin suggests so. $10 and you can get it to glow in the dark.

Image of a puzzle featuring a ghost in a library.

How fun is this ghost in a library puzzle? $29.

Image of a hoodie with an ugly Halloween sweater image.

Grab this .png file and make your own ugly Halloween sweater, tee, or tote. Honestly, this is not ugly at all and might win you CUTEST Halloween sweater, tee, or tote. $5 for the digital download.

Retro style baby body suit with a ghost reading books.

I might need to get my daughter this retro style body suit featuring a ghost who is all set for some cozy reading. $10 and up.

Image of a person reading in a pink chair. There are ghosts surrounding it.

Last but not least, this print is simply called ghost stories and it would look great on your wall. $20.

- Kelly Jensen