Currently: May 2022

Hey friends. How are you? Are you having an okay weekend? I didn’t mean to disappear on Friday and not share my usual weekly roundup of favorites but, honestly, I just wasn’t in the right headspace. It was a hard, heavy week and I know that is putting it just about as lightly as possible.

It’s always strange to me how, in the wake of tragedy, life keeps moving. It feels like time should stop but that’s obviously never the way things work and somehow, in the middle of a week filled with Chase’s swim team practices, Ryder’s 3-year-old preschool graduation and end-of-the-school-year activities, I found myself in search of moments where I could privately dissolve into tears, take action behind the scenes and sit with the heaviness we’re feeling in our hearts. I know this is also Memorial Day weekend and please know our family is also thinking about the brave men and women who have given their lives to our country. It’s not lost on our family why we are observing Memorial Day tomorrow and we are so grateful.

For those who have tomorrow off from work and/or school, what do your weekend plans look like? We’ve been filling the past few days with low key activities — an end-of-the-soccer-season pizza night with friends on Friday, back-to-back pool days, family walks, tadpole catching… just our usual spring/summertime go-to activities. Chase still has two more days of school next week before it officially feels like summer in our house but we’re hoping to fill our family’s day off tomorrow with some lake time on the boat. I hope you are able to get outside and be with your loved ones as well!

As for my blog post today, it’s been a hot second since I’ve done a “Currently” style blog post and since my mind is all over the place right now, I figured a themed blog post would be a good direction to go in so I’m not too jumbled. Scroll on down if you’re in the mood to read about some randomness!

Currently: May 2022

Currently Watching: Stranger Things

Any other Stranger Things fanatics out there? Ryan and I jumped on the Stranger Things bandwagon big time a few years ago when the show made its initial debut and when Ryan told me Season 4 was out on Friday, we instantly knew what our Friday, Saturday and Sunday night plans would entail. While we’re still majorly invested in the show, the earlier seasons were my favorite. It’s more suspenseful/spooky than I’d like right now (I’m a big-time baby with scary movies/shows) but I’m hanging in there and we’re hoping to finish season four soon. I just love Dustin so much!

Currently Celebrating: The End of Ryder’s 3-Year-Old Preschool Year

(Dress: Amazon / Sunglasses: QUAY — currently BOGO! / Sandals: Amazon / Ryder’s shoes: Adidas

After a pizza party celebration on Thursday, Ryder was officially done with 3-year-old preschool! It’s hard to believe he’ll no longer be a “Butterfly” at our beloved preschool… and it’s even harder to believe Rhett and Ryder will be in preschool together (different classes) this coming fall! What!? Ryder loves school and his teachers so much and didn’t quite realize he would not get to go back to the Butterfly class again after his final day in his 3-year-old classroom. He was clearly sad about it until I told him that he’ll still return to his same school next year with a bunch of his friends and will still be able to see his same teachers, too!

Currently Finalizing: Our Summer Schedule

Between very sporadic summer camps for the big kids, my desire to keep Annemarie’s amazing help with Rhett 1-2 mornings a week, travel and an upcoming move, nailing down our summer schedule has felt a bit like one giant unsolvable puzzle. With so many balls in the air, it’s hard to commit to too much right now but on Saturday morning, Ryan and I flushed everything out and I think we have a solid plan.

We didn’t go overboard with camps at all this summer (Chase is one week-long camp and both big kids are in a few 1/2 day camps that allowed me to select one or two days per week) and I’m thinking this schedule will work well for our family. After early morning wake-ups and rushing out the for 9 months, we’re ready for some chill time, pool time, play dates with friends and lots of sunshine. My mother-in-law will be visiting for Ryder’s birthday at the end of the month and again in August and we are looking forward to some quality time with her. We will also be spending a good portion of our summer in Jacksonville (we booked a rental house within two miles of my parents and sister so we can stay longer without feeling like we’re on top of everyone) and we are counting down the days until more family + beach time!

Currently Diving Into: Learning More about Highly Sensitive Children / Deeply Feeling Kids

Truth time: When Ryder approached 3.5 years old, Ryan and I began to struggle with some of his behavior, specifically his reactions to our discipline or behavior correction. He seemed very flustered in the face of behavior correction (i.e. simple “I cannot let you do x, y, z” statements) and being told “no” and would often cause him to laugh or run away and flail his arms and legs when we’d try to approach him. Cycle this behavior over and over and I began to get a little concerned. Our traditional parenting and discipline strategies didn’t seem to be working with Ryder and I was a loss.

It wasn’t until I found myself in the depths of Google that I read more about highly sensitive children. So many of the characteristics of highly sensitive kids aligned with Ryder’s behavior. When I read that evasive responses to behavior correction (running away, laughing, etc.) may actually be a sign of feeling emotions very, very deeply, it sounded like this could align with Ryder because he is incredibly sensitive. When I read that highly sensitive children can feel flooded with shame and overwhelmed when they know they’ve acted out or done something hurtful, it helped redirect my thoughts and the way we approach discipline with Ryder. (One thing that works: Getting physically close to him. Taking the time to stop everything, walk over to him, hold him in my arms firmly but lovingly and speak calmly and closely. Talking about what happened after the fact — in moments of calm and in a way that focuses on connection and relating to how he was feeling — helps, too.) I’ve been doing a deep-dive into reading about parenting highly sensitive children and it has been fascinating and so incredibly helpful. Dr. Becky also has a course about Deeply Feeling Kids and it’s on my radar to sign up for because I can only imagine it would be incredibly helpful to us.

Currently Wearing: All the Summer Favorites!

(Flashback to one of my fav pics of baby Rhett from last summer!) 

Just when I was feeling over sweaters and bulky winter-wear, the temperatures changed and it was time for easy, breezy summer clothing. Bring it on! Here are some of my summertime favorites I’ve been reaching for on repeat:

Currently Reading: Party of Two by Jasmine Guillory

I actually JUST finished this one but it was a winner. I would recommend it if you’re looking for an easy read with some romance (and steamy moments)! I’ll share more of my thoughts on this book on Friday but in the meantime I’ll just say thank you to those of you who encouraged me to give this author’s books another shot after I wasn’t enamored with one of her previous novels.

Currently Surprised By: The Deadliest Animals in the World

Thanks to a book about sharks Chase recently checked out from our local library, we learned the following: The deadliest animals in the world are (in order) snakes, hippos, crocodiles, elephants, bees, jellyfish and sharks. I thought this was a random but fascinating fact and figured I’d share it so those of you with animal-loving little ones can impress them with some new animal facts!

Currently Indulging In: Gooey Butter Cake + Homemade Ice Cream

Our trip to St. Simons Island over spring break this year sparked a love for gooey butter cake and I cannot get enough. We’ve also been on a big homemade ice cream kick (the above batch was Oreo + Golden Oreo Cookies ‘n’ Cream) and I can guarantee this kick will last all summer long! I’m convinced the ice cream maker Ryan gave me a few years ago is one of our family’s most-used gifts ever. Also, since I get asked about this often, my favorite way to store our homemade ice cream is in one of these 4.7-Cup Rubbermade Brilliance Glass containers. They create a tight seal and we’ve never had an issue with freezer burn… though we do tend to eat our ice cream fast!

Currently Browsing: Memorial Day Weekend Sales

Some random sales that caught my eye…

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