Creative Gift Ideas for Toddlers & Preschoolers

Looking for creative gift ideas for toddlers & preschoolers in your life? We have lots of recommendations for open-ended building sets and toys, along with puzzles, games ideas––and of course, art supplies too!

This December, we wanted to put together a gift guide of creative gift ideas for toddlers and preschoolers. This is a period in kids lives where imaginative play begins (and takes off)! Play is arguably their most important “work” and here are some of our personal favorite gift ideas to foster creativity in young children.

We are featuring stocking stuffers and creative gift ideas that are open-ended––things like sets to build with, toys to foster imaginative play, age appropriate puzzles for family fun. And of course we didn’t forget to add a few favorite art supplies & craft kits as well.

And although we’re focusing on toddlers & preschoolers in the holiday gift guide for kids, we think many of these gifts can be used for many years as children grow.

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Creative Gift Ideas for Toddlers

pretend play

1. Creative Play Ideas for Toddlers

These simple playsets and small figures are perfect for fostering imaginative play in toddlers. We know several dino fanatics who would love this set of dinosaur figures!

Toddler Gift Guide_creative play ideas

If your toddler loves to play dress up, check out these different sets (play silks are great for more open-ended play). We already have the Pet Vet under our Christmas tree!

Toddler Gift Guide_musical instruments

For the music lovers in your family, maracas and jingle bells are the perfect instruments to get young kids started on their musical journey.

Toddler Gift Guide_arts & crafts

2. Art & Crafts Ideas for Toddlers

These arts & crafts kits will provide countless opportunities for getting creative this winter!


3. Building Sets for Toddlers

If your child loves to build, check out these different options for blocks. We think the City Building Blocks are perfect for both building AND playing pretend.

Toddler Gift Guide_puzzles & games

4. Games & Puzzles for Toddlers

Here are some beautiful games and puzzles for children, and we added in a tumbling mat to help get out that energy!

stocking stuffers

5. Stocking Stuffers for Toddlers

We are big fans of creative stocking stuffers! Here are some little gift ideas to tuck into your child’s stocking!

Creative Gift Ideas for Preschoolers

PreK Gift Guide

1. Creative Play Ideas for Preschoolers

We love tools that allow preschoolers a chance to help out around the house! Here are some ideas for pretend play that also help kids build real skills at the same time.

PreK Gift Guide_musical instruments

A drum or ukulele are the perfect addition to your musical library (which may already feature maracas and jingle bells)! We think these make great gift ideas for your music loving child.

PreK Gift Guide_art supplies

2. Art & Crafts Ideas for Preschoolers

Try one of these arts & crafts kits or kinetic sand for sensory play for your child. And if you don’t already have an easel, this is the one Jean’s girls used for years. It’s height adjustable and allows kids to paint & draw in an alternative way.

PreK_building sets

3. Building Sets for Preschoolers

These building sets are all so different, and yet all so much fun for everyone! LEGOs are a huge hit with kids and preschoolers are a great age to start off with the LEGO classic set. And don’t forget train tracks along with fun setups and Magnatiles or Picasso tiles provide hours of creative play.

PreK Gift Guide_games & puzzles

4. Games & Puzzles for Preschoolers

These games and puzzles are both beautiful AND great for helping your preschooler develop problem-solving skills.

PreK Gift Guide_stocking stuffers

5. Stocking Stuffers for Preschoolers

We think these stickers, little notepads and art supplies from some of our favorite businesses make awesome stocking stuffers!

We hope you enjoyed this toddler and preschooler gift guide; we sure had fun making it! Leave a comment below with your favorite creative gift idea for young children.

Creative Gift Ideas for Toddlers

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