Coloring Book for Nintendo Switch: Free + 6 more free games

Whether you need to entertain your kids for a bit so you can finally get some work done or want to do a little destressing yourself, it's hard to beat a good coloring session - especially when it's free. Even better, downloading this game unlocks 6 more games that you can also snag for free. Check out the titles below to see if any make you green with envy or tickled pink. Shop Now at Nintendo

  • Puzzle Book for free ($4 off)
  • Pocket Mini Golf for free ($2 off)
  • Jumping Joe and Friends for free ($2 off)
  • Mini Trains for free ($6 off)
  • Robonauts for free ($4 off)
  • Not Not - A Brain Buster for free ($2 off)
  • up to 4 players can color at once
  • basic game includes 12 images to color and 1 whiteboard empty canvas to create your own designs (additional images available as DLC)