Chef’s Kitchen Priddy Books

Chef's Kitchen Priddy Book


Chef's Kitchen is a Let's Pretend book by Priddy Books. It is a six page board book with 15 pieces to play with and lots of fun search-and-find activities, especially if you're a junior chef-in-training.

The book as you see it above measures 11" x 9.75". In the image above you see the cover and in the middle of the cover there is a clear plastic window. Through the window you can see the loose pieces that are stored on the back of the cover in a plastic container. The cover lifts up to reveal an attached board book. Below is an image of pages one and two.

The story on the left hand page gives you three things to find in the picture. The five pieces on the right are loose puzzle pieces that you will match to the holes. Printed in each hole is a definition. The definition for colander is: A bowl with holes for rinsing vegetables and draining food, such as pasta. The other pieces in the book are spaghetti and meatballs, menu, sundae, juice, sandwich, pizza, cheese, tomatoes, arugula, and black pepper grinder. The pieces have a little thickness to them and stay securely in each hole once placed. The plastic container where you store the pieces snap shut tightly. The lid comes down and the end flap Velcros shut. Secure for now.

Try this:

  • Use the book to create interest. Then have some of the real things out to work with while/after reading the story. Show how the colander works, roll out some cookie dough, or heat up some soup for lunch.
  • Read the definitions before putting the pieces in, then ask the individual to give you the definitions before turning the page.
  • Flip the pieces over on the table (white on back). Can the individual match the correct piece to the correct hole in the book by looking at the shapes only?
  • Identify other objects in the picture before you turn the page.
  • After finishing the book, make a snack together and let the individual help. Point out things in your kitchen using some of the words you learned in the book.
  • Have fun using different hand tools that you see in the picture or learn about. Demonstrate and describe as you work, then let them try. Be patient and move a step at a time for beginners.
  • Talk about kitchen safety as you go. In the above picture the pan handles are turned inward so no one will walk by and knock them off the stove. However, two cupboard/oven doors have been left open under the stove and someone may run into them or trip and grab the hot stove to help balance themselves.

In the book: 15 puzzle pieces