CGM Recommends: Holiday Gifts for All 2022

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Stores are filling up with shoppers left and right and online shopping delivery times are about to go through the roof. Picking up a gift for someone special often gets left on the back burner, but this holiday gift guide for 2022 has your back! The holiday gifts on this list can work for mom, dad, a partner or even a neighbour. You’re sure to find something to brighten your Secret Santa’s day too! CGM knows just the thing to knock their socks off—don’t worry, it’s not more socks.

Here is CGM Recommends: Holiday Gifts for All 2022:

Shield TV

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Nvidia Shield TV (2019)

Price: $169.99

A streamer, media server, smart home hub, and a game console? What can’t this little guy do? With 4K HDR quality and immersive surround sound, spice up your life a little with the Shield TV service that really does it all. Equipped with apps that hold all the entertainment you could ever ask for: movies, videos, TV shows, music, you name it, it’s there! In fact, you can ask for them out loud with their voice command feature, which you can also rely on to aid with your smart devices. For $169.99 you can curl up with the ones you love this holiday season and watch a film with Shield TV. 

Jurassic World: The Ultimate Visual History

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $88.55

The world of dinosaurs is fascinating, but so is the world of film: enter Jurassic World. This book gives us the ability to see what it was like to film an incredible trilogy series like Jurassic World. If you or a loved one is a fan of these movies, it’s simply a must-have. Come take a look at the side of the movies that we’ve never seen before. For $88.55 share the holiday gift of film while reading about what is behind the making of Jurassic World this season. 

Monoprice DT-3BT Desktop Speakers

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Price: $119.25

For $119.25, bring a new edge to PC gaming or streaming with sound quality that makes you feel like you never left the theatre. These immersive speakers can pair to your PC, headphones, Bluetooth and more. These Monoprice speakers provide a full sound at an affordable price, making them one of our favourite holiday gifts this year!

Shark FlexStyle™ Air Styling & Drying System

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Price: $349.99

A perfect styling tool to take on the go, the Shark FlexStyle™ Air Styling & Drying System is compact and versatile, making it great for anyone on your shopping list this year. For $349.99 you’ll get 4 different styling tools that leave your hair shining and full of volume with no heat damage in return!

Schitt’s Creek ‘Love That Journey’ Party Game

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $27.23

Fans of Schitt’s Creek, listen up! This season you can have a great time with friends who share the love of the Canadian TV show, Schitt’s Creek. Perhaps even rope in some players who haven’t watched it for that extra bit of confusing fun. For $27.23 you can choose which one of your friends would fall for which wacky situation to advance and laugh the whole way through!

Geologic World Changing Logic Puzzle

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $22.99

Explore the fun and intelligent side of the holidays endlessly with a game you can hardly stop playing! Not only can you play with friends but alone as well. Never be bored even if your friends aren’t around. The set comes with 14 biomes tiles for your 30-sided earth core. Go for it and let a loved one play around with all 60 world building challenges or go all in and build their own! For only $22.99 it’s only geological that you pick this as a holiday gift for a loved one.

Ravensburger Photo Puzzles

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: Starting at $38.99

The holidays are a perfect time to celebrate togetherness with all of your friends and family around expressing love and gratitude. Family means a lot, so why not give out a meaningful gift this year? With Ravensburger Photo Puzzles any photograph can be made into a puzzle which could mean even more to the family member who receives it. For a 24 piece it’s priced at just $38.99, and you can get all the way up to 2000 pieces, which is priced at a nice $59.99! Warm a heart in a way that matters this year and have fun crafting a story through puzzle pieces.

MAVIX M4 Gaming Chair

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $488.88

To gamers, the chair that you sit on really matters. Is it comfortable? Can I sit in it for a long period of time? Two questions that are important to have “yes” as an answer. If someone special to you is a gamer, make sure they feel the most comfortable this holiday season with a MAVIX M4 Gaming Chair. With four colours to choose from, and features that can be added before purchase like heated seats, FS wheels and an added footrest and/or gaming chair mat. Don’t just be comfortable, for $488.88 you can also be awesome. 

Nanoleaf Smarter Kits

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Price: $199.99

Light up your life the same way Rudolph lit the way for Santa this holiday season with Nanoleaf Smarter Kits for just $199.99. Maybe you can’t lead a magical being through the sky to deliver gifts, but you can dance alongside your lights, change brightness with voice commands and connect Screen Mirroring. These lights are perfect for your gaming space, or even to liven up the living room. The Nanoleaf Shapes Smarter Kit is sure to be a favourite holiday gift this year.

Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro

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Price: $269.98

There’s snowfall! Oh wait, that’s just Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro Snow Pack! A lot of things depend on Wi-Fi: whether you’re just playing games, posting to social media, watching something or working, it’s inconvenient if you face problems with your internet connection. That’s where the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro comes in, guaranteed to be 2X faster when compared to a Wi-Fi 6 router, with easy setup right to your Wi-Fi device and its only $269.98! If you’re worried about online security, the Google Nest Wi-Fi Pro stops router hacks. Enjoy the convenience of safety and fast Wi-Fi or share the gift of connectivity this holiday. 

Echo Dot 5th Gen

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $79.99

Make a house smart with an improved Echo Dot, create routines once you walk into a room which can automatically turn on smart devices like lights or fans. Not to mention the improved sound and display, clearly see the time, song titles, the weather and more. With its crisp audio, it can turn any room into a home theatre or a dance floor. For $79.99 make someone happy this year by turning their smart house into a smart home.

Timbuk2 Classic Messenger Bag

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $89.00

The classic messenger bag was originally designed 30 years ago but has been tweaked with modern improvements for classic and functional purposes. It features adjustable straps for a comfortable wear every time and is waterproof both inside and out for the best experience in storms and spills. It fits everything you would need. Use its space to put everything in its proper place and never search long for what you need. A small bag is just $89.00, give someone close to you a practical and tactile gift this holiday season. 

Ecobee Smart Security Starter Kit

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $269.99

Perhaps you’re worried about the safety and security of someone you love or yourself, look no further than this holiday gift. Feeling safe and secure is something that we strive for each and every day, so this holiday season don’t let safety pass you by. The ecobee Smart Security Starter Kit comes with one Smart Thermostat Premium which acts as your security hub, two SmartSensor for doors and windows along with one SmartSensor for full home coverage which all send alerts right to your phone. This year for $269.99, guarantee that you’ll sleep a little better Christmas night knowing that your loved ones are doing the same.  

HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 Earbuds

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $268.99

Everyone listens to music, some more than others, but I guarantee you know someone who loves it. This holiday season, show them that listening to music can be different, with headphones that have texture, sound and detail. The HUAWEI FreeBuds Pro 2 Earbuds feature ear canal structure detecting, wearing status, and environmental noise detection, which will make sure you don’t get overwhelmed during the holidays. This doesn’t even touch on the soundproofing for when you need to avoid distractions. Hyper kids running around Christmas morning? No problem, for $268.99 pop in some FreeBuds and let the jingle bells ring.

Fitbit Versa 4

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $189.95

Has someone you love been talking about starting their fitness journey? The Fitbit Versa 4 could be their start to a more healthy and active life, with real time updates and all-day activity tracking to know exactly how well your journey is moving along. It boasts 24/7 heart rate monitoring and a personalized sleep profile to improve your sleeping habits one step at a time. If you’re unsure where to start, the Versa comes with a 6-month Premium membership for exclusive workouts, mindfulness sessions and more. For just $189.95—on sale from $299.95—this Fitbit could be exactly what your loved ones are looking for to get active. This is their fitness journey, make sure they get a head start. 

Instax Mini 40

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $129.99

The Instax Mini 40 features built-in auto shutter and auto adjustments on brightness, all to make a fantastic quality photo the size of a credit card. There’s also a selfie mode and a mirror to see just what you’re doing. For $129.99 give someone you love a gift to last a lifetime and capture all those holiday memories in your hearts forever—instantly. A great holiday gift for those who live to capture the moment.

Sonic X Lime Crime: Unicorn Hair Full Coverage Dye

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $23.00

Who doesn’t want fun hair around the holidays? And who doesn’t like a game as classic as Sonic? All the characters we know and love are here! Dye your hair like Amy, Rouge, Shadow, Tails, and the star of the show, Sonic the Hedgehog. For $23.00 pick your favourite characters and their signature colours to brighten up your look. There’s no doubt that the hair of whoever receives this unique holiday gift will be the coolest there ever was.

Sonic X Lime Crime: Venus Pigmented Liner

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $21.00

Now that they have fun hair, go all out. For $21.00 level up your loved ones’ makeup too, with Rouge, Sonic and Tails’ fun and fabulously pigmented liquid liner. Go for subtle or expressive looks this season and make it count. It’s smudge proof, ultra-matte and might just release your inner artist! An exciting holiday gift for an out-there holiday look.

Kensington SmartView Laptop Riser

CGM Holiday Recommends 2022

Price: $83.99

Hunching over to look at your laptop is inconvenient and less than comfortable. Now that a lot of things are done online, you need something that supports your laptop. The Kensington SmartView Laptop Riser not only raises your laptop but holds your headphones once you’re finished with them. With five levels of SmartFit height adjustments, you’ll never have to struggle with guessing what the most comfortable position would be. Whether you have work to do or you’re just simply watching YouTube or Netflix, your laptop needs support just like you do. A great gift for any. 

The best part about the holiday season is how special everyone around you is, so show them that with meaningful gifts and lots of smiles! Spend your time warming hearts, playing games and listening to holiday music. Sit back, relax, and know that CGM’s got your holiday list covered.