Bookish Goods for Mystery Lovers

While putting together a jigsaw puzzle the other day, it hit me that my love of puzzles and of mystery novels are more alike than I thought. It’s satisfying to scratch your head over something that at first seems too complex to figure out and then, piece by piece, come to a solution. In a strange way, mysteries are relaxing to me, especially after a day of real-life struggles that don’t have neat solutions.

I’m far from alone in this. Recently, fellow Book Riot contributor, Carolina Ciucci, wrote a personal essay on how reading Agatha Christie books helped her with her anxiety because she found the guaranteed solutions comforting. Other reasons for loving mysteries vary as much as the rich genre and the novels that define it. There is so much about the genre to enjoy that it’s hard to find someone that can’t think of at least one mystery novel or movie that they like.

This round-up of bookish merch includes goodies that reference a specific mystery series (Sherlock Holmes, for example) as well as ones that celebrate the genre as a whole. Whether you’re looking for clothes, around-the-house decor, or even games to test your mystery-solving skills for yourself, you’re sure to find something that delights you.

photo of Nancy Drew-themed gloves

These Nancy Drew-themed fingerless gloves are perfect for keeping your hands warm while reading. $28

photo of 221 B Baker Street enamel pin

I love this 221B Baker Street enamel pin so much that I’m already picturing what it might look like on my backpack. $14

photo of blue t-shirt that reads

Armchair sleuths unite! With this pajama shirt, you can stay comfy while solving the crime in your latest mystery read. Available in 18 different colors and 8 sizes. $22+

magnifying glass necklace

This magnifying glass necklace is perfect for when you’re solving a mystery on the go and want to look stylish while doing it. $24+

photo of Poirot-themed tea cup

With a clever nod to Hercule Poirot’s drink of choice, this porcelain tea cup, spoon, and plate set can be personalized to include the name of its recipient on the other side. Plus, it comes with an imported tea packet! $25+

Photo of holographic stickers of cats with magnifying lenses

IDK about you but I would absolutely trust the little cat on this holographic sticker to solve a murder. $3

photo of Edgar Allan Poe shirt where he is holding an umbrella that says

Life getting you down? This Poe T-shirt can help you ease off some of the stress with a pun and a little grim humor. Available in eight sizes. $17+

mystery bookmarks

Upcycled from vintage books, these mystery bookmarks come in a variety of themes including Agatha Christie, The Hardy Boys, and The Boxcar Children. $3+

photo of Miss Marple stud earrings

If you’re looking for a subtle, yet stylish way to share your love of mystery reads, these Miss Marple earrings are delightful. $12+

photo of mystery-themed candle

To make an evening spent reading even more atmospheric, check out this mystery-themed bookish candle! Its scent is described as leather and patchouli, and it’s meant to evoke the vibes of a room filled with leather-bound books. $27

photo of Nancy Drew upcycled journal

You can use this journal, upcycled from a classic Nancy Drew book, to record anything from your TBR list to favorite quotes you find while reading. $18

photo of Sherlock Holmes bookscape

This Sherlock Holmes-themed bookscape contains hidden clues and puzzles in its design, allowing you to piece together a hidden mystery. Perfect for bringing a little flair to your bookshelf! $89+

photo of Scooby Doo themed patch, reads

For many mystery lovers (myself included), Scooby Doo was their introduction to the genre. With this fun patch, you can finally be one of those meddling kids that if it wasn’t for, the bad guys would have gotten away with it all! $8+

photo of a Murder, She Wrote themed throw pillow

Decorate your reading nook with this Murder, She Wrote throw pillow cover. Comes in two sizes. $17+

photo of

In the mood to try solving the coziest mystery possible? This “Mystery at the Mewseum” puzzle box makes for a clever way to spend an evening. $17

Photo of a mug that says

Of course a mystery lover would never fall for this coffee mug… but it could make for a great conversation piece with guests (preferably ones you’d like to scare off). $23

photo of a skein set of Sherlock Holmes themed yarn

This mini skein set comes in five colors inspired by the works of Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. Perfect for when you’re in the mood to settle down with a mystery audiobook and knit for a truly cozy evening. $30

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- CJ Connor