Best Graduation Gifts for Every Student

Graduations are a time where students are honored and celebrated for all the hard work and dedication to furthering their education. After all this time learning, they deserve the best praise and gifts as a congratulation for their dedication and diligence. These are the best graduation gifts that every new grad has added to their graduation gift wish list. Explore all the great one of a kind customizable graduation gifts that will show your loved one how much you care about them during their biggest educational moments.

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Best Graduation Gifts for High School Grads

Help your high school grad be prepared for college with the best graduation gifts possible. These gifts are both useful and practical gifts that will help them along with their college careers. Our list of items includes fully customizable gifts that are on every high school grad’s wish list. In addition, create festive graduation products to celebrate your grad’s big day.

Fleece Blankets

Fleece blankets are perfect versatile products that are great for a decorative purpose and as a functional purpose. Personalized fleece blankets also make a fantastic gift for high school grads as they adventure off to their college dorms. Including their favorite memories, they’ve created from high school will give them a little piece of home while they are living in their new college dorm or apartment. Choose from a variety of designs, blanket sizes as well as fleece blanket materials – fleece, plush fleece, and sherpa fleece. Each time your new grad using this personalized fleece blanket, they will love that you took the time and effort in creating the best graduation gift for them.

Graduation class collage fleece photo blanket for the class of 2021

Custom Hoodie

Honor your grad’s great high school achievement by creating a personalized custom hoodie to show them off as their school’s newest alumni. Add details such as their school’s name, their graduation year, and other details that would make them feel like proud alumni of their school. Choose from sweater colors in white, heather gray, and black and design surfaces that are customizable on the front and customizable on the front and back. When your grad wears this custom hoodie, it will be a memorable reminder of their hard work throughout their schooling.

Custom hoodie with graduation year on it for ag raduation gift

Mouse Pads

As your grad goes off to college, let them be prepared with office supplies that they will use throughout their college career into their professional career. Creating a personalized mouse pad is a great way to accessorize their desktop and give them a reminder of all their great memories while they study or work on the computer. With a variety of mouse pad designs to choose from, there will be a great design to gift to your grad as the best graduation gift they’ll receive. Include a variety of photos, names, and designs to make their mouse pad one of a kid made just for them.

Bright ideas mouse pad with a picture of a light bulb


Give a practical and useful gift that your grad will love by gifting them with a personalized notebook. Personalized notebooks can be used in many ways, as a personal diary, a notebook for studying, or just a handy place for writing down quick note they need to remember. These notebooks are conveniently sized to fit any backpack or purse and the personalized covers are a great reminder of all the memories they’ve created in the past. Include pictures of your grad with their friends throughout their school and celebrating their last moments together as undergrads. This notebook will make the best graduation gift that your grad will find useful and handy when they need to jot down a quick note.

black and white colorblock 5x8 notebook

Photo Book

Photo books are a great way to look back at memories of your grad’s time spent in high school and while they’re away from home. Although they may be excited to start their lives in college or starting work, they will love back at their time in high school and reminisce of all the amazing memories they’ve created and will never forget. To make things extra special, add memorable photos, designs, and embellishments to each page for an additional one of a kind touch. In addition, you can have your grad’s closest friends and family members sign this personalized photo book with any supportive and congratulatory messages for their future.

year book for senior year of highschool

Best Graduation Gifts for College Grads

Now that your grad has finished college and is out working in the real world, better prepare them for what the real world has to offer. These personalized grad gifts are great items to help them in their post college life and will make the best graduation gifts that they will love to receive. Whether it helps them with their new jobs or their own personal space, this list of best graduation gifts is perfect for any new college grad.

Personalized Canvas Prints

To congratulate your new college grad, create personalized canvas prints that they could use to decorate their post college apartment or office space. With a wide variety of designs and prints to choose from, you can find the best graduation gift for your new college grad. Consider printing out their most special moments from their graduation ceremony or their grad party as a reminder of all the hard work and dedication they did to achieve their college diploma. From framed canvas prints to hanging canvas prints, there is a style that matches any college grad’s personal space.

hanging canvas with college grad pictures

Jigsaw Puzzles

Now that your college grad has more free time away from constant homework and studying, let them relax and enjoy post college life with a fun and brain stimulating jigsaw puzzle. Personalized jigsaw puzzles can help your new grad relax and de-stress after a stressful day full of work and everyday life as a new college grad. Customize your grad’s puzzle with festive images that remind them of their time in college and choose from a variety of sizes, shapes, and puzzle piece count. No matter how you customize this personalized jigsaw puzzle, your grad will be thankful to receive this best graduation gift.

scripted graduate keepsake puzzle in heart shape

Stainless Steel Tumbler with Straw

As your college grad enters the workforce and starts to get busy with work and post grad life, this stainless steel tumbler with straw will keep them well caffeinated and hydrated for their future ahead. This personalized stainless steel tumbler with a straw is fully customizable and comes in a variety of layout designs that will match your college graduate’s style and personality. Every time your grad uses this stainless steel tumbler, they will be reminded of this amazing personalized gift they received from you as the best graduation gift.

stainless steel tumbler with straw perfect for graduation gift

Photo Tiles

After your college grad graduates, they might be wondering where they will be settling down and where they will find work. Gifting your newly college grads easy to install and arrange photo tiles is the best graduation gift you can give them. These customized photo tiles are easy to install without additional tools and nails that damage their walls. These high quality metal tiles use a double sided adhesive, so it allows for easy rearranging and installation. Your grad will love these photo tiles as decoration for their home or office decor and will thank you for your graduation gift.

graduation photo tiles with chair and cactus neon light

Luggage Tags

Now that your college grad has more time on their hands, a weekend getaway or vacation is in order after all their years of hard work and dedication. Create a personalized luggage tag for your grad so their luggage will find its way back to them in case it gets lost. Customize these luggage tags with your grad’s initials, pictures, favorite quotes, and colors to make this the best graduation gift they will receive. Making a personalized luggage tag is a one of a kind gift that will follow them through their best experiences of traveling the world.

personalized luggage tag for graduation gift

Closing Thoughts on Graduation Gifts

Finding the best graduation gift is easy and fun with personalized graduation gifts from Shutterfly. No matter which gift you choose, your grad will love that it’s customized specifically for them in mind. These one of a kind graduation gifts are a special and meaningful reward for all their hard work and dedication to further their education. These best graduation gifts will be on every new grad’s wish list and will prepare them for their bright future.

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