Best Dinosaur Gifts

Looking for the best dinosaur gifts for all ages? This list of more than 155 dinosaur gift ideas for the dino lover on your gift list, including the best dinosaur toys and educational items. There are ideas here for every age and every budget so you’re sure to find the perfect gift.

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My son was obsessed with dinosaurs for years and both of my daughters were also young dinosaur fans. I have experience looking for the perfect dinosaur gift for him. I always felt that a great toy combined learning and fun. This list includes unique dinosaur gifts for anyone on your list.

Frequently Asked Questions about Dinosaur Gifts

What to get kids who like dinosaurs?

Consider the child’s age and interests. For example, do they like to read? Color? Build? Look for toys that incorporate the child’s interests and abilities. Some popular ideas are:

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What does it mean when a child loves dinosaurs?

  • The dinosaur-obsessed child has what is called an intense interest in different types of dinosaurs.
  • Often the dinosaur fanatic’s interest contributes significantly to their cognitive development.
    • Memory – as they learn and remember the names of and facts about different dinosaurs and identify their favorite dinosaurs
    • Focus – as they spend extended periods of time learning about and playing with dinosaurs
    • Reading skills – as they devour dinosaur books
    • Imagination – Playing with dinosaur action figures and play sets
  • You can also use their interest in dinosaurs to foster the development of other important skills
    • Fine motor skills
      • Little hands playing with small dinosaur toys
      • Coloring in dinosaur coloring books
      • Drawing dinosaurs
    • Hand-Eye Coordination and Gross motor skills
      • Playing on big dinosaur toys like ride-on toys
      • Kicking and throwing a dinosaur ball

Best Dinosaur Gifts

Choose great dinosaur gifts based on the child’s interests:

  • Favorite dinosaur
  • Favorite dinosaur TV shows or movies (the Jurassic Park and Jurassic World movies are popular)
  • Their favorite activities
    • Building
    • Reading
    • Imaginative play
  • A practical gift can be turned into a great gift by adding a dinosaur

Dinosaur Gifts for Very Young Children

Dinosaur Gifts for 2-Year Olds

Dinosaur Gifts for 3 to 4-Year Olds

book with yellow border and large dinosaur on the cover.
National Geographic Child’s Book of Dinosaurs

Dinosaur Gifts for Older Children

Dinosaur Stocking Stuffer Ideas and Dinosaur Party Favors

Looking for more dinosaur ideas?

Dinosaur Printable Mazes – Free fun worksheets to encourage learning for children of all ages. These 4 free dinosaur printable mazes come in a range of difficulty levels.

4 blue and green dinosaur maze pages

Dinosaur Coloring Pages – Six free dinosaur coloring pages you can download and print right away. Plus 9 additional dinosaur activities for kids of all ages.

collage of 6 dinosaur coloring sheets

Dinosaur Word Search – 3 free dinosaur word search printables, plus an answer key. Perfect for kids and adults who enjoy word search puzzles and/or dinosaurs.

5 colorful worksheets on green background

Find all our best gift ideas for everyone in the family in the table below.

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