Adobe Releases Free Activity Book Filled With Puzzles To Keep Your Mind Active

Images via Adobe Acrobat

Creativity comes in myriad forms, and, with constricting lockdown measures in place, Adobe has been attempting to let these aspects blossom through an ‘Inspiration Generator’, a 3D extension of Creative Cloud, and even horoscope forecasts. This time, it’s gone back to basics by releasing an activity book for those who “need a distraction.”

The Scroll This activity book for grownups features a crossword puzzle, riddles, a maze, and even a ‘Small Biz’ section that lets you create stories Mad Libs-style. The contents are designed for a general audience, so there’s no need to equip yourself with Photoshop knowledge at all.

The catch? Free puzzles aside, what the seven-page activity book really is is a subtle promotion for Adobe Acrobat. The games mention nothing about Adobe’s products, but readers are encouraged to fill in the blanks using Adobe Acrobat DC’s ‘Fill & Sign’ tool.

With that being said, the feature proves to be much more versatile than its function as a contract-signing pen.

Looks like you need a distraction.

Scroll This PDF and challenge your brain to some word games. Who doesn't love a crossword? 😉

Pro tip: Open on your desktop to use the interactive features!

— Adobe Acrobat (@Acrobat) July 29, 2021

[via Adobe Acrobat]