Active Gospel Presentation

A few weeks ago our church had youth camp. Really it’s youth camp, training to lead the VBS our church does. That’s right our church VBS is led entirely by our teens, and they do an amazing job. This year they had a new gospel presentation to learn and I LOVED it. It gets the kids active and each action has short phrase to remember that will help them remember just what the action means. I started in my head calling it the Active Gospel Presentation and my head started illustrating it, and then I turned it into a Bible lesson.

gospel actions printable cheat sheet

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It’s probably not as life-changing as I thought

No seriously, our children’s ministry pastor was up there doing the hand motions and I didn’t have my camera out the first time she did it, so I got half of the actions, and then she went back and did it again.


doing the gospel actions presentation

Since I don’t know if she cares about me sharing her picture, I’m going with my new plan of putting emojis on people’s face.

I desperately started taking pictures, and then I started drawing. I kept getting frustrated because my skill level is not as good as what is in my imagination.

From listening to my daughter and all of her friends who love to draw, this is a common problem.

After a lot of work, I finally had a rough draft, and then I started coloring it.

Gospel actions printable

As I did I realized it corresponds pretty perfectly to the Gospel Colors I’ve been using for decades. I started coloring the teens’ shirts according to the colors they represented.

I tried to have the faces correspond to the emotion of each action, but I think the Jesus Gives picture should be smiling more.

Where to get the Action Gospel presentation!

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At first, I thought the Action Gospel presentation cheat sheet was just that

Like I thought, oh you can just have that as a cheat sheet to keep on hand as you get ready to do the presentation, you can see how in the pictures she’s looking to the side at her binder to make sure she says the right phrase and does the right action.

The coloring page makes a great keep nervous hands busy activity for little ones as you talk and let them ask questions after getting the wiggles out as you do the action gospel presentation.

Side note

Do you capitalize gospel?

I feel like sometimes we capitalize Gospel and other times we don’t capitalize gospel. Maybe when we capitalize it we’re referring to the Four Gospels?

What do you think?

Action Gospel presentation Bible

But sometimes I’m extra and my brain keeps thinking

My daughter frequently tells me, “Mom, that’s so extra.” This is a case where I’m sure she would say it.

After I printed off the Action gospel presentation cheat sheet I got to thinking, and I thought, “You know what Ticia? This could make a great mini book.”

So, I headed back to the office and grabbed a couple of sheets of printer paper, a stapler, glue stick, and a couple of pens and a sharpie, because sharpies are needed for all art projects.

Or they’re frequently used in my house.

I folded my two pages of paper in half, one of which was scrap paper, and wrote GOSPEL on the front. Really simple and boring.

Then I count out each of those pictures and started gluing them onto pages.

making it into a minibook gospel book to take home

I started writing reference verses to go with each picture/action, and started thinking about more points beyond the short phrase to tell.

I guess you could also turn it into a puzzle…..

Now I might need to print off a few dozen more as I start thinking of more ideas.

Why do I do this to myself?

Okay, but that’s it. That’s the Active Gospel Presentation.

Oh, and if you want a more detailed look at how to give a gospel presentation, definitely go check out the Color Gospels post. I go into detail on what you can say for each of the actions/colors and what Bible verses to reference. These are also the same verses I have my Sunday School class memorize in the Bible verse puzzles.

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