A Story Gets a Modern Twist in ‘The Snow Queen’s Gaming Quest’

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An exciting story gets told in ‘The Snow Queen’s Gaming Quest’

I have read a fair amount of Children’s Fiction lately. Each story has taken me on some amazing adventures. When I heard about The Snow Queen’s Gaming Quest I was looking forward to checking it out. I was able to get a digital copy of this graphic novel and here is my thoughts on it.

You can read the plot for The Snow Queen’s Gaming Quest here:

Best friends Gabby and Kaden do everything together: hoverboarding, robot-building, and virtual reality gaming. Then one day Kaden goes off alone and gets his hands on experimental VR tech. When he powers on the headset, a rogue AI called S.N.O.W. takes hold of his mind and locks the boy deep in her digital realm! But Gabby isn’t about to abandon her best bud. Can she enter the game, fight through the levels, and solve the final puzzle to save Kaden before he’s lost to S.N.O.W. forever?

I had a lot of fun reading this book. We see a well known story get a modern retelling in a way that was exciting and a joy to watch unfold. There are moments when things seem hopeless but Gabby refuses to give up. As this story comes to a close life for these best friends is never going to be the same.

The Snow Queen’s Gaming Quest is available now. You can order this graphic novel on Amazon, at Barnes and Noble and Indiebound.

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