A Puzzled Mind

A book review of A Puzzled Mind: Recovering Memories From Childhood Trauma by AnnCeline Dagger

A book review of A Puzzled Mind: Recovering Memories From Childhood Trauma by AnnCeline Dagger - new age guide to repressed traumatic memories

Stars: ***

Balboa Press (2021)
136 pages

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Summary: A mother was left scrambling when she began to recover repressed memories during a life change. She was looking for answers and over the years collected many pearls of wisdom. AnnCeline is diving deep into her emotional memories to bring across the extend of the traumas and how they affected her growing up. During her years of recovery, she began to awaken and ascend to higher levels of consciousness, realizing her ability to travel through time to heal her wounded inner child. She began communicating with her angels and with their help was able to piece together her story. This book is especially for you if you feel you may have been a victim of childhood sexual abuse and grooming. “A Puzzled Mind” Is a title that describes how she felt before she understood what was happening to her. In this book, she is sharing her wisdom and knowledge as a guide for you on your awakening journey, showing you how to put the pieces of the puzzle back together and alchemize your past into gold.

A Puzzled Mind

This book is designed for those who are finding themselves recovering traumatic memories from their childhood and who have a new age outlook on life.

If you think you have repressed memories or have reason to believe you went through a traumatic experience as a child, this book is written for you. It’s especially about sexual abuse and grooming. If someone you know is recovering repressed memories and you don’t understand how that’s possible, the book may be helpful to you as well.

Why do I say it’s a new age book? There is mention of ESP, angels and such. Whether this is a good thing or not depends on the reader. It’s just something that’s important to note.

The author goes over how she recovered her repressed memories. She also discusses signs you might see in yourself if you have memories you don’t fully remember. Help is given for self care while recovering these memories. It’s a short book but covers just what is needed for its topic.

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