85 Times People Greeted Christmas With A Sense Of Humor (New Pics)

The Christmas holidays seem to be a perfect time to recharge our batteries for another yearly bender. But for many, it’s quite the opposite. The surveys have shown time and again that huge chunks of population find the “most beautiful time of the year” daunting as they struggle with festive burnout.

For example, a quarter of the British population finds Christmas the most challenging thing in the whole year, with 19% saying it has a fairly negative impact and 7% very negative impact on their mental health, according to this survey. And a similar study on Americans from Slumber Cloud found that a whopping 35% are burnt out on the holiday season before even Christmas arrives.

While there are ways to fight the festive burnout, like practicing mindfulness and setting down your priorities, one of the best ones is to simply have some fun. And by fun, I do not mean hours of grueling last-minute gift shopping or trying too hard to please everyone with your perfect panna cotta. What we mean is taking your silly side out for a walk and imagining that Christmas is a stand-up in a comedy cellar where no pinch of humor would ever be too much.

Below are some of the funniest examples of people greeting Christmas with a humorous twist, and there’s a whole lot to learn from them! Psst! More hilarious Christmas moments can be found in a previous post right here.

#1 My Friends Sent Me A Christmas Card With Their Kid's Foot On It. I Don't Have A Kid, So This Is What They're Getting Back

Image credits: heyjupiter123

#2 Decided To Do A Mall Goth Photo With Santa. Turned Out Gloriously. I'm In My Mid 30's (The Blonde)

Image credits: Princessbrainwave

#3 Made Myself A Christmas Jumper

Image credits: JEZTURNER

#4 My Daughter's Holiday Craft. Need To Talk To Her Kindergarten Teacher

Image credits: MasVonBoxen

#5 I Had A Guy Come Dressed As Santa To Take Photos With My Baby Because I’ve Completely Lost My Mind

Image credits: Skittle_kittle

#6 Yet Another Year As The Last Unmarried In The Family

Image credits: TheDeepBlueZ

#7 I Ran Out Of Wrapping Paper And Had To Improvise. It's Nearly Unnoticeable

Image credits: wes00mertes

#8 Every Christmas Eve I Go To Work In A Different Suit This Is Year 7

Image credits: Dshack122

#9 Christmas Hair 4.0

Image credits: tessellating

#10 Christmas Cards Are A Success

Image credits: highheat099

#11 The Amazon Driver Who Delivered My Package At 6pm On Christmas Eve

Image credits: pinkandperjurous

#12 Kinda A Selfie? Whatever I Did It For The Old Folks At My Nursing Home And They Laughed. Mission Accomplished. Merry Christmas

Image credits: karenScifiQueen

#13 The Other Day My Dad Fell Off A 10 Ft Ladder And Through A Drop Ceiling. I Just Happened To Be Walking By And Was Able To Catch Him On His Way Down

This was the tile he went through and now his Christmas present is finished.

Image credits: ChapmanYerkes

#14 Funny Tradition

Image credits: BrynnShuller

#15 My 81-Year-Old Grandma Didn't Look Close Enough At The Jumper She Bought For Xmas This Year

Image credits: _hummusapien

#16 My Dad Didn’t Want My Cat To Feel Left Out This Christmas

Image credits: averagediana

#17 Time To Be Smarter

Image credits: neiltyson

#18 I Got A 3D Printer For Christmas. My Friend Had A Simple Request

Image credits: themedicd

#19 My Wife Made Me A Coffee Table Book For Christmas. All Quotes Out Of Context Me Gaming With The Buds Online

Image credits: DBMS_LAH

#20 Merry Festive Selfie Day

Image credits: ThePertinentSquirrel

#21 Our First Christmas In Our First Apartment. Funds Are Tight But I Wanted To Make It Fun For Us. His Favorite Part Was The Tinsel

Image credits: hibiscus_biscuit

#22 Parents Combined Ugly Sweater Outfit

Image credits: TrollinPeeps

#23 Sioux Falls Police Department Arrests Mr. Grinch For Attempting To Steal Holiday Cheer

Image credits: siouxfallspd

#24 Every Year My Parents Recreate The Christmas Card Our Friends Send Them Of Their Kids, Here’s This Years

Image credits: Jeromiewhalen

#25 I Took A Picture Of Christmas Lights At The Zoo. This Guy Was Randomly In The Picture. We Liked Him So Much That We Gave Him A Name, Put Him On Christmas Cards

We are mailing them to people without saying who it's from.

Image credits: worm30478

#26 Saw This At Work. Merry Christmas Everyone

Image credits: RphilRT

#27 My Parents Are Trolls

Two spray bottles with money in them. Each bill folded to a football (American). My dad said he looked at multiple types to bottles so he could get the bulls in but they would be a challenge to get out. I was instructed I couldn’t smash the bottles. So I didn’t. Tedious but not difficult. Only needed tweezers a couple times. More tedium of unfolding without damage. Also only needed tweezers a couple times! $100 total. Love my parents. We enjoy trolling one another when we can, but especially at Christmas.

Image credits: DillPixels

#28 Pure Christmas Joy

Image credits: PugDaddy86

#29 All These Chests And So Little Rump. Allow Me To Rectify

Image credits: MobySlick

#30 I Might Have Been A Bit Excited That My New Skates Fit. Merry Christmas

Image credits: geonerd

#31 My Friend’s Family Christmas Card

Image credits: Imjusttryingtothink

#32 I Love My Dad. This Is Where He Put His X-Mas Gift

Image credits: Quadruplchin

#33 For The 5th Year, My Friends And I Got Christmas Photos Taken At Our Local JCPenney

Image credits: Animal_Pharmacy

#34 I Didn’t Have An “Ugly Christmas Sweater“ For The Party, So I Made One

Image credits: NewHumbug

#35 This Amazon Delivery Driver Is Dressed As An Elf

Image credits: n0rmbates

#36 Merry Christmas You Lovely People

Image credits: Davez00r

#37 Times Are Weird. Kid Was Given A Cash Register Set From Grandma On Christmas And Has Been Using The Scanner To Take Our Temp All Day

Image credits: brianwolftv

#38 Dragons

Image credits: dianarowland

#39 Throwback To Our Christmas Party Last Year. Merry Christmas Everyone

Image credits: onadventurewithdad

#40 It Appears Not All Christmas Decore Is Held To The Same Standard. Bosses Didn’t Like My Work

Image credits: elcapitandongcopter

#41 I Heard We're Posting Awkward Holiday Photos. This Is My Friends And Me

Image credits: DeeDubb83

#42 Now That's Christmas

Image credits: weev1

#43 My Son Received 3 Spidermen For Christmas, So I Did What Needed To Be Done

Image credits: YoureARandomDinosaur

#44 Advent Calendars

Image credits: juliamoserrrr

#45 My Christmas Card For 2021

Image credits: LateNightApps

#46 Families Are Difficult

Image credits: 88mugsy88

#47 Uncanny Resemblance

Image credits: ellomelissa

#48 Merry Christmas From Half Way Across The Globe

Image credits: 50ShadesOfGreg

#49 I Found This Jacket At A Thrift Store And Have Waited 4 Months To Wear It. Merry Christmas

Image credits: Toledojoe

#50 Our Employee Overcooked The Brownies, So We Turned Them Into A Coffee Table. Taking Christmas Pre-Orders Now

Image credits: joeltheconner

#51 This Years Christmas Card Turned Out Great

Image credits: in93

#52 My GF Gets Frustrated That She Has To Share Birthday And Christmas A Few Days Apart. I Decided To Have A Professional Cake Made To Celebrate Her Day

Image credits: Extreme-Raisin-Cake

#53 Merry Christmas Everyone

Image credits: TheRadioDemon

#54 Just Got It Today, Merry Frickin' Xmas, Nothing Matters

Image credits: ttguitar1967

#55 I Painted A 2020 Christmas Card

Image credits: theLadyfingers

#56 Family Christmas Has Taken An Unexpected Turn

Image credits: kubrickie

#57 Ran Out Of Christmas Wrapping Paper. But I Think I Hacked It Pretty Well

Image credits: Nai1ed_IT

#58 My Daughter Gave My Son A Signed Picture Of Herself For Christmas

Image credits: Nomad-Rambler

#59 My Mom Got Me Super Mario Sheets For Christmas. I'm 22 And Have Been Living In My Own Apartment For 4 Years

I looked confused and disappointed. She said "What? It's not like anyone else is going to see your sheets" and now I don't know if that was ignorance, an insult or innocence...

Image credits: JohnnyCenter

#60 I Turned A Picture Of My Labrador Pooping Into A Puzzle, Gave It To My Dad For Christmas As A White Elephant Gift

He put it together, framed it, and gave it back to me. That’s what Christmas is all about.

Image credits: RPerkins2

#61 I Willingly Decided To Go To Work Like This Today

Image credits: i8mygoldfish

#62 Showing Off The White Elephant Presents At A Black Christmas Party

Image credits: PaulVarjakJr

#63 My Husband And I Met In NYC In 2014. We Heard A Fight Outside Our Apartment In Brooklyn One Night And Have Repeated One Line That Was Yelled Ever Since. Here’s His Christmas Gift

Image credits: itshdgilbert

#64 My Dad's Cooler Than Yours. Merry Christmas

Image credits: ineedmoredogs

#65 I Decorated My Office For The Holidays Today

Image credits: iknowimlame

#66 Bought The 12-Foot Tree From Costco I Have Wanted For Years. Every Couple Nights My Husband Puts Another Section On

Image credits: sunflower53069

#67 Our American Gothic Holiday Card. As An Out Of Work Sound Tech, The Microphone Seemed Appropriate

Image credits: Zeehammer

#68 My Friend’s Mom Turned Her Terrifying Halloween Decorations Into Terrifying Christmas Decorations

Image credits: bunzarelli

#69 Every Year My Parents Send Me Texts Such As "He Is Risen" Or Bible Verses To Me On Religious Holidays. This Year I Decided To Send Them Something

Image credits: L0NE_vvolf

#70 Here's Our Annual "Parenting Disaster" Christmas Card - 8 Years And Counting

Image credits: kakalacky_guy

#71 Further Evidence My Wife's Boss Has A Sense Of Humor. This Is Her Christmas Card

Image credits: UnforcedErrer

#72 Last Time We Got Together My Dad Had One Too Many Natty Lights, Took A Stumble And Cut His Head A Bit. So I Made Him A Holiday Helmet To Prevent Any Further Injuries

Image credits: My_Name_Aint_Mary

#73 Merry Christmas, Ya Filthy Animals

Image credits: yurtyahearn

#74 13 years ago, me and my buddy got up at 3 AM to gift wrap our friend's truck for Christmas. It ended a Christmas prank war on a sheer level of scale

Image credits: deldertime

#75 Quite Proud Of My "Ugly" Christmas Sweatshirt Design

Image credits: loveandasandwich

#76 My Farmer Grandpa Loved His Christmas Gift

Image credits: MrKimJongUnn

#77 My Girl Broke Her Tib/Fib, So This Is Her Elf On The Shelf

Image credits: AbrohamLincoln7

#78 Made Ourselves Into The Family We Can’t Have Over For Christmas

Image credits: racell0

#79 My Cats Got Knitted Cat Nip Doobies For Christmas Because They're Frickin Stoners, Man

Image credits: ClashBandicootie

#80 I'm In Charge Of The Company Holiday Party. Hope They Like The Game I Picked

Image credits: RedBirdChi

#81 Dad Chose A Present For Me This Year Without Mum’s Help. Merry Christmas From Me And My New Xl-Sized High-Vis

Image credits: jessicalopi

#82 This Child Collapsed When Santa And His Elves Showed Up

Image credits: HaydenScramble

#83 Well, Hope You've All Enjoyed Christmas

I've had a fun time chiseling one of my gifts out of a damn block of cement. Does anyone else have a fun time with prank gifts this year? 

Image credits: reddit.com

#84 My Son Enjoying His Christmas Pictures

Image credits: thesaddesthill

#85 Our Annual Christmas Tradition. Looking As Ugly As We Can. I'm The Guy In The Middle. Have A Nice Holiday Fellas

Image credits: Freddy__93