85 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teen Boys (And College-Age too!)

It’s November and I’m already thinking of stocking stuffers. Why? Because teens are HARD to buy for! When my two sons entered their teen years, choices were more challenging. Now at 24 and 19 years old, they secretly love finding full stockings on Christmas morning. So here I am again. What can I do differently this year?  

Are you in the same dilemma? Then let’s get to my Ultimate List of 85 Stocking Stuffer Ideas for Teenage Boys. Some ideas may be obvious, but when you are in a time crunch, this handy list will keep you from forgetting!

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Oh, and the disclaimer. Yes, there are links that if you click and decide to buy, I get that very small commission from Amazon. But hey, it all helps. Other links are simply for ideas and your convenience.

Okay, on to the list! 

Photo by Dan LeFebvre on Unsplash

The Classics:

1. Cool socks – see the list of ideas from Kohl’s website

2. Novelty T-shirt – Kohl’s has plenty to choose from

3. Polarized Sports Sunglasses

4. Winter hat with bluetooth headset

5. Beanie hat and scarf set

6. Knit touchscreen gloves

7. Leather bracelet

8. Minimalist wallet  

Personal Items

9. Body Spray or Cologne – try this small 4 count sampler Goodfellow gift set from Target

10. Harry’s body soap bar from Target or a 3 pack of Dr. Squatch natural soaps if you have more than one guy to buy for.

11. Deodorant

12. Face Wash

13. Chapstick – my fave is the 4-pack of Burt’s Bees

14. Nail clipper set in a case– not fancy, just practical.

15. New comb

16. Biore Strips

17. Electric toothbrush

18. New Razor Set or Electric Razor

19. Shoe deodorizer

20. Sneaker Cleaning Wipes

Just for Fun

21. New computer game or action figures that go with a game he plays

22. New art supplies - such as Quality Prismacolor Art pencils Premier 12 count or the Junior 36 count box. Add a small electric pencil sharpener too.

23. Rubik’s cube with a new twist – like the Magic Rainbow Puzzle Ball

24. Card game  - popular now is Taco Vs Burrito, Taco Cat Goat Cheese Pizza, Exploding Kittens, and Cards Against Humanity Family Edition

25. Graphic novel or comics

26. Movie theater card or subscription app for Cinemark

27. Christmas ornament (I try to find one that symbolizes what they were into that year)

28. Poo-Pourrifor their bathroom

29. Head massager

30. Ballcap with their favorite band or character.

For Teens Who Drive:

31. Car air freshners that attach to the vents

32. Gas gift card

33. Digital tire pressure gauge 150 PSI (I purchased this one for my son last year!)

34. Car Wash and/or Oil Change gift certificate

35. Unique key chain, and also a

36. Tile Mate for when they lose it!

37. Insulated Spill-Proof Travel 12 oz. Coffee Tumbler in a choice of colors for hot and cold drinks or a 16 oz with a silicone sleeve in various colors.

The Useful & Practical

38. Hand sanitizer with carabiner for backpacks

39. New mask with a fun theme

40. Nice mechanical pencil with refills

41. Package of favorite ink pens

42. Barnes & Noble or Amazon gift cards for books (or college textbook rentals)

43. Rechargeable Book Light with 3 brightness settings, case and cable (5-star rated!)

44. Small flashlight with carabiner(or get a set of 4 to share with the family)

45. Leatherman multi-toolor pocket knife

46. Small starter tool kit, like this 5 piece tool kit with bag from Walmart

47. Computer screen cleaning kit

48. Earbud cleaning kit

49. Smart plugs or Google smart bulbs

50. Extra batteries – for flashlights, wireless computer mouse, keyboard, etc.

51. New water bottle

52. Headlamp

Novelty & Fun

53. Money wrapped in a fun way, like replacing chocolates with rolled bills in a box of chocolates.

54. Create your own “Get out Free” cards that excuse your teen chores such as taking out the trash, loading the dishwasher, etc.

55. Pokemon cards

56. Oversized candy bar like this huge Hershey’s Candy Kiss!

57. Stress ball or other fidget stress-reliever toys

58. Bottle of specialty root beer

59. Retro candy – look for ideas and share what you ate as a kid!

60. Brownie/Cookie skillet kits

61. Scratch-off lottery tickets (if one’s a winner, give them the cash and you cash in the ticket)

62. Magazine – themed magazines of all kinds at Barnes & Noble

Check your local museum gift shops for unique gifts, which also support the museum. Cracker Barrel restaurants have fabulous gift shops that have many fun items to fill up stockings!

Electronics & Gaming

63. Waterproof Travel Carrying case with carabiner for wireless earbuds  

64. Anker PowerWave Wireless Charger for Apple or Android

65. Cord Wrap Case for Earbudswith winder cord reel.

66. Universal Heavy-duty Anker 10 ft charging cord for any phone or tablet or a USAMS Multi-Charging cable for Apple and Android products.

67. Popsocket for phone – in teen boy themes

68. Anker Bluetooth speaker- most rated 4.5 stars

69. Headphone stand with extra USB ports

70. iTunes or other music gift cards

71. New game controller or gaming mouse

72. Gaming gift cards – Target carries XBOX, PlayStation, Nintendo, Steam, and Fortnite

Don’t Forget the Food!

73. Fast food gift cards – for a one-stop-shop, Target carries Starbucks, Dominos, Subway, Burger King, and Sonic. Don’t forget Chick-fil-a and Whataburger (for hardcore Texans!)   

74. For college students, Dash or Uber Eats cards will be appreciated for sure!

75. Favorite gum or mints

76. Duncan Hines mug cakes (Last year for my sons, I got two different kinds, split them, and added a new microwavable mug!)

77. Small can of pringles (great for the “toe” part of the stocking!)

78. Snack foods - small bags of nuts, beef jerky, crackers and chips, Nutella, small bottle of BBQ sauce or hot sauce

79. Candy – add their favorites or give them coal candy for fun! Different types of Hershey candy that are sugar-free and delicious are available at many stores including Walmart

80. Flavored candy cane – Walmart sells these every year in all kinds of flavors!

81. Specialty popcorn from The Popcorn Factory

Themed Stockings

82. International Foods – find many choices at World Market or places online to create a stocking-full of treats from all over the world!

83. Gamer Goodies – for a hardcore gamer, select items in relation to their favorite game, such as a novelty t-shirt, socks, keychain, ball cap, and action figure. Select an XBOX or Playstation gift card. If he watches gaming videos on YouTube, find their favorite YouTuber and see if they offer merch (merchandise) with their brand. GameStopoffers many gamed-themed stocking stuffers too.

84. Survival Kit - flashlight, pocket knife or multi-tool, compass, solar phone charger, headlamp, waterproof watch, work gloves, small first aid kit, hand warmers, insulated socks, beef jerky nuts, and granola.

85. Game Night Pack – new card game(s), favorite pizza gift card, specialty popcorn, multi-player computer game, sudoku puzzle book, or Rubik's cube.

What did I forget? Add your ideas in the comments below!

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