8 Mystery/Thriller TikTokers to Follow Right Now

Nothing could tear Detective Michael Bennett away from his new bride—except the murder of his best friend. NYPD master homicide investigator Michael Bennett and FBI abduction specialist Emily Parker have a history. When she fails to show at FBI headquarters in Washington, DC, Bennett ventures outside his jurisdiction. The investigation he undertakes is the most brilliant detective work of his career…and the most intensely personal. A portrait begins to emerge of a woman as adept at keeping secrets as forging powerful connections. A woman whose enemies had the means and the motives to silence her —and her protectors.

What’s so interesting about a book published in 1934 with its pages out of order? As it turns out, a lot! Cain’s Jawbone, written by Edward Powys Mathers, puts readers in the investigator’s shoes as they try to sort out the order of the pages and decode the clues to find out who killed six people. Only four people have ever solved it, the puzzle going out of print for years until it was reissued in 2019.

TikToker Sarah Scannell decided to try her hand at solving it, posting videos of her process and the wall of her apartment now covered in pages torn from the book’s binding. And she’s not the only one who turned her walls into a murder board. Soon after her videos went viral, others on TikTok and YouTube joined in, red thread and all.

Cain’s Jawbone makes it clear just how much TikTok, and people in general, love thrillers in whatever form they come: movies, puzzles, TV shows, and of course books! And that’s just a taste of what you’ll find over on mystery/thriller booktok. If you’re looking for more thrillers or mystery recommendations on your For You Page (or you want to see others struggle through Cain’s Jawbone too), here are eight thriller/mystery TikTok creators to follow right now!


Angela Henry, a thriller, mystery, and urban fantasy author has a TikTok too! Posts about Black female mystery writers, children’s mysteries, and LGBTQ mysteries and thrillers are frequent on her page amongst posts about writing, self-publishing tools, and more!


In the mood for mystery and thriller recommendations? Check out @kateslibrary, featuring posts about books that will mess with your head, books about villains, and mystery books.


A self-described horror BookToker, @baker.reads demonstrates just how close the line is between horror and the thriller/mystery genre. On his page, you’ll find recent reads, favorites of the year, and many, many recommendations.


Like the name of the account says, this is a great follow to find a new thriller to read. They post recommendations, sales, new releases, and posts from authors so you can get the inside scoop directly on your FYP.


If you want a little diversity in the kinds of books the accounts you follow post about, try @anabrendareads, a romance & thriller fan with great recommendations for both. Check out her books lists on plot twists lists, psychological thrillers, or romance/thriller books for the best of both worlds!


If you want recommendations for creepy books, books that will keep you up late, or books that will mess with your head, follow @sydneyyybean. Rapid-fire recommendations, single-book reviews, and many, many lists wait for you on her page!


@taereads has it all: thrillers, fantasy, and romance content. Check out her posts on “endings I still think about,” her TBRs, and her posts on cozy mysteries are excellent to get you started in the genre!


TikTok account for Bettie’s Pages in Lowell, MI, the account is full of recommendations for cozy mysteries if that’s more your speed! There are round-ups, book club picks, and more!

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