7 Fun Activities That Will Help You Stay Connected to Your Mom This Mother’s Day

Mother's Day is going to look very different this year. Although you might not be able to see your mom in person due to social distancing, there are plenty of fun activities you can do to show her you love her. Of course, sending flowers is always a great idea (bonus points if you support local businesses!), however, now's the time to get even more creative with your celebrations. Ahead, you'll find a handful of sweet ideas to get you started.

1. Set up an interactive video call.

Yes, this seems like a no-brainer to most, but having a themed video call for Mother's Day can be especially fun. Invite all your family members to share some of their favorite memories with Mom or let her know the one activity you're most looking forward to doing with her once the restrictions lift.

2.Have a virtual book club.

If being a bookworm runs in your family, pick a favorite title and carve out an hour to discuss it virtually. Feel free to make a signature drink or pot of coffee to spice it up!

3. Try a crossword puzzle!

If your mom fancies herself a wordsmith, get competitive by completing a crossword puzzle together. The daily New York Times puzzle is a great place to start.

4. Cook the same meal . . . from afar!

Settle on a recipe that you and your mom both love and cook it together virtually. Once the meal is ready to eat, pour a glass of wine or iced tea and enjoy it together over a video call.

5. Create a shared photo stream!

Keep your parents in the loop with what you and the kids are doing by creating a photo stream that gives them access to your favorite photos. When social distancing is over, turn the pictures into a sweet memory book!

6. Have a Mother's Day parade.

If your family lives locally, set aside an hour to drive by your mom's house to remind her how much you love her. Get the kids to make signs for a sentimental touch.

7. Send her a thoughtful care package.

Make your mom feel extraspecial this year by sending her a care package filled with her favorite snacks, drawings that the kids made, and more!