51 Eclectic Living Rooms With Tips And Ideas To Help You Decorate Yours

Eclectic living rooms feature a rich mix and match approach. A fusion of elements from different design schools that culminate in an unapologetic maximalist statement. Originating at the École des Beaux-Arts school in the nineteenth century, the eclectic movement is now well-loved by homeowners for its open-hearted aesthetic. In an eclectic home interior, everything is welcome and celebrated, no matter the time period, the style, or the motif. In this collection of inspirational interiors, we’ll explore 51 eclectic living rooms with tips and ideas to help you decorate yours. From furniture, window drapes, and area rugs, to home lighting, wall art, and small home decor accessories.

Designer: Gili Unger  

Amazing murals. The versatility of the eclectic interior aesthetic opens opportunities for the bold and the bizarre. This fabulous wall mural blooms with tropical vitality, which spills into the bright room palette.

Designer: Rikki Snyder  

The statement fireplace. This orange-colored fireplace design stands out proudly from the busy curation of furniture and accessories in the room. A focal piece like this provides the eye with a place to rest in an abundance of things.

Visualizer: mudu design  

Another statement fireplace but this time in a much softer palette.

Designer: Maria Llado  

All about art. Living room furniture plays second-fiddle to intriguing art and sculpture in this eclectic living room design. The artwork gives the homeowner and their guests material on which to ponder and dream.

Visualizer: Elemental Design  

Unique from ceiling to floor. From a standout living room chandelier to a mesmerizing maze-like black and white rug design, this space is an example of thinking outside of the box.

Designer: Kelly Wearstler   Via: Dwell  

This cozy eclectic composition is a hotel interior by designer Kelly Wearstler: “I conjured an extensive backstory for the hotel. You’re in this cool bohemian woman’s home, and it’s like a series of living rooms. This woman lives there with a black cat called Charmaine, who hangs out on the rooftop, and you are just lingering in her eclectic, artful salon—perhaps waiting for her.” Want to learn how to think like Kelly Wearstler? Check out her interior design master class..

Photographer: Giulia Venanzi  

Heavenly ceilings. Almost ecclesiastical, a vaulted ceiling with painted panels shifts the earthly dynamics of an ordinary living room.

Via: Lonny  

Eclectic gallery walls. The bigger the abundance of styles, frames, and color in an eclectic gallery wall, the better. An abundance of unique chairs and stools provide places to sit and observe.

Designer: Nora O'Neil    Visualizer: A_Form  

Calm eclectic. Eclectic interiors don’t have to be hectic. Calm down the look with clean white walls, pared-back furniture, and minimal accessories. Just a few key pieces achieve an interesting ensemble.

Visualizer: 霸都THES  

Earthy eclectic. Shades of cream, beige, slate gray, and rich natural wood tone come together to promote a grounded and earthy palette. This living room design combines rustic live edge furniture pieces within a neoclassical framed space to conjure the eclectic spirit. See more here.

Designer: Olivier Garcé  

Every piece makes a statement. Just three pieces make up this small lounge area, and each has a standout aesthetic. From the chunky coffee table and quirky lounge chair to the inviting rocking chair, all exude individual character.

Architect: Maksym Dietkovskyi   Photographer: Oleksandr Kondriianenko  

One man’s trash is another man’s treasure. These carpets and chandeliers were bought in vintage markets in Paris. The decorative carved door came from India. Brown leather chairs complement the vintage vibe.

Designer: SPC Technocons  

An ode to designers everywhere. If you have a deep admiration for designer furniture pieces, organize your fascination into a fashion-forward furniture line up around the room.

Source: Loloi Rugs  

Boho eclectic. An assortment of cushions and blankets, a cozy rug, and a plethora of indoor plants make an irresistible hideaway. All that’s missing is a great book.

Visualizer: Grigoriy Obolenskiy  

Minimalist eclectic. Take out the rug and the excess accent furniture to style a more minimalist eclectic aesthetic. This one makes up for the reduction of smaller things with a large living room chandelier.

Visualizer: UDesign  

Level up with lighting. If one statement chandelier just isn’t enough, don’t be afraid to double up in tribute to the abundant eclectic style. See more pictures of this luxurious home here.

Visualizer: Roman Kolyada  

Modern eclectic. Counteract bright eclectic accessories with a dark backdrop.

Visualizer: Alesya Kasianenko  

Less color, more texture. If color clashes aren’t your thing, keep your palette cohesive and add interest with texture instead.

Visualizer: 梦太初  

Eclectic selection. Just one piece of furniture can spell out the eclectic spirit. This eye-catching sofa design is upholstered in several different colored fabrics and floral prints to fashion a fabulous focal piece.

Designer: Loft Buro  

Choose accessories wisely to communicate your chosen character. These sculptural ornaments fetch elements of grandeur.

Visualizer: 森林空间  

Curate a playful assortment. The eclectic aesthetic is the perfect way to pull together all of the pieces that you love without ever worrying if they match or spell out a cohesive theme. Utilize a round rug to encircle your collection of treasures like a hug.

Designer: Johnson Hartig  

Art saturation. Use art to color every inch of an eclectic living room and never stop.

Designer: Ewelina Makosa  

Tri-color pop. A bold three-color palette puts out a bright image with underlying cohesivity.

Designer: Hi Five Studio  

Hanging out in hammocks. Since each furniture piece tells its own story in an eclectic interior, a hammock doesn’t look an inch out of place.

Photographer: Andrey Bezuglov  

A slice of neoclassical elegance. Neoclassical eclecticism is achieved with elements of decorative boiserie, crown molding, and elegant arches. Here, boiserie panels are sliced through to fashion a modern edge.

Visualizer: ToTaste  

Contrasting planes. Cozy eclectic at floor level and coolly industrial across the ceiling, fused interior styles deliver the best of both worlds. See more of this interior here.

Designer: Tobias Partners   

Crisp eclecticism. Whilst this living room design displays a wide array of colors and styles, it maintains a crisp aesthetic with sleek linearity.

Designer: Daleet Spector  

Store everything on display… Well, most things. From open shelving to living room bike racks, all are welcome. Do include a few concealed storage cabinets for the less attractive necessities though. These blue units are cheerfully complemented by blue scatter cushions and an accent chair.

Designer: Katie Leede Studio   

Traditional eclecticism for world travelers. Wooden wall panels, intricately carved furniture, and global finds will transport you to another time and place.

Visualizer: Sofiia Hupalovska & Alina Nykonets  

Black and white based eclectic decor. Turn down the noise with monochrome eclectic decor, sophisticated silhouettes, and a chic white marble coffee table.

Via: Forbes  

Punchy color punctuation. Use colorful art, cushions, and blankets to place points of punchy color around the room.

Designer: Pietro Terlizzi Architecture  

Industrial overlay. A leather sofa, matching chair, multicolored rug, and colorful art prints make a cozy overlay for a raw industrial backdrop.

Designer: Studio Zapraszam  

Eclectic love across all levels. In a double-height living room, draw eclectic gallery walls up over two stories. Utilize every pit stop along the way to fashion useful nooks, like this deep sill window seat and plant haven.

Designer: Shinagawa Architecture  

It’s all in the accessories. Even a simple living room layout can receive a splash of eclecticism in the form of colorful planters and throw pillows.

Designer: Katie Leede Studio  

Style evolution. Interior fashions from through the ages culminate in eclectic success.

Designer: Noz  

Pattern on pattern. Why choose one pattern when you can have two?

Designer: 2B Group  

Open and exposed. Leave breathing space between your curation of items to allow each one its moment to shine.

Designer: Jennifer Grey Color Specialist & Interior Design  

Juggle with juxtapositions, whether it’s hot and cool colors or contrasting forms.

Designer: David Boyle  

Well framed. Wooden frames create calming perimeters for a plethora of artwork and colorful wall cabinets in this light-filled eclectic living room.

Designer: Michael Maher Design  

Life’s library. Think of an eclectic interior as a library of your tastes and experiences.

Designer: Kelly Wearstler  

Color thread. Weave a cohesive color thread to tame a wild palette, like this yellow accent room.

Visualizer: Maria Lyalina  

Compact curation. Just three or four bold pieces make an effective eclectic ensemble. In this arrangement, mosaic art slots into the silhouette of the tufted sofa like a puzzle piece.

Designer: Emily Henderson  

A few of your favorite things. Built-in bookshelves offer a tailor-made solution for displaying a few–or many–of your favorite things.

Designer: Kitchen Lab Interiors  

Maximize wall displays and table adornments.

Designer: Kelly Wearstler  

Unique cladding and cabinets. Utilize fabulous wall cladding in at least two different styles to fashion a unique interior with a serious wow factor. Layer up with artistic cabinet designs to enrich the look.

Designer: Shiela Bridges  

Shape special vignettes, from bell jars packed on an antique coffee table to a fireside conversation nook.

Designer: Parsifal Studio  

Sculpt a chic core. Add a column of conversation pieces right down the center of your space with a unique coffee table design and a statement vintage chandelier.

Visualizer: Duy Hoàng  

Sculptural moments. Art comes in many forms, including in the furniture itself. Choose sculptural chairs and a sofa with a playful silhouette to build character into the room.

Designer: Ilya Garbuzov  

Larger light installations. Large rooms need larger light installations, which can be formed by a multitude of smaller pendants.

Via: Pamono  

Any color goes. Select muted tones for a sophisticated image, brights for an enlivened space, and pastels for sweetness.

Designer: Jean-Louis Deniot  

Modern rustic eclectic. Modern elements will clean up a rustic interior to form a relaxed yet fresh aesthetic.

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