37 Under Stair Storage Design Ideas

Are you searching for some inspiring under stairs storage ideas? That wedge-shaped room beneath the stairs is similar to a no man’s land of mismatched shoes, the unusual plastic box, and a growing compilation of umbrellas. It’s time to make the most of the lost space with our comprehensive guide to under stair storage ideas. From functional, inexpensive shelving alternatives and under stairs closet to lavish wine rooms, you will certainly not simply chuck items under the stairs once again. Check out these 36 under stair storage design ideas and let us know what you think!


Sommi Wine Cellars

A custom wine cellar that can house up to 600 wine bottles.


HINGEWORKS Cabinetry & Construction

Never run out of stock by storing your pantry needs here.



One can never have enough storage space! Keep everything neat with these cabinets.


Lipa Woodwork

The owner wanted extra space to store baking flours and supplies.


Beyond Beige Interior Design Inc.

Meticulously designed wine cellar with crates and built-in lighting.


Clive Anderson Bespoke Furniture

Functional and beautifully designed under stairs cupboard with pull out doors.



The space was used as storage and display drawers and shelves.


Atelier Interior Design

How about a home bar underneath the stairs? Say no more!



This space can be used as a computer desk or reading nook.


Jan Gleysteen Architects, Inc

Organize your stuff with extra storage under the stairs.

Why Repurpose The Space Under Stairs

When remodeling your house, you will find several areas you may leave out, not realizing their concealed potential. At the top part of that list are these clever under stair storage ideas, which will provide you with the gift of space. You may not recognize just how vital open staircase ideas are until you experience several of its clever uses and also realize their potential. For example, if you are missing space in your kitchen to keep your cans and non-perishable food items, you can quickly switch the space beneath the stairs to an under stairs closet fit for your pantry organization ideas. Or perhaps, you can set up a playroom for your children as a couple in this list demonstrate. You will be surprised that you never thought of all of the possibilities your staircase offers rather than simply taking up room. There are additionally some creative DIY bookshelf ideas which look spectacular while being functional. You may want to employ these shelves to keep kids’ toys or just proudly display several of your collectibles. There are also a few tips for your family’s furriest fellow member with a DIY doghouse and a spacious kennel. These small decorating stair ideas are what you need to have to get the best under stair storage space.

Out of all of the house design challenges we have faced, determining how you can style that awkward space beneath the open staircase is arguably the most fun. Tricky, sure, but generally just fun. We love to consider it to be a puzzle that is satisfying to solve—except this has results that actually save the environment. Whether you would like a comfortable reading nook, need much more hideaway storage space, or have already been contemplating constructing a powder room, the possibilities are limitless in this humble small nook. So continue reading for stylish and clever basement stair ideas that will enable you to utilize the area under your stairs.


Jenny Levet – Closet Factory, Richmond, VA

Under the stairs storage is complete with pull out trays & shleving.


Knight Architects LLC

Get rid of the awkward wedge by having built-in shelves under the stairs.


JWT Associates

Take a nap or read your favorite book in this little nook under the stairs.


Von Fitz Design

The space under the stairs can be a secret door to a private room.

Under Stair Storage For Maximized Space

There’s so much that we can usually do to make our house look modish and functionally effective. Usually, we seem to forget the space under the stairs may be utilized effectively. Even though you have loads of under stairs design ideas bouncing in our brains, the majority of us still use that valuable space to create an ugly storeroom. The area under an open staircase has a lot of potentials and may be converted into an eye-appealing time out bar and a functional room of the house. It’s among the most clever storage tricks in the interior design handbook. When you would like to learn how to utilize the area under the stairs, we have some smart tricks that will assist you in a new interior remodeling regime.

Use the area underneath the staircase by integrating drawers and also storage racks. It’s a good way to increase hideaway storage without lots of effort. Completely designed built-in drawers & chests are fashionable and attractive choices to help make almost all of the room.

When you reside in a two-story house, it is obvious to use a staircase, which actually leaves a great deal of room underneath. It is feasible to reinvent the vacant room beneath the stairs, like a good study room. It will actually help you save plenty of space. This kind of stair idea suits very well for homeowners longing to employ a private study room. The area underneath the staircase is a sort of bonus for just about any home. It may be used to produce a cozy sleeping nook ideal for relaxing and going for a nap during the day. Putting a little bed will do the trick, and also, you can include amenities as per your choice additionally. In case you are a wine enthusiast, having an underbar is the greatest idea for you personally. A perfectly incorporated down under bar will put the area beneath the stairs to great work. It will be both an appealing decorative element and a practical component of the house. Moreover, it will be the very best spot to showcase your alcohol collection. Need far more storage space in your house? Then space beneath the stairs is ideal for creating a customized under stair storage closet. With a small amount of creativity, the often neglected space under the stairs may be converted into a functional space. It’s a really helpful trick to keep little spaces clutter-free. There’s so much that you can pack under the stairs. If the under stair space provides you with quite a large area, then creating a little playhouse for your kids could be an excellent trick. The concept will add additional living space to your little one in the existing dimensions. Your baby will love his small cozy space, something much like Harry Potter’s room.


Meadowlark Design+Build

Maximize your space by putting a bed under the stairs like this one.


Billinkoff Architecture PLLC

The custom-built cabinets provide a sleek appearance & a pop of color.


Miles Enterprises Inc

A clever way to use an otherwise wasted space underneath the stairs.


Specht Architects

Store your essentials and supplies with this space-saving storage.



The wines are kept at the right temperature with Wine Mate Cooling Systems installation.


California Closets, Fresno

The space under the stairs was used as a mudroom and storage.

Uses Of Under Stair Storage

When fitted, you can use your brand new under stair storage for whatever you like; there aren’t any fast and hard rules! Nevertheless, it’s worth looking at just how you’d best use under stair storage in advance, to make sure your project supplies the ideal answer—storage for coats & shoes. A typical use for under stair storage is hanging coats and also hide shoes, tidying up an otherwise cluttered doorway. If you’re planning to make use of your space for shoes and coats, think about mixing both coats and shelving hooks at different heights for kids and adults alike. If you’ve got little ones, the odds are your home is overrun with toys, books, and teddies; adding additional storage space is definitely the ideal answer! Using a lot of specific storage containers would mean that you can restrict kids to just one pair of toys each day, making it much less overwhelming for them to arrive tidy up time. It can also be a space for your pet’s belongings. Taking on pets means a lot of additional bits & bobs, leads, collars, toys, and harnesses, as well as all of the pet foods! Using under stair storage for pet stuff is an excellent idea as it can help prevent drawers and kitchen units from being overloaded and also eating in your living room. Be cautious when storing cat or dog foods under the stairs; make sure it’s tightly sealed. Think about adding a shelf or maybe worktop to the project to serve as a “feeding station,” making providing for animals a lot simpler.

With brilliant planning, empty rooms under the stairs can generate a very good workplace or perhaps workstation. With thorough prep, you would be amazed you can place a PC and desk under your stairs. Albeit a compact one, nevertheless, a great concentration space when working at home. It can also serve as a perfect storage area for your cleaning supplies. It is not the most attractive of purposes, but saving cleaning supplies, vacuum cleaners, mops, and sweeping brushes under the stairs does make sense as it clears out space in some other areas (generally the kitchen) and also will help make everything organized. In case you are a passionate wine enthusiast, under stair wine racks are a necessity! Not only will they offer the best storage for your collection; but they will also help include a wow factor to your house. Be careful when measuring in place for wine racks, as you would like to make sure there’s a good amount of room to pass by; stay away from generating your hallway way too tight and also leading to harm, or perhaps wasted wine.


Brennan + Company Architects

The entryway features shelves for storing shoes, coats, and umbrellas.


Camber Construction

The wooden staircase and storage cabinets provide a classic appeal.


Rachel Martin

You can use the space under the stairs as bookshelves for your recipe books.



The extra floor space in the stairs can be used to store shoes.


De Mattei Construction

The space has a concealed room housing the server rack for the home’s systems.


Pacific Coast Custom Design

Heavy-duty functional shelves that glide through under stair storage cabinets.


Dan Nelson, Designs Northwest Architects

Sleek white painted cabinets for extra storage under the stairs.


Red House Remodeling

The pull out cabinets look chic with extra space for a flower base above.


Lindon Homes Pty Ltd

Display your wine collection with this smart wine rack under the stairs.


Lisa Robazza Design

The under-stair space managed to pull off a home bar and a storage system.


The Vawdrey House

Discreetly store your bikes with these contemporary under stair cabinet.


Bespoke Fitted Furniture London | Avar Furniture

Slide-out cabinets with white and blue paint for this contemporary staircase.


under under-stair-storage-design-deas-sebring-design-build-stair-storage-design-deas-sebring-design-build
Bespoke Fitted Furniture London | Avar Furniture

Under stairs storage system with three pull out drawers.


De Rosee Sa

Transitional staircase with a small room underneath for storage.


Mikhail Riches

Trendy staircase with storage cabinets to keep your things organized.


Bespoke Fitted Furniture London | Avar Furniture

Keep your linens clean, and out of sight with these pull-out cabinets.

Tips In Building Your Under Stair Storage 

Under stair storage is an excellent space-saving means of putting in additional storage space to the home, using otherwise wasted space below your stairs. You will find a selection of under stair storage options available, ranging from an easily integrated shelf to completely concealed, push to open under stairs closet, drawers, and cupboards, with an alternative to fit most budgets and requirements. Most under stair storage projects will be performed by an enthusiastic DIY enthusiast with basic materials and tools. Just be careful to plan ahead and carefully evaluate your space, paying particular attention to angles & cuts. As with many projects, you can quicken things using power tools; in this situation, a circular saw for cutting a table along with sheet material saw for battens. Nevertheless, fitting under stair storage is not an especially big-scale task and also may be accomplished with hand tools. Have this in mind when weighing up the advantages at the expense of purchasing brand new resources for your basement stairs ideas you might not even have.

The old saying still rings true; “measure twice, cut once.” While it is usually vital that you ensure you are correct with measuring for cuts, it is doubly so under stairs, where gaps and room are scarce. In case you are new to cutting angles utilizing a miter saw, it can take a little getting used to. Do not be enticed to “make do” if you’ve cut an edge that is somewhat off, as this will affect the finish overall. Luckily with under stair storage, there’s a great deal of repetition of perspectives, so getting it properly the first time will be beneficial throughout the task. If your uprights are off level, then the entire finish of your under stair storage will be “wonky” and unprofessional. Make use of a smaller spirit level, but make sure you are not misguided by bends in wood. To lessen the problem, guarantee the spirit level spans the vast majority of any batten you’re using.

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