30-Day No Spend Challenge and No Spend Ideas

Save money with this month long No Spend Challenge. Download your no spend tracker and get an bonus checklist of No-Spend Weekend Ideas printable. Who is ready to turn their spending habits into saving habits with me?

No Spend Challenge Tracker and Ideas

Did 2020 have anyone reevaluating their spending habits? I am raising my hand.

In 2020, March whipped in so quickly and stayed so long. Then March turned to April, April to May and here we are in June. We actually moved in the middle of the 2020 epidemic and our spending was unable to freeze trying to get a new home in order. We gave ourselves three months with the promise, once June came, we were going on the No Spend Challenge.

So here we are! Who is ready to tackle this 30-day No Spend Challenge with me? In addition to the 30 Day Challenge Checklist, I also have list of no spend challenge ideas for the weekend. Distractions to keep you from pulling out your wallet.

No Spend Challenge PDF and No Spend Challenge Ideas

No Spend Ideas

Does not spending money sound, well, challenge? It does for me. Honestly, it brings me anxiety. The second the word “no-spend” is spoken, I begin the “what if” pattern in my head. What if I need xyz; what if we need xyz; what if I can’t do this? As the primary spender for them home, I decided to take this 30 days at a time. As a family of seven, we decided this challenge did not include groceries, essentials, medical purchases or emergency needs. The challenge only included impulse buys, non-essentials, entertainment, and restaurants.

Weekend No Spend Challenge Ideas

A few free activities to fill your weekend (and week).

  • Visit the Park
  • Make a Goodwill Run (Take our 30-day Declutter Challenge during this time)
  • Host a Potluck Dinner
  • Have a Netflix Movie Night
  • Volunteer
  • Visit the Library
  • Complete a Puzzle
  • Have a Bonfire Night
  • Have a Game Night (See our Family Game Night Ideas)
  • Go Sightseeing In Your Home Town
  • Read a Book
  • Batch Cook Frozen Meals
  • Clean the Car
  • Go Hiking
  • Have a Scavenger Hunt (See our long list of Scavenger Hunt Ideas)
  • Make Paper Kites or Paper Airplanes
  • Learn a New Skill
  • Draw or Paint
  • Camp in your Backyard (See our Camping Hacks and Tips)
  • Have a  Picnic
  • Make Pizza
  • Visit a Free Museum (see our Museum Scavenger Hunt in our Stay-cation Spring Break Ideas)

When this is over, have you set new spending habits? Consider having a spend month (or spend week) with discretionary spend. After this month or week, repeat the process and watch the ability to control impulse buys become a natural habit. I bet you reach some savings goal like filling your savings account, paying down payments on student loans, and/or paying of credit and debit cards.

You can pick up a Debt Payment Tracker in our Busy Mom Binder while you are saving money!


30-Day No Spend Challenge Guide Printable

30-Day No Spend Challenge Guide PDF

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