27 Times People Received Bizarre And Disturbing Anonymous Notes

Similar to stumbling upon a mystery like in a Nancy Drew book, finding frightening anonymous letters is downright unsettling. The startling revelation that someone has been watching you can send shivers down your spine, whether it's in the form of a note left in your locker, tucked into your shopping cart, or hidden under your door. The absence of information about the sender might be frustrating, leaving you wondering who they are and what they want from you. It's similar to attempting to put together a puzzle without all the components.

The emotional impact of receiving a creepy anonymous note can be like a rollercoaster ride. One minute you may sense a burst of adrenaline and interest, wanting to know more about the person behind the note. Then after, you can find yourself suddenly feeling anxious and tense while continually monitoring your surroundings. It's important to take these notes seriously and, if necessary, to file a report with the appropriate authorities. And hey, don't be hesitant to seek support from your friends or family. At times, a good laugh and a relaxing drink can help dissipate the uneasy feelings and return to a state of normalcy.

That said, we've put together a list of eerie messages that people have received and subsequently shared online.

#1 A Stalker's Note Left On A Hiking Trail

Image credits: anon

#2 Found My Tires Slashed, And This Note On My Car

Image credits: Gavinardo

#3 My Friend Found This Note From A "Secret Admirer" On Her Car This Morning. Yes, Those Are His Teeth

Image credits: Bigwood69

#4 Creepy Note Left By Burglar

Image credits: kgun9

#5 I Received A Terrifying Scary Note In My Mailbox

Image credits: mailboxthrowawayy

#6 Well I Found This On My Car Last Night

Image credits: storyb00k

#7 I Will Just Keep Walking Then

Image credits: Sippingin

#8 This Note That Someone Put On My Math Teachers Door

Image credits: Catscpman173

#9 Found When Returning From Work Today

It's an ex. She's more of the pity crazy opposed to scary crazy. Regardless, I installed a deadbolt and had my locks changed.

Image credits: Moo_Snukle

#10 Clown And Note Received Anonymously In The Mail

Image credits: KevlarYarmulke

#11 Creepy Letter Shoved In Mailbox

Image credits: Crescent504

#12 My Neighbor Came Home To This Note On Her Door

Image credits: tacothecat

#13 I Found This Note In My Coat Sleeve While I Was Leaving Work. I Don’t Have Any Work Enemies… Or So I Thought

Image credits: Think-Repeat630

#14 This Anonymous Note Was Just Left In My Mailbox

Image credits: OvidPerl

#15 Creepy Letters My Dad Got In His Mail

Image credits: AlternativeBeing5

#16 Found This Stapled To A Tree Outside My House

Image credits: smoke_nugget27

#17 Someone’s Been Leaving Notes On My Car At Work, This Is The Most Recent And In Depth One Yet. Nope

Image credits: Zeddstar2000

#18 Creepy Note That Was Left For Me While I Napped During An Airport Layover

Image credits: nobodyknowsimherr

#19 Creepy Note On My Door

Image credits: imgur.com

#20 Stalker Leaving Notes On My Car Signed By “Buffalo Bill” (Silence Of The Lambs Reference)

Image credits: lilgthakilla

#21 This Note I Found In My Front Yard

Image credits: Promise-Due

#22 This Ominous Note That Was Left On My Desk At Work

Image credits: seismicqueef

#23 Someone Left A Very Creepy Note On My Door Tonight... Stay Safe Everyone

Image credits: OceanMachinery

#24 Creepy Hand Written Note Found On A Piece Of Debris In Roadside Ditch Next To An Abandoned House

Image credits: road1650

#25 This Note Someone Left On My Mom's Car

Image credits: ratsalastar

#26 Someone Came Into My Work And Left Me This Note. It Had A Random Debit Card Number On The Back, But I Won’t Post That. What Do You Guys Think?

Image credits: reddit.com

#27 This Note Taped To The Back Of A Stop Sign In My Neighborhood

Image credits: MarqueeM00n1