20 Screen-Free Activities You Can Do At Home

It's all too easy to spend your entire workday staring at a screen only to do the exact same thing at night and on weekends. Sure, non-work activities are more fun, but watching TikToks or shopping online is still screen time. It will not give you a break from the blue light of your computer, tablet, or phone, which can throw off your circadian rhythm. Below, find 20 screen-free activities that are perfect for when you want to mix up your day without setting foot outside.

  1. Read a book: If you want to go somewhere without going anywhere, try escaping into a good book. Here are 31 must-reads for fall.
  2. Rearrange furniture: Nothing can make a room feel new again like newly arranged furniture. Warning: This may lead to full-on redecorating.
  3. Bake bread: Whether you perfected your bread-making skills in 2020 or are a total beginner, you'll love this sourdough recipe. But don't forget that bread can also basically be cake, and consider recipes like this Double Chocolate Banana Pumpkin Bread.
  4. Practice an instrument: Dust off your piano or break out that old guitar, playing an instrument you love can lead you into the coveted flow state.
  5. Take a bath: Light some candles, fill the tub, and take a mini vacation with a good bath. Add bubbles, Epsom salt, or DIY'd bath salts.
  6. Paint a mural: The best part about being an adult is no one can tell you can't paint on your walls — except maybe a landlord, but that's what repainting is for.
  7. Put on a face mask: You can wear your favorite or make your own from scratch, such as this DIY pumpkin face mask.
  8. Do a puzzle: Whether you're tackling it alone or with a partner, this will keep your mind busy for a bit. Plus, you can always work on a little at a time.
  9. Journal: Grab your favorite journal and go freeform, or let yourself be guided with relationship, personal growth, or creativity prompts.
  10. Plant an indoor herb garden: You'll be grateful every time you don't have to spend $3 on thyme you'll only use a little bit of.
  11. Meditate: Sure, a meditation space is nice, but the easiest way to start this practice is to close your eyes and clear your mind for a few minutes. If you prefer to be guided, try one of these five-minute meditations.
  12. Play with your pets: Fun fact — this article was actually written by your Goldendoodle.
  13. Listen to an audiobook or podcast: Why read when you can listen? Try one of these road trip-worthy audiobooks (no driving necessary) or go trend-spotting with our new podcast First in Line.
  14. Clean out your closet: A great activity for changing seasons, cleaning out your closet inevitably leads to trying on a whole bunch of clothes and feeling like you went shopping without spending a dime.
  15. Put on makeup: Whether you just want to feel good while lounging at home or practice a daring, Euphoria-inspired look, putting on makeup for no reason whatsoever is like being 13 again — only better.
  16. Read tarot cards: Ask a burning question or journal about what each card means. You don't need to be psychic to read tarot cards.
  17. Call a friend: There's nothing like having a real-time conversation with an old friend.
  18. Clean out your kitchen cabinets: Okay, not the most fun activity, but you will feel better after a cabinet refresh — and likely inspired to cook dinner.
  19. Listen to music you haven’t heard in years: There may not be a fountain of youth, but listening to the music of your youth is a close second.
  20. Create a reading nook: Plan for all the future good books you'll read by creating a cozy reading nook in a corner of your home.

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Featured image: Mikhail Nilov/Pexels