15 New Shows and Movies to Stream in February When It’s Too Cold for Anything Else

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The coldest month of the year is here, and if that doesn’t give you a good excuse to stay inside and drop some money on your favorite streaming services, we don’t know what does. So give into those urges already and hang back on the sofa with your slick new TV — there’s lots of great content to check out.

In addition to the anticipated Super Bowl, February is packed with TV premieres and new movies worth checking out. From fascinating documentary series that will give you something to talk about with co-workers, to big swing dramas, to rom-coms coming in hot just in time for Valentine’s Day, this month is packed.

Wondering what you should watch this February? Here are 15 titles to check out across Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Hulu and HBO Max.

1. Gunther’s Millions


Every once in a while, Netflix comes out with one of the most outlandish documentaries we’ve ever heard of, and it sparks international conversation and debate. Think Tiger King, the Tinder Swindler or Making a Murderer, to start. Well, we have a feeling Gunther’s Millions will be the next doc everyone’s talking about.

It revolves around the world’s wealthiest dog, Gunther, whose net worth is roughly $400 million. He inherited that money from a wealthy countess, but that’s just the jump-off point to this story. Cults, clones, Madonna’s mansion and secret cameras are just some of the things to look forward to, so get ready to go down this four-hour rabbit hole.

2. Dear Edward


Trauma, grief and family are at the center of Jason Katims’ (Friday Night Lights) latest drama starring Connie Britton and Taylor Schilling. It revolves around the sole survivor of a devastating plane crash: a 12-year-old boy named Edward (Colin O’Brien). As he copes with the unspeakable and those who love him best rally around him, he captures the imagination of the world. Over 10 episodes, there are also plenty of stories to mine about those who lost loved ones on that flight, plus the community and self-awareness that emerges.

“There are so many themes in this that feel universal and profound, particularly at this time in the world and in our culture,” Britton told reporters, including SPY, during the Television Critics Association (TCA) winter press tour in January. “We get caught up in what we think our lives are and we don’t really take them in, and we don’t really take action and understand where we can go and how we can fly.”

3. Murder in Big Horn


This Sundance Film Festival entry is a captivating but traumatic documentary with big educational value. It examines the cases of missing Indigenous women in Big Horn County, MT, the political red tape and stereotypes that keep officials from properly searching for them, and the dark history that got us to this point. The three-episode series is full of interviews from family members, law enforcement and community leaders, and drops in full on Showtime two days before debuting on linear Feb. 5.

4. All That Breathes


Another doc worth checking out this month is also a recent Academy Award nominee. Following up on a slew of favorable critical reviews and award wins at Cannes and Sundance 2022, All That Breathes hits streaming and cable this month to bring the story of two Indian brothers far and wide. Saud and Nadeem have dedicated their lives in New Delhi to caring for injured black kites, an important bird of prey in the area. This story is more than birding though, as it examines ecology, religions, global warming and many more current issues.

5. Somebody I Used to Know


Allison Brie fans will absolutely want to check out her latest rom-com, which she co-wrote with her husband and director Dave Franco. The movie picks up when a woman named Ally (Brie) returns to her hometown and accidentally stumbles across her ex, Sean (Jay Ellis). As she realizes she still has feelings for him, she also discovers he’s just gotten hitched to a cool chick named Cassidy (Kiersey Clemons). Plot twist: Ally may also have feelings for her.

The film has lots of recognizable rom-com moments genre fans will appreciate, but with a fun and modern love-triangle twist.

Buy: Somebody I Used To Know

6. Your Place or Mine


We have no illusions of this being the best film of the year, but ahead of Valentine’s Day, there’s something comforting about knowing Ashton Kutcher and Reese Witherspoon are teaming up for a good old-fashioned rom-com. The pair play besties in different cities who hooked up once, then years later decide to switch apartments for a much-needed vacation. While doing so, they realize they actually have deeper feelings for each other, but it may be too late. (Spoiler alert: it probably isn’t, and that’s why romantics will want to tune in.)

7. Super Bowl LVII


This year’s big game features the Kansas City Chiefs versus the Philadelphia Eagles and takes place in Arizona. It should be a pretty good matchup even if you are just in it for the snacks and ads. Plus, with Rihanna taking the stage at half time for her first public performance since the 2018 Grammys, you know it’s going to be a wild night where anything can happen.

Where to watch the Super Bowl

8. Star Trek: Picard (s3)


Are Picard fans ready to say goodbye to their favorite character again, all these years later? It doesn’t seem like we have a choice as the third and final season of this revival hurtles toward us at warp speed. As Patrick Stewart and the rest of the crew bring this series to a close, however, the good news is Stewart is open to reprising the role of Picard again at some point.

“Absolutely, yes,” he told reporters during a TCA panel. “There is still enormous potential for narrative in what we’ve been doing. There are doors still left open. We didn’t close all of them, I think.”

9. Carnival Row (s2)


It’s been three years since we last saw the critch and humans beef over their differences on the row, but this Orlando Bloom and Cara Delevingne-led series is back for its second and final season this month to wrap the dramatic story. When we last left things, authorities had banned all critch to the row and locked them up in a rage-inducing move of prejudice.

When we return, there are many more social issues to dig into, all while a new murderous force begins hunting down the fae folks. It’s all a bit stressful for the newly reunited Vignette (Delevingne) and Philo (Bloom), whose paths to redemption start to diverge as the killing continues.

Buy: Carnival Row – Season 2

10. Hello Tomorrow!


Looking for a cool dramedy twist this month? The initial premise of this Billy Crudup-starring series intrigues us, at any rate. It’s a futuristic series set in a 1950s-era world, so robots walk the dogs, but the sets put Mad Men to shame. Plot-wise, the show follows a group of traveling salesmen (led by Crudup’s Jack character) as they sell timeshares on the moon. But when the ambitious project is pulled, people’s lives fall.

“His idea is to bring hope to not just the people that he’s selling to but to his team,” Crudup explained of Jack and the show’s initial, hopeful tone, during a TCA conference. “He wants to have people imagine a world that’s better… it’s the idea itself that he’s selling. And the idea is one of investment in the world and a love for community. A love for being a part of, I don’t know, this world.”

11. Sharper


If movies revolving around nasty rich people and the even nastier criminals trying to nab their wealth intrigue you, then you’re going to want to add this Benjamin Caron-directed neo-noir film to your lineup this month. Julianne Moore, Justice Smith, Briana Middleton and John Lithgow star in this story of con artists, ambition, greed and jealousy. Buckle up!

12. Bel-Air (s2)


The first season of this Fresh Prince reimagining was dramatic, to say the least. But that was nothing compared to the stuff in store when the second installment drops this month. With high-stakes situations at home, at school and with his friendships, Will (Jabari Banks) is facing pressure from all sides. Add a potential basketball scholarship into the mix and the pressure is real. The entire main cast returns for Round 2, and they’re joined by a familiar face: original Fresh Prince cast member Tatyana Ali, who boards the show in a brand new role.  

13. The Consultant


Christoph Waltz is just really good at playing a bad guy. If you need further proof, check him out in this new eight-episode series in which his creepiest habit is NOT that he smells his co-workers to intimidate them. In the comedy/workplace thriller the actor stars as hired consultant Regus Patoff, whose job is to improve an app-based gaming company. The way he expects the employees to follow him, however, is remarkably unsavory, weird… and effective? We’ll let you be the judge.

Buy: The Consultant – Season 1

14. Party Down (s3)


One of the most excellent comedies to ever exist returns for a highly anticipated third season this month, 13 years since the original went off the air. For those who missed the show the first time around, it featured a crew of actors who moved to L.A. in hopes of making it big but wound up as caterers instead. Paul Rudd is one of the original co-creators and the show starred all your faves, from Adam Scott and Martin Starr, to Ryan Hansen and Ken Marino. Now, they’re all back for another round. Sadly, original star Lizzy Caplan had to miss out on the fun due to scheduling conflicts, but if you’ve been itching for more of this crew, then we promise Season 3 won’t disappoint.  

15. The Reluctant Traveler


Eugene Levy seems to have led a pretty charmed life. But he’s also been holding onto a very big secret: he is not a fan of traveling. In fact, the Canadian star is very much a creature of comfort, and when Apple TV+ first approached him about doing a travel series, he told them they had the wrong guy. Thus, this reluctant series was born.

In each episode, Levy treks to a new destination where he meets the locals and explores their customs, all while staying in some very fancy hotels.

“I realized that the show itself is about the reluctancy,” Levy told reporters at TCA. “You can’t always say no to things. You have to try things. So the experience of this show — which has been so good for me, to be honest — is coming out of a comfort zone for me that I was much too comfortable in.”

REWIND: What We Were Watching in January 2023

It’s a new year and we all know what that means: a new slate of TV shows and movies to settle in with. And why not? The end of the year is always so hectic and rushed, so it’s nice to lounge around (maybe in some swanky new pajamas or sweats) and just chill the heck out with our favorite fictional friends.

With so many streaming services and new TV shows and movies dropping every week, it can be hard to narrow down what you should check out and what you should probably skip. That’s where we hope to help. We’ve already checked out a bunch of January’s new releases, and we have some ideas on what to watch this month.

From the streaming service debuts of buzzy films to anticipated new seasons and TV series, here are 15 titles to check out in January across Netflix, Apple TV+, Disney Plus, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Hulu and HBO Max.

Cast of The Menu; what to watch and stream this month

1. Kaleidoscope


It’s no secret Netflix has been experimenting with different streaming service formats, and this month it’s taking those trials one step further with the debut of Kaleidoscope. The heist series features a group of soon-to-be criminals trying to steal a whopping $7 billion dollars. However, greed, betrayal and a slew of other threats deter them every step along the way. There are many mysteries at the center of the story but the truly unique thing about the show is in how you consume it. The first seven episodes will be presented to viewers in a random order, but everyone gets the same finale.  

2. Paul T. Goldman


If you’re looking for something truly unique to check out this month, this stranger-than-fiction story about a man named Paul T. Goldman may pique your interest. The series introduces the author, who wrote a screenplay and book about his marriage and attempts to take down an alleged international crime ring. The entire thing is pretty wild and took more than a decade of shooting. It also hails from Borat Subsequent Moviefilm director Jason Woliner if you want to get an idea of the tone.

3. The Menu


Sink your teeth into this horror-comedy starring Anya Taylor-Joy and Ralph Fiennes in its streaming service debut this month. Director Mark Mylod serves up a story that’s one part food satire, one part horror, and all parts weird fun. Critics have been raving about this movie since it hit theatres and film festivals late last year. We caught the movie at the Toronto International Film Festival and would put it as one of our own favorite 2022 entries. Essentially, it revolves around a young couple who travel to a remote island for the meal of their lives. Once there, however, things take several deadly twists. Watch for a standout performance from Hong Chau.

4. If These Walls Could Sing


Abbey Road Studio has housed some of the biggest creative geniuses of our time. Sir Elton John, Oasis, Kate Bush, Radiohead, Lady Gaga, Amy Winehouse, Pink Floyd, Adele, and of course, The Beatles. So it’s about time someone did a documentary about the famed studio and the magic that has happened there. As it turns out, that someone is none other than Paul McCartney’s daughter, Mary McCartney. In this hour-and-a-half film she interviews those who have experienced the magic for themselves, and who are now ready to share why this place is so special.

5. The Rig


Prime Video has been broadening its reach globally, and this month that expansion includes Scotland thanks to this series from creator David Macpherson. The thriller is the first from the streaming service to film entirely in the country, and there are plenty of twists in store. The Rig revolves around a group of workers on a remote Scottish oil rig who become stranded when a mysterious fog envelops them. As all outside communication is cut off, some recede into their minds while others prove deadly. Naturally, there are plenty of themes about the environment, global warming and the effects of humanity to go around. Emily Hampshire (Schitt’s Creek) and Iain Glen (Game of Thrones) star.

Buy: The Rig $5.99

6. Chasing Waves


A few years ago, the sport of surfing made global waves thanks to its inclusion in the Olympic Games in Tokyo. Getting ready for that debut was too juicy for the Powers That Be over at Disney, and this documentary about the Japanese surfing team was born. The eight-episode offering explores surf culture in Japan and travels from the indoor wave pool known as Ocean Dome to the icy waters of Hokkaido. This docuseries promises we’ll learn from those who live the surf life in a new and innovative way.  

7. The Climb


If you’ve ever tried to rock climb, then you know it can be a super intense and challenging sport. So when host Jason Momoa and the crew behind this series were scouting the best amateur climbers to bring on the journey of a lifetime, you know they checked out some pretty fit individuals. The result is the cast featured in this competition series, one in which amateur climbers of all ages go through a series of mental and physical challenges for a hefty prize. The climbs aren’t for the faint of heart, but thanks to the gorgeous views it’s definitely worth checking out from the comfort of your couch.

8. Vikings Valhalla (s2)


We were big fans of the original Vikings, so when Netflix announced a spinoff starring a new group of conquerors and with new showrunner Jeb Stuart, we had some reservations. Luckily, this series delivers. In the first season, we met famed Greenlander Leif Eriksson (Sam Corlett) and his sister Freydis (Frida Gustavsson), as well as the last Viking King, Harald Sigurdsson (Leo Suter). There were plenty of gripping stories to go around, but we’ve now screened the entire second season and we can safely say the show gets even better. This year religion continues to be a driving force, but there are new locations and bonds to explore, not to mention an epic episode involving a waterfall. All eight Season 2 episodes drop at once.

9. The Drop


Cringe-comedy fans will be all over this alternative comedy, in which a woman (Anna Konkle) accidentally drops a baby during a tropical island wedding. Suddenly, all of her friendships are tested and her partner can’t stop questioning their relationship, leading to plenty of awkward moments and comedic situations. Director Sarah Adina Smith directs the unique flick from a script she co-wrote with Joshua Leonard. Jermaine Fowler and Jillian Bell also star.

10. The Last of Us


It’s been years in the making, but the TV adaptation of the bestselling video game finally makes its anticipated debut this month, introducing the post-apocalyptic story to mass audiences. The heart of the series hones in on a smuggler named Joel (Pedro Pascal) who is tasked with escorting a teenage girl named Ellie (Bella Ramsay) across the States. The danger? A slew of humans-turned-monsters tries to hunt them down. The show is easily one of the most anticipated streaming releases of 2023, and that alone is reason enough to check it out as new episodes drop weekly.

11. That ‘90s Show


People have been buzzing about this That ‘70s Show spinoff for months now, but after all of that leadup, the wait is finally over. The new generation revolves around Leia Forman (Callie Haverda), who spends the summer with her grandparents, Red (Kurtwood Smith) and Kitty (Debra Jo Rupp). There, she meets a new group of friends, but the real headline is that all of the original ‘70s Show stars (except for Danny Masterson, who faces multiple sexual assault allegations) are reprising their original roles.

12. Poker Face


If you’re a Rian Johnson fan and you also like Russian Doll, this new 10-episode mystery series may be exactly what you need in 2023. It’s got the unique vibe Johnson popularized with his Knives Out movies, plus Natasha Lyonne’s honed comedic timing. Johnson writes and directs this story about a woman named Charlie (Lyonne) who can tell when someone is lying. Follow along as she goes on a road trip and solves all kinds of crimes, meeting plenty of strange and quirky characters along the way.

13. Teen Wolf: The Movie


The anticipated follow-up to the MTV series about a pack of teenage werewolves is finally here, and fans have been counting down the days until the movie’s release. No, fan favorite Dylan O’Brien does not reprise his role of Stiles, but Tyler Posey, Holland Roden, Crystal Reed and Superman himself, Tyler Hoechlin all return. The movie features the wolves howling once again as a terrifying new evil emerges, and everyone prepares for the deadliest fight. The movie launches on the same day as Paramount Plus’ new angsty werewolf series, Wolf Pack, also written by Teen Wolf scribe Jeff Davis.

14. Shotgun Wedding


It’s always a good month when J-Lo releases a new rom-com, but we are particularly interested in this movie given its sordid history. If you recall, Shotgun Wedding was initially supposed to feature Armie Hammer as the male love interest. Then all of those allegations surfaced and Hammer was axed; Josh Duhamel eventually replaced him. Otherwise, this movie is your basic romantic offering, one that should warm you up as we enter February, a.k.a. the coldest month of the year. It revolves around a couple whose extravagant destination wedding is hijacked by criminals. As the couple in question tries to save their families, they reconnect with the reasons they fell in love in the first place.

Buy: Shotgun Wedding

15. Shrinking


Wrap up the month with a new comedy from the creative minds of Ted Lasso (Bill Lawrence, Brett Goldstein) and starring Jason Segel. The series revolves around a grieving therapist (Segel) who begins breaking the rules and telling clients exactly what he thinks. That disregarding of ethics leads to some pretty monumental changes, both for himself and his clients. Harrison Ford, Christa Miller, and Michael Urie also star.

REWIND: What We Were Watching in December 2022

We’re finally at the end of the year and if you’re feeling slightly exhausted, we promise you’re not alone. This year has been full of challenges and unexpected twists, but we’re about to wrap it all up with the promise of a fresh new year ahead. But first, we all need to get through the next few weeks.

December is always full of plans with family and friends, not to mention shopping, cooking, baking and planning. In that sense, there’s no better time to unwind at the end of the day with a bit of nog and your favorite streaming services. Whether you sprawl out on the couch or wrap and watch is up to you. What we do know, however, is that there is a ton of great content to indulge in this month — especially if you’re already over Christmas movies.

From the streaming service debut of Top Gun: Maverick to the final season of His Dark Materials, December is full of buzzy movies, shows, documentaries and comedies. Don’t believe us? Read on for our Top 25 picks to stream this month across Disney, Hulu, Netflix, HBO Max, Paramount Plus, Peacock, Apple TV+ and more.

Tom Cruise in Top Gun: Maverick

1. Branson


Do you love watching rich dudes do their thing? Then you’ll probably want to check out this new, four-part docuseries revolving around Sir Richard Branson’s life. Filmmaker Chris Smith helms this journey, which spans seven decades and includes stories from all kinds of friends, associates and even Branson’s wife, Joan.

2. Sort Of (s2)


Gender fluid millennial Sabi Mehboob (Bilal Baig) is back for a second season of growing pains when this Canadian series returns to HBO Max. Sabi continues pushing the conversation on outdated identities and labels through their smart comedy, but the second season is also all about love — whether that means self-love, loving your friends and family or learning to love your work.

3. Riches


If you love glitzy dramas about highly dysfunctional families (so anyone who’s into Succession, basically) this new drama is in your wheelhouse. The show revolves around a rich Black family who owns a cosmetic conglomerate in England. But when the patriarch dies, he leaves behind all kinds of confusion and bitter rivalry as the family struggles for power and control.

Buy: Riches – Season 1

4. Scrooge: A Christmas Carol


First we had Will Farrell and Ryan Reynolds team for Spirited, the Apple TV+ musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ classic Christmas tale. Now Netflix is getting into the game with this animated take starring Luke Evans, Olivia Colman, Jessie Buckley and more. It’s safe to say this one is a little more family-friendly than the Apple take, but be warned, it too, contains original music.

5. Slow Horses (s2)


You favorite dysfunctional MI5 agents are back, and this time they’re reuniting to stop threats involving ancient Cold War secrets that have suddenly resurfaced. If you’re new to the Gary Oldman-starring show, it’s based on Mick Herron’s Slough House series. Creatives adapted the first season from the first book, Slow Horses, which means this follow-up centers on the events of the second book, Dead Lion.

6. Three Pines


Louise Penny’s award-winning books about a detective named Inspector Gamache solving murders in the small town of Three Pines gets the TV treatment this month. Two episodes drop weekly until Dec. 23, with a new murder each week to solve. The series stars Alfred Molina as the title inspector, who is to Canadians what Poirot is to the Brits. Elle-Máijá Tailfeathers and Rossif Sutherland (Donald Sutherland’s second son) also star.

Buy: Three Pines – Season 1

7. George & Tammy


Country singer Tammy Wynette knew a thing or two about “Stand(ing) By Your Man,” but now the rest of the world will learn more about her secrets. This dramatized take on the real-life relationship of Wynette and George Jones stars Jessica Chastain and Michael Shannon in the lead roles. It opens with Wynette getting her big break by opening for Jones, and tracks their 1969 marriage, musical career together, and their eventual divorce in 1975.  

8. His Dark Materials (s3)


The third and final season of this adaptation of Philip Pullman’s books kicks off with a two-episode premiere early this month, then runs through until December 26 with two episodes streaming weekly. When we last left Lyra (Dafne Keene), she was back in the clutches of her mom, Mrs. Coulter (Ruth Wilson). Meanwhile, the final season marks the full-time return of Lyra’s father, Lord Asriel (James McAvoy), who is ready to go to war — no matter the cost.

9. Emancipation


Will Smith’s first feature film since that now-famous slap incident with Chris Rock at the Oscars hits theatres and Apple TV+ this month, and Smith, for one, is hoping it’s moving enough to change the conversation. The film is inspired by a true story and follows an escaped slave (Smith) who travels North to join the Union Army and earn his freedom. At one time, this was considered a serious Oscar contender (Antoine Fuqua directs), but following that Oscars incident, it’s only making slight ripples heading into its debut.  

10. Guillermo Del Toro’s Pinocchio


Whoever decided 2022 was the year we needed not one, but two new adaptations of Pinocchio must really like puppets. If you feel the same (or if you’re just a fan of horror master Guillermo Del Toro), you might want to check out his take on the tale when it drops on Netflix this month. The stop-motion film is based on Carlo Collodi’s 1883 Italian novel and is set in 1930s Fascist Italy. This take isn’t for kids, but it does feature a cool voice cast, including Ewan McGregor, David Bradley, Ron Perlman, Finn Wolfhard and Cate Blanchett.

11. Baking It (s2)


Andy Samberg is out for the second season of this baking shenanigan, but Amy Poehler joins returning co-host Maya Rudolph for even more fun. The competition series features a new batch of bakers beating and whipping it out over five episodes for a chance to win some serious cash. Peacock promises explosions, destruction, smashes and more, so you might want to invest in a new apron before tuning in.

12. Kindred


Octavia E. Butler’s classic, award-winning sci-fi novel is getting the TV treatment with an eight-episode series that drops in full this month. The show follows a young Black writer who moves to L.A. with her husband, but begins experiencing dizzy spells that thrust her into a dangerous, pre-Civil War past. Mallori Johnson, Micah Stock and Ryan Kwanten star.

13. National Treasure: Edge of History


If you caught the Nicholas Cage movies and still feel like you need more treasure-seeking in your life, this adventurous series will hopefully satiate you — at least until the third movie finally gets going. The 10-episode project revolves around a 20-year-old woman named Jess (Lisette Olivera) who embarks on an adventure to discover her true lineage. And, with the help of some key friends, she’ll also be on the hunt for a treasure or two.

14. Litvinenko


The four-part British miniseries hits American streaming services this month, recreating the gripping story of a former Russian spy who solved the mystery of his own murder before he died. The series stars an unrecognizable David Tennant in the title role, plus an unexpected Revenge reunion thanks to the casting of Margarita Levieva as Marina Litvinenko and Barry Sloane as DS Jim Dawson.

15. Nanny


Why should horror movies be relegated to October, especially when most of us could use at least a couple of blood-soaked projects to break up all of that sparkly Hallmark snow? Enter this horror thriller from director and writer Nikyatu Jusu. The film revolves around an immigrant nanny named Aisha (Anna Diop) who is trying to create a new life on New York City’s Upper East Side. Except while caring for the child of a rich family, a secret threatens to unveil everything she’s been led to believe about the American Dream.


16. The Recruit


Noah Centineo headlines this action-adventure series from Castle EP Alexi Hawley. In it, he stars as a rookie lawyer at the CIA who gets way in over his head after a former asset threatens to expose her relationship with the organization. What follows is a high-stakes story full of stunts, dangerous twists and plenty of quips, making this a fun and easy watch — especially over the holidays.

17. 1923


If you’re hooked on Yellowstone and sad that the fifth season is taking a break after seven short episodes, consider diving into the prequel series that digs into all kinds of extra Dutton drama. The show, which also hails from creator Taylor Sheridan, stars Harrison Ford and Helen Mirren as Jacob and Cara Dutton: ranch owners who face a whole new set of challenges in the early 20th century against the backdrop of Prohibition and the Great Depression.

18. Jack Ryan (s3)


It’s been three years since John Krasinski’s take on the Tom Clancy character graced our screens, but he’s back with a vengeance in this full, eight-episode season drop. When we pick up Jack is on the run and trying to stop angry Russians from starting World War III. James Greer (Wendell Pierce) seems to have been sidelined as his former field partner, meanwhile, and is now relegated to office work following one too many health scares.

Buy: Tom Clancy’s Jack Ryan – Season 3

19. The Best Man: The Final Chapters


This 10-episode miniseries reunites all the beloved characters from the 1999 film (and the 2013 sequel) for another round of dramatic encounters. Terrence Howard, Taye Diggs, Nia Long, Regina Hall, Morris Chestnut, Sanaa Lathan and Harold Perrineau reprise their roles alongside newcomers Nicole Ari Parker and Brandon Victor Dixon for a story that explores relationships, midlife crisis and the starting of new chapters.

20. Top Gun: Maverick


Whether you missed this buzzy Tom Cruise sequel when it was in theatres or you’re just ready to take flight again, the movie hits Paramount+ just in time for the holidays. In it, Cruise reprises his fan favourite Maverick role 36 years following the original Top Gun. Now the official best of the best, he’s recruited to work with elite graduates on a mission that requires the ultimate sacrifice. Jennifer Connelly, Miles Teller and Jon Hamm join the crew, including returning cast member Val Kilmer as Iceman.

21. Glass Onion: A Knives Out Mystery


If you couldn’t catch this brilliant Knives Out sequel during its limited one-week run in theatres, it finally comes to Netflix this week. We caught the Benoit Blanc (Daniel Craig) mystery at the Toronto International Film Festival in September, and we dare say it might even be better than the original. Glass Onion features the return of Blanc as he’s thrust into a whole new whodunnit — one where actors like Kate Hudson, Edward Norton, Janelle Monáe and Leslie Odom Jr. play the larger-than-life (and super privileged) characters.

22. Roald Dahl’s Matilda the Musical


If you couldn’t make it to London to check out the latest take on Roald Dahl’s classic characters, the good news is that a version of it debuts on Netflix this month. Gather the whole family for some songs and dances as Emma Thompson plays the formidable Miss Trunchbull and Lashana Lynch (who recently earned a ton of critical praise for her role in Viola Davis’ The Woman King) plays Miss Honey.

23. The Witcher: Blood Origin


If you’re eager to see how Liam Hemsworth will fare in Henry Cavill’s recently vacated role of Geralt of Rivia, you’ll have to wait a little longer for the fourth-season return in Summer 2023. The good news is that this prequel series is here to tide us all over. It takes place 1,200 years before the events of The Witcher, and unfolds the story of the very first Witcher and the Conjunction of the Spheres. Michelle Yeoh, Nathaniel Curtis and Lenny Henry star.

24. Letterkenny (s11)


The skids, hicks and hockey players are back for another six-pack of adventures, donnybrooks and brews. This year some of the storylines include influencers, lost dogs, chip flavors and a mystery at the church bake sale, not to mention unwelcomed guests at the beer league. So you know, just your typical day in this small Canadian town.

25. White Noise


Don DeLillo’s 1985 novel is getting the Netflix film treatment with the debut of writer/director Noah Baumbach’s (Marriage Story) adaptation. The dark comedy follows Jack (Adam Driver), a professor of Hitler studies who is also a husband and father to four children. When an airborne, toxic event from a train accident takes over his town, it forces Jack to finally confront his own mortality. Greta Gerwig, Don Cheadle and Jodie Turner-Smith also star.  

Rewind: What We Were Watching for the Month of November

October’s haunting is over and the holidays are right around the corner, so in November we’re all about chilling inside with our favorite fictional friends before life gets hectic. Besides, what’s better than bundling up inside with a few streaming services and hot cocoa as the temperature drops?

As TV and film lovers, this is the best time of year. Many comedies debut to lighten the mood after all of the horror movies from last month, but now is also the time of year when we can expect some feel-good Christmas movies to start rolling in. No matter what you like to watch though, November’s new-release schedule is packed.

We’ve had a look across all the streamers and cherry-picked some of our favorite new shows, returns and movie debuts. From the return of Queen Elizabeth in The Crown and big political ambitions in Season 5 of Yellowstone, to the new Weird Al “biopic” and a comedic take on A Christmas Carol starring Will Ferrell and Ryan Reynolds, there’s no shortage of content.

November is when the new Criminal Minds debuts, you can watch Schitt’s Creek star Dan Levy expound on that wonderful meal called brunch in his new culinary competition show, and even Sylvester Stallone is making his TV series debut as a leading man with the premiere of Tulsa King (from the guy who brought us Yellowstone).

Wondering what to watch and stream in November? Here are 29 of the most anticipated TV shows and movies to watch this month.

1. Blockbuster


Randall Park heads up an ensemble cast (including Melissa Fumero and JB Smoove) in this workplace comedy about the very last Blockbuster store. All ten episodes drop at once with plenty of antics to go around as store owner Timmy (Park) does whatever it takes to keep his store afloat and his employees paid.

2. Chris Redd: Why Am I Like This?


Former Saturday Night Live star and Emmy winner Chris Redd performs his very first hour-long stand-up special for HBO Max this month. The special, which is produced by Conan O’Brien, features Redd digging into therapy, mental health and whether he truly has any room to grow.

3. Causeway


Jennifer Lawrence stars as an American soldier who suffers a traumatic brain injury while in Afghanistan in this film from first-time director Lila Neugebauer. As she returns home and adjusts to her new life as best as possible, she strikes up a surprising friendship with a local who is dealing with his own grief (Brian Tyree Henry).

4. My Policeman


Whether you’re a Harry Styles stan or you’ve just been following his publicity train as of late, you’ll probably want to check out the other film he starred in recently. My Policeman comes to streaming this month, unraveling the story of three friends in 1950s England, when gay relationships were illegal. David Dawson and Emma Corrin also star.

Buy: My Policeman

5. Weird: The Al Yankovic Story


There are parodies, and then there are Weird Al parodies, and as a co-writer on this project, it’s safe to say his biopic is definitely the latter. Daniel Radcliffe stars as the man in question in a biopic that has very little to do with reality and everything to do with making fun of the state of biopics in general. Watch for a fun Yankovic cameo, plus it’s him singing all of the actual songs. Evan Rachel Wood and Rainn Wilson also star.

6. Dangerous Liaisons


This updated take on the 18th-century French novel stars Alice Englert and Nicholas Denton. In case you’re unfamiliar with the tale, this story is all about the fictional romances and backstabbing that went down in the real court of Louis VXI in Paris.

7. The Crown (s5)


The fifth (and penultimate) season of Peter Morgan’s royal drama is here and given everything that’s happened in real life (Queen Elizabeth’s death, Harry’s book), there’s a little more scrutiny on this season than usual. While we’ll wait and see how it all unfolds, note there are some new actors playing the familiar characters in Season 5. Imelda Staunton is Elizabeth, Dominic West is Prince Charles, Elizabeth Debicki is Princess Diana, Jonathan Pryce is Prince Philip and Lesley Manville is Princess Margaret.

8. Zootopia+


Whether you’ve got kids to distract or you’re just a kid-at-heart who loves Zootopia, be sure to tune into the premiere of this spinoff series. The collection of six shorts each tackles a different TV genre and takes place in the world of the 2016 film.

9. The Big Brunch


Dan Levy’s next project is pretty darned delicious if we do say so ourselves. After all, who doesn’t love brunch? This cooking competition series pits ten chefs against one another in a bid for bragging rights and a cool $300,000 cash prize. Along the way, Levy and his fellow judges get to taste it all, while partaking in a couple of cocktails for good measure.

10. The Calling


David E. Kelley presents his latest crime series this month, adapted from the novel The Missing File by Dror A. Mishani. The series follows an NYPD detective who relies on his spirituality to solve cases until one case starts getting the best of him. Jeff Wilbusch stars.

11. Falling For Christmas


Lindsay Lohan makes her big acting comeback in this holiday movie co-starring former Glee star Chord Overstreet. She’s an amnesiac heiress, he runs a ski lodge. If that doesn’t scream holiday romance, what does?

12. The English


This dark western from Hugo Blick (The Honourable Woman) is set in 1890s America — specifically in a Wyoming town where a series of unsolved murders is terrorizing the locals. Emily Blunt, Chaske Spencer, Rafe Spall, Toby Jones, Ciaran Hinds, Stephen Rea and Tom Hughes star.

Buy: The English – Season One

13. Mammals


Given James Corden’s recent Balthazar ban, it’s ironic he plays a Michelin-starred chef in this six-part dark comedy. Regardless, the action picks up as the chef’s world implodes — namely due to shocking discoveries he makes about his pregnant wife. Sally Hawkins, Melia Kreilling and Colin Morgan also star.

Buy: Mammals – Season 1

14. Mythic Quest (s3)


Everyone but F. Murry Abraham returns for the third installment of this videogame developer workplace comedy. The series picks up following the cliffhanger Season 2 conclusion, in which many employees quit in order to kick off a rival developer.

15. Tulsa King


Sylvester Stallone stars in this series from Yellowstone creator Taylor Sheridan, marking the actor’s first scripted TV starring role. He stars as a New York mafia captain who is released from prison, only to head to Tulsa where he fronts a new operation. The first two episodes kick off the premiere, with weekly installments to follow.

16. Yellowstone (s5)


The beloved series returns for a fifth installment, with plenty of politicking, backstabbing and ambitions to go around.

17. The Santa Clauses


Tim Allen is back as Scott Calvin, a.k.a. Santa Claus, for this TV series based on the trilogy of movies. When we return, Scott is adamant it’s time to retire so he can focus on his family, but first he needs to interview for and find the perfect replacement.

18. A Christmas Story Christmas


This sequel to the classic 1983 holiday film brings Peter Billingsley back as Ralphie — only now he’s an adult with kids of his own. When he brings his family back to his childhood home in hopes of giving them the kind of holidays he had growing up, a slew of other returning actors from the first film join in on the holiday fun.

19. Fleishman Is In Trouble


This eight-episode adaptation of Taffy Brodesser-Akner’s book of the same name stars Jesse Eisenberg as a recently divorced doctor who is finally ready to start dating again, But then his ex-wife (Claire Danes) disappears, leaving him solo with their two young children. Lizzy Caplan and Adam Brody also star.

20. Disenchanted


Amy Adams and Patrick Dempsey reprise their Enchanted roles for this movie sequel, in which Giselle and her family move to the suburbs to deal with mean girls and other un-fairy-tale like problems.

21. The People We Hate at the Wedding


Kristen Bell, Allison Janney and Ben Platt star in this comedy about three American siblings who reconnect at a wedding in Britain. Claire Scanlon (Brooklyn Nine-Nine, GLOW) directs the comedy, so be sure to save the date hate.

Buy: The People We Hate At The Wedding

22. Spirited


Ryan Reynolds and Will Ferrell team for this musical adaptation of Charles Dickens’ A
Christmas Carol
. And sure, we know it’s a story that’s been told ad nauseam in Hollywood, but something tells us this take, which also hits theatres on November 11, will be the refreshing iteration we need in our lives.

23. Welcome to Chippendales


The real-life story of how the famous strip joint came to be is downright wild, so it was only a matter of time before someone dramatized it. Kumail Nanjiani stars as founder Steve Banerjee, the insightful — and murderous — person who started Chippendales before someone threatened to take it all away. Murray Bartlett, Dan Stevens, Annaleigh Ashford, Robin De Jesús, Andrew Rannells and Juliette Lewis also star.

24. Echo 3


This ten episode, bilingual action-thriller is adapted from an Israeli series and focuses on the disappearance of an American scientist near the border of Colombia and Venezuela. Her brother and husband — both men with military experience — try to track her down, but their complicated pasts get in the way. Jessica Ann Collins, Luke Evans and Michiel Huisman star.

25. Pitch Perfect: Bumper in Berlin


The Pitch Perfect spinoff you didn’t know you needed debuts this month, updating everyone on the antics of one Bumper Allen (Adam DeVine). The character heads to Germany, where one of his songs has unexpectedly become a hit, in an attempt to resuscitate his career. Flula Borg also returns, this time as Bumper’s manager, while Jameela Jamil, Sarah Hyland and Lera Abova join the cast.

26. Wednesday


This Addams Family spinoff stars Jenny Ortega in the leading role, with Tim Burton behind the camera directing four of the eight episodes. The series follows Wednesday at her school, Nevermore Academy, where she tackles homework and a murderer, not to mention her emerging psychic abilities. Gwendoline Christie stars as the school’s principal and former Wednesday Adams actor Christina Ricca appears as Marilyn Thornhill.

27. Criminal Minds: Evolution


Criminal Minds returns for a brand new season just two years after it ended its 15-year run on network television. This time around the story is serialized and much darker (in part thanks to its new streaming service home). The season revolves around a serial killer played by Zach Gilford, who pieces together a network of serial killers over the pandemic. Joe Mantegna, Paget Brewster, A.J. Cook, Aisha Tyler, Adam Rodriguez and Kirsten Vangsness all reprise their original roles.

Joe Mantagna in Criminal Minds

28. The Guardians of the Galaxy Holiday Special


James Gunn returns to write and direct this one-off special based on the Marvel films. The cast, including Chris Pratt and Dave Bautista, are also back for a story that sees the Guardians heading to Earth to grab one very special Christmas present: the legendary Kevin Bacon, playing a heightened version of himself.

29. Willow


It’s been two decades, but Warwick Davis is clearly still up for playing his career-defining role of Willow. Here the actor reprises the gig for a TV series sequel to the Ron Howard directed, 1988 fantasy film of the same name. The action picks up with Willow and an unlikely group of heroes set off on a dangerous quest to face their inner demons, and, hopefully, to save the world.

Rewind: The Best New Streaming Releases from October 2022

It’s no surprise that the best new streaming releases of October 2022 were seriously spooky. Horror fans were treated to remakes of cinematic horror classics such as Interview With the Vampire and Hellraiser, while spooky new series like The Midnight Club premiered on Netflix.

Of course, there was plenty of non-Halloween related streaming debut in October, with new TV series, documentaries and movies for fans of science-fiction, true-crime, reality and comedy.

So if you’re still looking for new content, keep scrolling for the top streaming releases of October. We’ve rounded up the best releases from Netflix, HBO Max, Peacock and more popular streaming services.

1. Interview With the Vampire


Anne Rice’s classic book series is becoming a TV show nearly 30 years after Tom Cruise and Brad Pitt starred in the 1994 big-screen adaptation. The eight-episode season kicks off in early October but has already been renewed for Season 2, so if you’re looking for a meaty new drama to sink your teeth into, this one is a good bet. Just don’t go looking for Cruise and Pitt, however. Here Sam Reid takes over the role of Lestat, and Jacob Anderson plays Louis


2. A Friend of the Family


This dramatized film depicts the real-life story of the Broberg family, and if it doesn’t have you rethinking your inner circle, then we don’t know what will. The story revolves around a family whose daughter was kidnapped not once but twice by an obsessed “friend.” The cast includes Jake Lacy, Anna Paquin, Colin Hanks and Mckenna Grace.


3. Catherine Called Birdy


Lena Dunham steps behind the camera to direct this Toronto International Film Festival entry starring Bella Ramsay, better known as Lady Lyanna Mormont on Game of Thrones. Based on the book by Karen Cushman, the film follows a young girl whose financially destitute father (played by Andrew Scott, a.k.a. the “Hot Priest” from Fleabag) insists on marrying her off to a wealthy suitor. Of course, Birdy has other ideas and antics ensue. Billie Piper and Mr. Taylor Swift, a.k.a. Joe Alwyn, also star.

Buy: Catherine Called Birdy

4. Conversations With a Killer: The Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes


If you’ve finished Ryan Murphy’s highly controversial, dramatized take on the famous serial killer and can’t stop yourself from going further down that rabbit hole, Netflix delivers this month with the Jeffrey Dahmer Tapes. Like others in the Conversations series, this one features actual recorded conversations with the killer. Have a watch, and judge for yourself just how well Evan Peters portrayed in him Murphy’s take last month.


5. Hellraiser


Is it possible to make a good horror reboot? What about one after 10 sequels? The early critics who have caught director David Bruckner’s updated Pinhead flick seem to think so, especially after seeing Jamie Clayton’s take on the Hell Priestess. The action kicks off when a woman struggling with addiction picks up an ancient puzzle box, accidentally summoning the Cenobites and their world where pain and pleasure are the same thing.


6. The Midnight Club


You may instantly recognize this title if you read Christopher Pike when you were younger. The series (which was co-created by Mike Flanagan and Leah Fong), is an adaptation of the 1994 book and revolves around five dying teens in hospice. They each try to scare one another with spooky stories, but then, the spooks become way too real.


7. The Mole


They say the third time is a charm. We suppose we’ll see if that’s true when the third iteration of this reality competition series moves from ABC to Netflix. MSNBC’s Alex Wagner takes over as host as a new group of contestants try to work together to win a large sum of money. The only problem? One member is a mole who is only there to sabotage everyone and win the cash for themselves. Unlike most other Netflix series, this one unrolls over the course of three weeks.


8. Avenue 5 (s2)


If you were a fan of Armando Iannucci’s satirical space comedy when it debuted in 2020, you’ll be pleased to know it’s taking off on a second season this month. When we return, Captain Ryan (Hugh Laurie) is on the fence about telling the passengers they’re stuck and running out of food. Meanwhile, customer relations exec Matt (Zach Woods) is trying his best to quell the rising panic, and billionaire Herman Judd (Josh Gad) continues to be the clueless billionaire he is.


9. The Watcher


Ryan Murphy is back with another mini-series this month. This time, he’s leaning away from serial killers and honing in on the weird-but-true story of a couple who were terrorized by an anonymous letter-writer in their suburban New Jersey neighborhood. The story must be mesmerizing; six studios competed to grab the rights to develop it. Here to tell it onscreen is a stellar cast that includes Naomi Watts, Bobby Cannavale, Jennifer Coolidge, Mia Farrow and Margo Martindale.


10. Halloween Ends


Don’t feel like hitting the theatre to catch the final installment of the newest Halloween trilogy? Well good news — it’s also streaming on Peacock the same day. The movie is being touted as the very final chapter in the saga of Michael Myers (Nick Castle) and Laurie Strode (Jamie Lee Curtis), but if we’ve learned anything when it comes to horror, it’s that “final chapter” is kind of a loose term.


11. Shantaram


Charlie Hunnam is back on a bike for this Apple TV+ series, although it’s definitely a different model than the ride he had on Sons of Anarchy. Shantaram is based on the memoir by Gregory David Roberts, a former heroin addict and robber who escaped jail and fled to India. There, he became involved with a mob boss battling Russian criminals, so you know this TV series will be intense.


12. The Vow Part Two


Ready to dive even deeper into the world of NXIVM, its founder Keith Raniere and those the leader counted among his closest inner circle? Of course you are. The first part, which aired in 2020, shared many shocking details about the cult and its rituals. When the series returns, we’ll get a closer look at the federal trial of The United States versus Raniere, and how it affected those at the top.


13. Inside Amy Schumer


It’s been six years since the last season of Inside Amy Schumer, but the Oscars co-host is finally ready to bring her brainchild back. “The last season was 2016. And that’s not a coincidence,” she recently told Jimmy Kimmel. “I was incredibly depressed since then. I just really didn’t feel like I had anything to say, and I was really too bummed about the election — I don’t know if you guys read about it? It was just all of it. But I felt ready to do it again, and we had the best time.”


14. The Peripheral


William Gibson’s sci-fi mystery novel (which is part of a trilogy) is getting the TV treatment when it debuts on Prime Video this month. Westworld creatives Lisa Joy and Jonathan Nolan helm the story of Flynne Fisher (Chloë Grace Moretz), a woman with a struggling career and a sick mother in rural America. When she is offered an opportunity to escape with an experimental virtual reality device, she jumps at the chance, but the lines between reality and fiction quickly blur. New episodes drop weekly.

Buy: The Peripheral

15. Raymond & Ray


If you’ve ever confused Ewan McGregor and Ethan Hawke then it might amuse you to learn they play half-brothers in this new Apple TV+ comedy. The movie, by writer-director Rodrigo Garcia, follows the brothers from their father’s funeral to the pair digging his grave together. (Did we mention it’s a dark comedy?)


16. Guillermo Del Toro’s Cabinet of Curiosities


If you’ve ever been curious about what an episodic horror series from mastermind Guillermo Del Toro looks like, you’ll get some answers this month. These eight episodes are a mixed bag of inspirations and stories: Del Toro developed two, some are adaptations of H.P. Lovecraft’s works, and others are original takes. It’s worth noting Del Toro doesn’t direct any of these episodes, but there’s a whack of stars attached, including Andrew Lincoln, Peter Weller, Rupert Grint and Crispin Glover. You can’t stream them all immediately, either: Two new episodes unroll each day through the show’s premiere week.


17. The Good Nurse


Another TIFF selection, this film got plenty of buzz when it debuted at the festival in September. The biographical crime drama is the story of a caregiver who was implicated in the deaths of more than 300 hospital patients over his 16-year career, making him one of the biggest serial killers in history. Eddie Redmayne, Jessica Chastain and Noah Emmerich star.


18. Tales of The Jedi


This series of animated shorts from the Star Wars universe hails from creator Dave Filoni. The first six-episode season (which reportedly clocks in at about an hour-and-a-half total) hones in on the origins of Anakin Skywalker’s apprentice, Ahsoka Tano, as well as the story of Count Dooku — the Jedi who eventually falls to the Dark Side.


19. The White Lotus: Blossom Circle


Jennifer Coolidge had so much fun in the first quirky season of this Emmy-winning series that she figured she’d return for another run. The White Lotus: Blossom Circle moves from Hawaii to Italy, where a new group of vacationers (and Coolidge’s Tanya character) mingle with the locals. While the show has been keeping many of the details close to the vest, we do know there will be characters played by Theo James (Divergent), Michael Imperioli (The Sopranos) and Meghann Fahy (The Bold Type).


20. All Quiet on the Western Front


Many are familiar with the classic 1930 war movie, but this reimagining (also based on the 1929 tome by German novelist Erich Maria Remarque) turns the table. That’s because it’s the first German feature film adaptation of the story, telling the tale from the other side of the line. Daniel Brühl and Felix Kammerer star.


Rewind: The Best New Streaming Releases from September 2022

After a busy summer, we’re finally getting back to routines and schedules. The days are busier, the nights are longer and tons of new TV shows and movies are premiering to help us chill out. It’s one of the many reasons we love September, especially with so many new streaming services offering premium content at a reasonable price. This month’s new streaming releases include highly anticipated new Star Wars series on Disney+ as well as Netflix’s Marilyn Monroe biopic.

Whether you’re a cord-cutter or someone looking to take advantage of streaming services with free trials this September, there are plenty of exciting projects to watch. The anticipated Lord of the Rings prequel series finally makes its debut after years of development. But that’s not all to look forward to.

This month we’re streaming unique TV shows like Wedding Season and Reboot, not to mention sporty docs and the return of a few favorites. Regarding movies to watch in September, we’re curious about the new live-action version of Pinocchio and excited to check out the Toronto International Film Festival offering The Greatest Beer Run Ever when it hits Apple TV+.

Of course, the end of September also ushers in a wave of Halloween-themed programming. This year that includes another project we’ve wanted for years: the Hocus Pocus sequel featuring all three original Sanderson Sisters.

Looking for ideas on what to stream and watch this September? We’ve got you covered. Keep reading to see the best new streaming releases of September 2022, and keep scrolling to see what we were binge-watching in August and July.


1. Pantheon


AMC’s first animated series drops this weekend to make us all think twice about the concept of artificial intelligence. The show revolves around a young woman who receives messages from an unknown number claiming to be her dead dad. But when she pursues the truth, a more sinister story emerges. Paul Dano, William Hurt, Taylor Schilling, Lara Pulver and Maude Apatow voice the series.



2. The Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power


It’s been a long time coming, but the prequel series that delves into the story of how those coveted rings were forged, distributed and ultimately destroyed hits Prime Video this month. Sure, there’s no Gandalf or Gollum to invest in when we return to Middle Earth, but at least we’ll see a few familiar elven faces as the episodes unroll.

Read More: How To Watch The Rings of Power for Free

Buy: Lord of the Rings: The Rings of Power

3. Honk for Jesus, Save Your Soul


You don’t need to be a believer to enjoy this official Sundance selection when it debuts on Peacock this month, but there are also plenty of inside jokes for anyone who has ever wondered about those who guide their faith. Sterling K. Brown and Regina Hall star as the couple who once served as heads of a thriving congregation until scandal fell. Now, their every move is captured by a documentary team as they try to rebuild from the ground up.


4. McEnroe


One of tennis’ biggest legends (and most notorious hot heads) is the subject at the center of Showtime Documentary Film’s latest project. The film touts itself as the story of a legend as told by the legend himself, but it also includes interviews with the likes of Patty Smyth, Keith Richards, Billie Jean King and Bjorn Borg.


5. The Murders Before the Marathon


Could the Boston Marathon bombing have been prevented? That’s the question Boston journalist Susan Zalkind seeks to answer in this new Hulu doc. Zalkind, whose friend died that day, explores bomber Tamerlan Tsarnaev’s connections to a 2011 triple homicide in which no one was ever officially charged, posing the question: What if he had been apprehended back then?


6. Last Light


What did it take to bring Matthew Fox out of retirement following Lost? That would be this limited series about a global oil catastrophe. Fox plays petro-chemist Andy Yeats, a man who realizes the world’s oil supply is in jeopardy right before he’s separated from his family. Joanne Froggat and Alyth Ross also star.


7. Pinocchio


It’s the story of your childhood, only this time it’s told through the creepiness magic of CGI. Benjamin Evan Ainsworth voices the popular puppet-turned boy, Tom Hanks plays his affable old man Geppetto, and an all-star cast including Cynthia Erivo, Joseph Gordon-Levitt, Keegan-Michael Key and Lorraine Bracco round out the rest of the cast.


8. Wedding Season


Think of every wedding rom-com you’ve ever seen and then forget about them all. This anti-trope comedy thriller TV series revolves around two people who fall for each other and begin an affair, even though she already has a fiancé. But the real fun doesn’t start until she goes ahead with the wedding, and everyone but her winds up dead.


9. Cobra Kai (s5)


It’s a new chapter for the famed dojo when the fifth season of this Karate Kid continuation drops this month. With the unexpected outcome at last season’s All Valley Tournament, the characters are at a significant crossroads when we return. However, given Johnny Lawrence’s (William Zabka) newfound career as an Uber driver, the creative decision seems to be paying off in a big way.



10. Gutsy


Whether you’re looking for a bit of inspiration for yourself or a female in your life, Hillary and Chelsea Clinton are hoping to deliver with their new TV series. The Apple TV+ show follows the women as they travel the globe to speak with “gutsy” women everywhere — famous and not — to get their hot takes on how anyone can make a difference.


11. American Gigolo


If you were a fan of the iconic 1980 film, you’ll want to check out this month’s debut of the eight-episode reimagining starring Jon Bernthal. The project follows a male escort wrongfully convicted of murder who spends 15 years in jail before exoneration. As he then reconciles the man he was with the man he’s become, he’ll also discover the horrifying truth behind who sent him to prison. Gretchen Mol and Rosie O’Donnell also star.


12. The 74th Annual Emmy Awards


Excited to see whether your favorite TV shows will win big at this year’s annual awards show? Looking for ideas on what to watch and stream next? You’ll get all that and more as the Emmys go down this month, with host Keenan Thompson taking the stage to helm the star-studded festivities.

What to watch in September: The Emmys

13. The Handmaid’s Tale (s5)


The Emmy-winning show that put Hulu on the map is finally back for a fifth season, and from the early looks of things, it’s going to get grim. Elisabeth Moss returns as June/Offred for her darkest round yet, as she goes head-to-head with her former tormentor, Serena Joy (Yvonne Strahovski).


14. Atlanta (S4)


It’s only been a few months since the third season of Donald Glover’s brainchild series wrapped, but the fourth and final season is already here. If the last season was polarizing for fans, this season can best be described as a nostalgic goodbye. That’s because the action shifts from Europe back to Atlanta for what director Hiro Murai told The Hollywood Reporter is a proper goodbye to the city and the show.



15. Goodnight Mommy


Director Matt Sobel tackles this 2014 Australian horror film remake, in which twin boys arrive at their mother’s house only to discover her entire face is bandaged. But as they spend more time with her and creepy things begin happening, they realize something isn’t right — maybe the woman behind the face wrap isn’t their mom. Naomi Watts, Cameron Crovetti, Nicholas Crovetti and Peter Hermann star.

Buy: Goodnight Mommy

16. Los Espookys


It’s been four years since HBO graced us with this original fantasy horror comedy from the minds of Fred Armisen, Ana Fabrega and Julio Torres. But now it’s back for a second season, and so far, critics are saying it’s been worth the wait. The show follows a group of horror-loving friends who start a business that offers otherworldly experiences to clients. If you have yet to watch the first season, stream it on HBO Max before the new season kicks off.


17. Best in Dough


Given how delicious this new series sounds, we bet you’ll be ordering multiple times from your favorite pizza place while binging it. Wells Adams (aka the bartender from Bachelor in Paradise) hosts the competition series. In each episode, specific groups (nonnas, college students, etc.) face off for a cash prize and the ultimate bragging rights. It’s pizza, on pizza, on pizza, and we’re hungry just thinking about it.


18. Dancing With the Stars (S31)


There are plenty of changes in store when the 31st season of this celebrity dancing competition kicks off, including the big one: It now streams on Disney Plus rather than airing on ABC. While further surprises are being kept under wraps for now, we’re also getting a new co-host to mark the occasion. Yup, Alfonso Ribeiro (Fresh Prince of Bel-Air) joins Tyra Banks for all the smizing and Carlton-dancing you can possibly handle.


19. Reboot


We’re suckers for meta Hollywood projects, and this comedy is as meta as it gets. Reboot revolves around a dysfunctional cast that’s forced back together to reboot (okay, technically revive) their comedy years after it originally aired. Of course, none of them have grown since their time in the limelight — they’ve backtracked, and now they need to learn to get along. Judy Greer, Keegan-Michael Key, Johnny Knoxville, Paul Reiser and Rachel Bloom star.


20. Andor


Okay, so we know we included this Rogue One, Star Wars prequel series in our what to watch in August roundup, but hey — premiere dates change. In case you missed our original write-up, this series revolves around the insurrectionist character who fought against the Galactic Republic in the Outer Rim Territories. Diego Luna reprises his 2016 role, and according to the actor, the show features many new characters and places we never even knew existed within the galaxy. Genevieve O’Reilly, Fiona Shaw and Alex Ferns also star.


21. Meet Cute


Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson team for this rom-com with a sci-fi twist. The story is all about love at first sight, except it isn’t first sight at all. That’s because Sheila (Cuoco) has access to a time machine, and she uses it to go back and fall in love with Gary (Davidson) over and over again… each time she does, she tries to craft him into the perfect man.

What to watch in September: Meet Cute starring Kaley Cuoco and Pete Davidson

22. Super/Natural


Nothing is what it seems. Or so promises narrator Benedict Cumberbatch in the trailer for this new nature-exploring series from executive producer James Cameron. With the help of scientific innovations and new tech, this series showcases things that happen in nature outside of the naked human eye.


23. The Kardashians


Do we know more about the Kardashians than we’d care to admit? We sure do. Still, there’s something addictive about watching this family, so we’re glad they’re already back with the second season of their “new” Hulu show. This season we get to see the fallout of Kim’s famous Variety interview, Khloe’s separation, Kourtney’s marriage and Kris’ surgery — among other storylines.


24. Thai Cave Rescue


Following last month’s release of the Ron Howard-directed film Thirteen Lives comes this six-part dramatized take of the 2018 Thai cave rescue. The real-life events, in which 12 boys and their soccer coach were miraculously saved from flooded caves, captured the attention of a nation. The projects, however, couldn’t be more different. While Howard’s film follows the divers at the center of the rescue, this Thai series goes deeper into the other characters involved.


25. On the Come Up


Sanaa Lathan makes her feature film directorial debut with this month’s release of On the Come Up, which is based on the book of the same name by Angie Thomas (The Hate U Give.) It’s about a 16-year-old aspiring rapper named Bri who goes viral for all the wrong reasons and must ultimately decide who she wants to be.


26. Pokémon: The Arceus Chronicles


Whether you want to evoke childhood nostalgia, continue a current obsession or get the younger generation into the world of Pokémon, the franchise delivers yet again with this latest installment. The race to save Sinnoh is on as Ash, Goh, Dawn and Brock take on Team Galactic.


27. The Munsters


The wait is over, Rob Zombie fans. After plenty of speculation, the performer/director’s take on the classic 1960s series finally debuts this month. This iteration focuses on the early romance between Herman (Jeff Daniel Philips) and Lily (Sheri Moon Zombie), despite disappointment from Grandpa/The Count (Dan Roebuck).


28. Blonde


Ready to be offended by Marilyn Monroe? Director and writer Andrew Dominik hopes you are when he debuts this take on the famed performer. In what fans already consider a haunting take, Ana de Armas stars as the woman in question. The creatives behind this flick (including Brad Pitt) waited 10 years to find the perfect lead, so we’re expecting a stellar performance.


29. The Mighty Ducks: Game Changers (s2)


Emilio Estevez is out and Josh Duhamel is in when the second season of this hockey-obsessed series returns. It’s summer for the famed quack-attack team, which means the players are now attending a prestigious hockey school. That’s where they’ll meet former NHL player Colin Cole (Duhamel), a charming but hardcore coach.

What to watch in September: Mighty Ducks Game Changers

30. The Greatest Beer Run Ever


If you thought you knew Zac Efron, he’s about to change your mind in director Peter Farrelly’s TIFF-selected flick. Based on a real-life story, the movie follows a young man named Chickie (Efron) who decides to travel to the frontlines in Vietnam. Why? To bring the soldiers their favorite American beer and to show them their country remains supportive.


31. Hocus Pocus 2


The sequel to one of the most beloved Halloween movies ever made is finally here, continuing the story of the Sanderson Sisters. Bette Midler, Sarah Jessica Parker and Kathy Najimy all reprise their roles for the anticipated film. In it, the trio returns to wreak havoc on Salem, and it’s up to three high school kids to stop them.


Rewind: The Best New Streaming Releases We Watched in August 2022

As we entered the back half of 2022, we saw some of the best streaming releases to date. If you’re wondering what we watcedh in August or are looking for streaming releases you missed, we’ve got you covered.

Last month we cued up some of the best streaming services for anticipated prequel projects like House of the Dragon, Andor and Prey. We checked out the Beavis and Butt-Head revival, braced ourselves for Ron Howard’s early Oscars contender Thirteen Lives and finally watched the Netflix iteration of Neil Gaiman’s The Sandman. Somewhere in there was the debut of She-Hulk, the second season of breakout comedy Reservation Dogs and Jamie Foxx’s Day Shift, among others.


1. Arsenal: All or Nothing


The first three episodes of this sports docu-series are out now on Prime Video. If you’re a fan of European football or love a good underdog story (and what sports fan doesn’t?), then you’ll want to put this at the top of your watch list. Arsenal: All or Nothing follows the legendary English football club as it fights for a spot in the elite Champions League. Go onto the field and into the locker room to see how the players and coach cope with the pressure.

how to watch arsenal: all or nothing Buy: Watch Arsenal: All or Nothing on Prime Video Free Trial

2. Industry (Season 2)


You don’t need to be an investment banker to follow the high-stakes drama presented in this series. In it, the young and hungry Pierpoint & Co employees return to trade for another day, with lots of sex, drugs and backstabbing in between. The action picks up with Harper (Myha’la Herrold) returning to her desk post-COVID and atoning for her actions at the end of Season 1. As she chases a fancy new client (played by Jay Duplass), things at her desk are also in jeopardy with the arrival of a young hot shot, played by Alex Alomar Akpobome.



3. Reservation Dogs (Season 2)


This comedy about four Indigenous teens in rural Oklahoma was a sleeper hit when it debuted last August. When it returns for a second season this month, it’s with a two-episode debut, followed by two episodes weekly. Devery Jacobs, D’Pharaoh Woon-A-Tai, Paulina Alexis and Lane Factor all return to their Season 1 roles. The action picks up where we left off, with the criminal gang disbanded and on the outs.



4. Mike Judge’s Beavis and Butt-Head


You may not have needed more Beavis and Butt-Head in your life but let’s be honest: They were a formative part of your youth, right? Even if they weren’t, the animated duo return with a brand new and updated series, in which they endlessly mock TikTok videos and go on wild adventures, including one with an actual, talking dumpster fire.


5. Prey


Whether you loved the Predator films or you’re just a completist who needs to see it all, the prequel film comes to the streaming world this month to unravel even more history and backstory to the classic creatures. An origin story, it takes place in the early 18th century in Comanche Nation, with Amber Midthunder playing a female warrior who fights to protect her tribe against one of the first Predators to land on Earth. Dane DiLiegro, Harlan Blayne Kytwayhat and Dakota Beavers also star.


6. The Sandman


Neil Gaiman’s popular work is finally getting the dramatized treatment after years in development for a feature film. This week the creator unrolls a TV show depicting the story of Morpheus (played by Tom Sturridge) as he attempts to restore his rule. This one is set in the present day and also features Gwendoline Christie as Lucifer, with the likes of Vivienne Acheampong, Patton Oswalt, Mark Hamill and Joely Richardson also stopping by to get in on the action.


7. They/Them


Kevin Bacon heads up the cast on this horror, which puts a whole new spin on the real-life terror that is conversion camps. The Blumhouse flick tells the story of Whistler Camp, where a fresh group of campers are promised “a new sense of freedom” by leader Owen Whistler (Bacon). But when the psychological tactics prove to be too much and a murderer shows up, it’s clear the real horror is just beginning.


8. Thirteen Lives


Ron Howard’s latest big-screen project is already receiving all kinds of Oscars buzz, and this month you can finally see why for yourself. The dramatized retelling of the real-life rescue of a soccer team and their coach from a flooded cave in Thailand in 2018 is based on the headlines. However, it quickly goes even deeper, peeling back the layers of this historic rescue one tension-filled twist at a time. The all-star cast includes Colin Farrell, Joel Edgerton and Viggo Mortensen.

Buy: Thirteen Lives

9. Day Shift


Jamie Foxx is trading in his comedic chops for drama in this action-filled romp, in which a blue-collar dad works hard to provide a good life for his daughter. However, it turns out this pops is only in the pool cleaning business as a front: His real gig is hunting and killing deadly vampires. Dave Franco, Snoop Dogg, Karla Souza and Meagan Good also star.


10. Five Days at Memorial


When Hurricane Katrina struck New Orleans in 2005, it left plenty of destruction in its wake. This dramatized retelling of real-life events hones in on one particular place that was devastated by the damage: Memorial Medical Center. The hospital was severely damaged at the time, trapping workers and patients without resources for five days. But if you thought that was the worst of it, learning what happened within those walls during that time may have you thinking differently.


11. A League of Their Own


There’s still no crying in baseball when this anticipated TV series follow-up to Penny Marshall’s beloved 1992 film debuts this month. The Prime Video series is said to take a deeper dive into the All American Women’s Baseball League while exploring themes of racism, gender and misogyny. Naturally, there’s also going to be a lot of baseball. Co-creator and star Abbi Jacobson received Marshall’s blessing for this take before the director’s death in 2018, and original star Rosie O’Donnell appears as a local bar owner named Vi. Chanté Adams, D’Arcy Carden and Nick Offerman also star.

Buy: A League of Their Own

12. Tales of the Walking Dead


If you’re still into this long-standing franchise but are more interested in the origin stories behind the fall of civilization as we know it, the latest Walking Dead take is here to entertain you this month. This episodic anthology spinoff features six different stories that take place as the Walkers begin their rise, with characters new and old entering the mix. Terry Crews, Anthony Edwards, Parker Posey and Poppy Liu star.


13. Legacy: The True Story of the L.A. Lakers


If you were into the dramatized version of the rise of the L.A. Lakers, Winning Time: The Rise of the Lakers Dynasty, when it bowed earlier this year on HBO, this doc may be for you. The 10-part miniseries hails from director Antoine Fuqua, as it tracks the basketball team’s rise to glory in the 1980s. Only in this take, there’s no John C. Reilly in a questionable hair piece.


14. She-Hulk: Attorney at Law


The MCU’s next anticipated TV series is here, this time with Tatiana Maslany as Jennifer Walters, the cousin to Bruce Banner (Mark Ruffalo) who inherits some of his green powers after receiving a blood transfusion from him. In this series, she’s coupling her new powers with her skills as an attorney to bring down the bad guys. Charlie Cox returns as Daredevil and Tim Roth is back as Abomination.



15. House of the Dragon


Based on George R.R. Martin’s Fire & Blood, this series takes the “historical” book and goes deeper to showcase what really happened nearly 300 years before Daenerys Targaryen hatched her way into the hearts of Game of Thrones lovers. Matt Smith, Paddy Considine, Olivia Cooke, Emma D’Arcy, Steve Toussaint and Eve Best star.


16. Mo


If you count yourself a Ramy fan then you’ll definitely want to mark your calendar for the debut of comedian Mo Amer’s series this month. The actor, who appeared in Ramy and co-created this project with Ramy Youssef, stars as a Palestinian refugee now living in Houston. There, he attempts to co-exist with his mom and two siblings.


17. The End Is Nye


Bill Nye (the science guy) is just as concerned about the state of the planet as you are. That’s why he’s unrolling this new six-part series dedicated to covering all of the potential natural disasters that could possibly wipe us out. Think viruses, volcanos, asteroids and chemical warfare, among other catastrophic topics to explore.


18. Samaritan


Sylvester Stallone may be 76, but Sly is still in top form as an aging superhero in Prime Video’s latest action thriller. Here he plays the mythical character Samaritan, who was thought to have disappeared more than two decades ago after an epic battle. But when a boy discovers the legend is still around and kicking, Samaritan’s cover is blown. Martin Starr, Javon Walton, Dascha Polanco and Pilou Asbæk also star.

Buy: Samaritan

19. The Patient


There have been plenty of TV series about therapy over the years, but none have ever quite been like this. From the creators of The Americans comes this intense drama starring Steve Carell as a psychotherapist who recently lost his wife and is trying to get a grip on his own issues. But those issues only intensify when a serial killer (played by Domhnall Gleeson) kidnaps him and holds him captive in a bid to curb his own homicidal urges. If you’re getting Misery vibes, you’re not alone.



20. Andor


The Cassian Andor Star Wars series you didn’t know you needed is here to fill the void while you wait for next year’s return of The Mandalorian. As the title implies, this series revolves around the insurrectionist character who fought against the Galactic Republic in the Outer Rim Territories. It’s a prequel series to Rogue One and features Diego Luna reprising his 2016 role. According to the actor, it features many new characters and places that we never even knew existed within the galaxy. Genevieve O’Reilly, Fiona Shaw and Alex Ferns also star.