14 Brilliant Gifts for the Woman Who Already Has Everything

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When you think of the woman who has everything, you probably have a particular person in mind. Maybe it’s your fancy mom who can buy anything she wants for herself. Or maybe it’s your mother-in-law, who just moved out of a big home and, in the spirit of downsizing, doesn’t want any more stuff. Or maybe it’s a quirky, hard-to-peg friend who has incredible taste. Regardless, finding great gifts for women who have everything doesn’t have to be rocket science. 

“I immediately think ‘rich step mom.’ That’s just where my mind goes,” says Portland-based creator Ashley Hosmer. “This woman can afford the best for herself, so what do you get her? For her, I’d go [for the] unexpected.” That means thinking a little bit about who she is and what she likes to do. “Where is she from or where has she traveled?,” Hosmer says. “Are there any delicacies from that region that she maybe hasn’t had since her childhood or travels? Is she one of those women who rarely allows herself an indulgence?” 

But no matter what, when in doubt, go for thought and great presentation. “A good gift takes the receiver into great consideration or is something objectively swoon-worthy,” says St. Petersburg-based media consultant Jensyn Gagne. “For me, though, it’s all about the presentation. Unwrapping something beautiful makes the experience much more special.”  

Sometimes that wow factor is all you need. And if you still need some direction, these selections should help you find something fabulous for the equally fabulous woman you’re shopping for.

Hand holding up a Book of the Month Subscription Box

Book of the Month Subscription

For book lovers, Hosmer suggests a Book of the Month subscription. This service features between five and seven books per month, and the recipient gets to pick the ones he or she wants to keep. Available in three-, six-, or 12-month installments, it’s a gift that keeps on giving. 

chanel le creme main hand cream

Chanel Hand Cream

“Inversely, the woman who has everything is the woman who doesn’t want anything,” says Gagne. In other words, she’s the woman who will always swear up and down that you don’t have to get her anything. “The perfect gift for this type of woman is a little luxury.” So think high-end. If that gives you sticker shock, here’s a pro-tip: Look to the accessories or beauty section of luxury brands, which is where you’ll find impressive gifts at lower price points. That’s exactly why this hand cream is a great choice — it smells great and comes with the cachet of Chanel without the price of a classic quilted bag. 

Boheme perfume scented matches against white background

Perfumed Matches

Does the woman you have in mind like candles? Of course she does, because who doesn’t? “Get her my favorite matches — they release scent when you strike them,” Hosmer says. 

Dedcool perfume sampler set on countertop

DedCool Perfume Sampler

“This may be a controversial answer, but my go-to gift for someone who has everything is simply: good smells,” says Veronica DeSouza, WNYC and Gothamist’s Director of Digital News and Audience and author of the shopping newsletter buy, bitch! “This can be a nice candle, perfume (I love gifting this sampler from DedCool), or even a room spray. 

lit Yield Design candle against cream background

Yield Design Candle

Candles will never let you down either, no matter what you think. “I feel like candles are thought of as lazy gifts but I disagree,” de Souza says. “It’s just gotta be a really good one.” She suggests the Palo Santo candle form Yield Design.

Creations De Paris green stationary set on tabletop with a black pen

Creations de Paris Stationary

Luxury paper products are always a great option, and Gagne suggests these Creations de Paris notecards, which are both beautiful and timeless. They evoke the signs for the Paris Metro and look more luxe than their price point would have you think. 

silver studs by catbird against white background

Catbird Studs

Jewelry is a crowd-pleaser gift. So are diamonds, which makes these Catbird studs check two boxes. But because style is so personal, jewelry is something that’s easy to get wrong. These delicate Catbird studs are timeless, though, so you can be reasonably confident they’ll go over well.   

Jeni's Ice Cream Best Sellers Collection against blue background

Jeni's Ice Cream Gift Box

They say the way to someone’s heart is through their stomach. While that might not be true for everyone, it’s certainly worth a shot. Jenni’s has some of the best and most unique flavors of ice cream, and this gift box of best-selling flavors is a particularly great gift because it’s something the recipient can’t just pick up at their local grocery store. 

JenScribblesNY Print drawing of plaza hotel

A Cute Print

Jen Toth, aka JenSribblesNY, makes clever and cute prints of places all around New York. The woman who has everything has surely been to the iconic Plaza Hotel, but if not, she has an appreciation for it. (Toth has lots of other pleasing options, too, if there’s another place that’s special to her.) Beyond that, generally, the idea of art is a good one. If you have a theme in mind, you can turn to Etsy to find something that fits.

dog claw clip by Hoshiny against white background

Hoshiny Claw Clip

We’ve already established that gifts for the woman who has everything don’t have to cost a fortune. Sometimes, the move is to go for something cute and or clever. These hair clips from Hoshiny are pure fun. And if the recipient isn’t a dog lover, no problem — the brand has all kinds of different colorful designs, including a watermelon, a carrot, a clip with a checkerboard pattern, and many more. 

Painting with paint brushes and small cannisters of paint against white background

Let's Paint Anywhere Amafli Kit

The woman who has everything deserves some relaxation time, and painting is one way to do that. The Etsy store Let’s Paint Anywhere sells these colorful painting kits. But don’t worry — they’re not your average paint by numbers set. They depict scenes from the Amalfi coast, Paris, Porto, and other exotic locales — places the woman who has everything has most definitely been. 

Gray Malin puzzle box against white background

Gray Malin Puzzle

Similar to a painting set, a puzzle is a great way to unwind. This Gray Malin puzzle is two-sided, too, so the recipient gets two puzzles for the price of one. 

woman wearing rainbow colored Lake Pajamas standing against leafy green foliage

Cute Pajamas

You can never have too many pairs of PJs. Lake Pajamas makes cute, fashion-forward sets, while Eberjey has great options at a higher price point. 

arm holding out yellow and white bouquet of flowers

Bouqs Subscription

Who doesn’t love flowers? Certainly the woman who has everything loves to have fresh blooms around. And you can give her that with a Bouqs subscription, which starts at $44/month. Fresh flowers will arrive at her doorstep each month, and you can cancel any time. She’ll love looking forward to each monthly delivery.