11 best throw blankets to add flair to your living space (and to snuggle up under!)

Is there anything better than a soft and comfy throw blanket? Especially one that seems to fit perfectly in the design of your living space? Plus, don’t they make the best home decor gifts? Personally, I can never have enough of them. We have no less than five in our living room at any given time—whether they’re strewn about the couches or hanging neatly on our blanket rack. Between my husband, me, our three kids, our giant dog and our propensity for watching movies together and cozying up on the sofa with bowls of popcorn and chips, we go through a lot of throw blankets in my house.

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What makes the best throw blanket?

Honestly, it depends on what you’re looking for. For example, if you live in a northern climate with long winters, you might want a heavy throw to wrap around you while you sip hot tea and read a book by the fire. If, however, you’re always warm, you might be in the market for a lightweight layer instead. Also, what fabric and material do you prefer? Sherpa? Wool? How about design? Are you looking for a bright blanket that adds a pop of color or a muted throw that blends in with your home decor? How about one that’s easy to wash (especially if you have kids and pets?) Also, throw blankets can make a great holiday decoration—whether it’s a black and white throw with skulls on it for Halloween, a Christmas plaid throw for your blanket rack, or a heart-covered blanket you just bought as your latest piece of Valentines Day decor, you can just toss a blanket onto your couch and boom. You just decorated. See? Throw blankets for the win.

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Motherly’s top picks for best throw blankets

Best throw blanket overall

Chenille Waffle Sherpa Back Throw by Pottery Barn

Pottery Barn


Chenille Waffle Sherpa Back Throw

This chenille sherpa back throw with waffle pattern is Pottery Barn’s best seller, and it’s not hard to see why. It comes in three gorgeous accent colors—cardinal, loden, and tobacco—and it’s made with 100% recycled polyester and 100% recycled sherpa. This fabric’s classic color options and thick, waffle knit chenille make it an easy top pick for our list.

Best throw for cozy snuggles

Marshmallow Blanket from Unhide



Marshmallow Throw

Reviews says the Marshmallow throw blanket is like being wrapped in a cloud. And, they are made from 90% recycled materials—which means you get comfort and softness while helping the planet. Also, they’re enormous! You and your kids can all get under this one together for movie night and enjoy some warm family cuddles.

Best sustainable throw

two-toned textured organic throw

Under the Canopy


Two-toned textured organic throw

Far too often buyers think sustainable, eco-friendly products are out of their price range. Well, Under the Canopy is here to change that mindset. Made from 100% organic cotton and OEKO-TEX® certified dyes that ensure the throw is free from any harmful toxins or chemicals, this option is soft, beautiful, and kind to our planet.

Best lightweight throw

Spruce Sweater Knit Throw Blanket

Boll & Branch


Spruce Sweater Knit Throw Blanket

You know how you have that favorite sweater that’s just the right fit and provides the perfect amount of warmth? The Spruce Sweater Knit Throw Blanket is like that sweater—in blanket form. This cozy yet breathable throw is made with 100% organic cotton woven into a basketweave pattern—and that color spruce! Isn’t it gorgeous?

Best sherpa throw

Ultrasoft micromink sherpa throw blanket

Amazon Basics


Ultrasoft Micromink Sherpa Blanket

There’s a reason sherpa is a popular go-to material for blankets. It’s super soft, warm, and provides the coziest of blanket cuddles. This micromink throw comes in king, queen, or throw blanket size, making it an option for a bedspread too! It’s also made from a wrinkle-resistant material that deflects lint and pet hair, and it’s machine washable. At this price, get two!

Best wool throw

washable wool throw from L.L. Bean

L.L. Bean


Washable Wool Throw

L.L. Bean is the tried and true brand that offers the warmest and comfiest of blankets. If you’re looking for a wool throw, here it is. This fringed wool blanket comes in four different color patterns and is made right here in the U.S. as the renowned Pendleton Woolen Mills. Washable and dyed with yarn-dye so the color won’t fade, you’ll have this blanket for years to come, so enjoy it!

Best throw for the budget shopper

Boho throw blanket



Farmhouse Chenille Throw

You don’t have to spend a lot of money to get a comfy throw for your home. This cozy knit “farmhouse chic” throw would be a beautiful addition to any living space—and it comes in 37 different colors!

Best throw blanket design

Happy Habitat puzzle throw

Happy Habitat


Puzzle Eco Throw

The bright geometrical pattern on Happy Habitat’s Puzzle Eco Throws make them a statement piece for your home. Plus, Happy Habitat is a small business in the Kansas City area where owner Karrie Dean makes each blanket from local or recycled materials!

Best colorful throw to brighten up your space

Three Posts Nader Throw Blanket

Three Posts


Nader Throw Blanket

Some buyers want a muted throw that blends in. Some do not! The Nader Throw Blanket is the perfect choice if you want your throw to stand out while also providing warmth and coziness on cooler nights. This option comes in 37 beautiful colors and is on the lighter side, making it easy to drape over a chair or hang on a blanket rack.

Best chunky knit throw

chunky knit blanket throw



Chunky Knit Blanket Throw

Looking for a chunky knit throw to keep you warm? We found it. Choose among five lovely color palettes and four different sizes to find the perfect blanket for you. This throw is 100% hand-knit, non-shedding, and machine washable. A great gift option for sure!

Best heated throw blanket

Westinghouse heated sherpa throw



Sherpa Heated Throw Blanket

Sometimes a throw blanket isn’t enough, and you need some extra heat as well. The Sherpa Heated Throw from Westinghouse is a great choice for the buyer who wants to literally feel the heat under there. With six heating levels, this blanket is also machine washable and has an automatic shut-off feature for safety. You’ll never be cold again under this throw blanket!