106 Times People Spotted Old People Being Wholesome And Shared It In This Online Group

There's a subreddit called r/AdorableOldPeople and as you might guess, it shares screenshots and pictures of old people making the world a better place.

First of all, we are not huge fans of the name. As philosophy teacher Randall Horton pointed out in Huff Post, even people in their 50s like to think they are in their "young 50s" or that they look good "for their age." As they get older, they become "a little more patient, more accepting, less doctrinaire, and, yes, sadder and wiser." However, they do not think they become more adorable, precious, charming, or sweet. Attributing these words to older folks can send the wrong message. They might think we're infantilizing them. So we won't.

But the content of the subreddit is awesome. Whether we're talking about teens or seniors, people can be jerks, so it's always appropriate to celebrate the ones that aren't. Continue scrolling and you will find a hand-picked collection of the most popular posts on the sub.

#1 Cosplay Isn't Just For The Young

Image credits: SkelletonQueenX

#2 My Grandpa’s 88th Birthday Was A Few Weeks Ago. My Sister Got Him A Coloring Book And Crayons. He Says He’s Never Colored Before, But He Seems To Enjoy It. He Shows All His Visitors The Pages He’s Finished. He’s Colorblind, So Some Of The Puppies Are Pink, But He’s So Happy. He Melts My Heart

Image credits: stephiebob

#3 Relationship Goals

Image credits: KAreports

#4 Grandfather With Vitiligo Crochets Dolls To Make Children With This Condition Feel Better

Image credits: biabia___x0

#5 This Couple Re-Creating Their Marriage Photo 70 Years Later

Image credits: ReagansRougeBanana

#6 A 76 Yr Old Retired Air Force Colonel Is No Match For His 4 Year Old Granddaughter

Image credits: Extra_blueberries

#7 She Said "I Haven't Been Carried Like This Since My Wedding Day"

Image credits: alfaguara27

#8 Made Me Smile

Image credits: mashable

#9 My 92 Year Old Grandpa Holding My Parrot For The First Time. He Insisted That I Take A Photo Of Him So He Could Print It Out To Show His Friends

Image credits: welcome-to-trench

#10 My Professor Is 74 And He Isn’t Confident Using Zoom So He’s Prerecorded The Rest Of Our Classes. Today, I Watched The First One. He Has A Pinocchio Doll In The Front Row Because He Isn’t Comfortable Teaching To An Empty Room. I’m Social Distancing For This Man And This Man Only

Image credits: Ph0on-

#11 Bob The Wise

Image credits: FlyingPenguinzzz

#12 This Is So Cute. Selfie Stick Review

Image credits: reddit.com

#13 Milly Girl. I Love Ya

Image credits: okayyeahwhatever2

#14 My 97-Year-Old Grandma Doesn’t Use Computers, But I Found A Meme Years Ago That I Thought She’d Like So I Sent It In The Mail. Turns Out She’s Kept It At Her Bedside Ever Since

Image credits: sto_sa

#15 She Picked A Good Name Anyways

Image credits: JJ_Denhollander

#16 They Dated In Their Teens, Married Different People, And Got Back Together 65 Years Later. My Grandma And Her Boyfriend

Image credits: Burkenstockss

#17 Grandpa Brings Dog To Furniture Store To Make Sure She Likes Chair Too

Image credits: LadyAdiee

#18 My Great Grandmother Wanted To Go To My Aunt’s Wedding Overseas But Broke Her Leg Just Before. She Told Them She Would Be There In Some Way. Oddly Wholesome Cardboard Cutout

Image credits: CluelessEverything

#19 I Lost My Dad At Walmart And Ended Up Finding Him In The Garden Section Watering Plants

Image credits: bambiartistic

#20 My Parents Sent Me This From Their Retirement Community Today

Image credits: Ace497

#21 Happy Pride Month, Everyone!

Image credits: applepiehobbit

#22 My Grandpa Has Alzheimer’s And Can’t Always Remember His Grandkids Names, So We Custom Made A Shirt That Has All Our Names And It’s His New Favourite Shirt

Image credits: MolicaKurth5665

#23 This Is My 96 Year Old Grandma, Willie. She Survived The Great Depression, Being Hit By A Fire Truck And Being In A Coma, And Losing Her Husband At A Young Age. Now She Drinks Liquor And Smokes Cigars, Still Lives Alone And Hits On Younger Men. I Love Her With Everything I’ve Got

Image credits: motherroadsdaughter

#24 My Grandma Wanted A Picture Together Because We Accidentally Matched When Going Out For Dinner

Image credits: talkhxuse

#25 When You Can’t March In Protest, You Scoot In Protest

Image credits: afierygal

#26 My Grandpa Mac, 92 Years Old, Just Got New Security Cameras Around His House. He Has My Cousin, Aaron, And I On The Online Login (He’s Not Too Computer Savvy) So We Can See What’s Going On. He Sends Us Random Messages Through The Cameras

Image credits: JustShimoon

#27 This Is A Selfie My Dad Sent Me

Image credits: Elby63

#28 Doris Absolutely Destroyed Me In Words With Friends

Image credits: decentbirthday

#29 My Mom Died Of Covid June 8th. I Found This Her Writing On The Back Page Of This Blank Book I Gave Her Years Ago

Image credits: spudgrrl

#30 Sent An Image Of A Lobster To My Korean Grandmother Who Can Barely Speak English

Image credits: MichaelmouseStar

#31 Awww

Image credits: doyou_feel_me

#32 The Best. Name. Ever

Image credits: dumb_giraffe

#33 One Of The Last Pics I Have Of My Dad With My Daughter...how He Loved Her!!!

Image credits: maggiemew

#34 60 Years Later My Great Grandmother Tried On Her Wedding Dress And It Still Fits Perfectly

Image credits: alfaguara27

#35 I Had No Idea That My Dad Had These Digital Skills. This Came As One Of 11 Emails Containing One Photo In Each Email, All Of My Parents’ Weekend. This One Was Captioned “ Look What We Found In The Kitty Cave!”

Image credits: encantalasmontaas

#36 Dad Went Out In The Snow To Feed The Birds, And Made A New Friend! It's Official, He's A Disney Princess Now

Image credits: ClearBrightLight

#37 Grandma’s Out Here Serving Looks!

Image credits: Cherrymus

#38 My Grandma Just Turned 95. Here She Is Downing A Glass Of Champagne On A Brunch Cruise!

Image credits: espresso-yourself

#39 The Fact That He Still Carries The Pic Around Is So Precious

Image credits: logangornik

#40 My Neighbor Almost Had My Mom Worried For His Safety

Image credits: DreamCyclone84

#41 I Live Abroad. My Grandparents Called Me To Urgently Check The Security Web Cams Of My House Back Home. Turns Out They Called So I Could See Them Standing With A Heart And Waving At Me

Image credits: isitmeuarelookingfor

#42 My Great-Grandma Wears A Necklace With My Baby Picture When I’m Traveling Because She Worries. 95 And Going Strong!

Image credits: faith_the_free_elf

#43 My Dad Thought He Was Taking A Picture Of My Kids And Accidentally Had It On Front Facing. It Fills Me With Joy That This Is What His Face Looks Like When He’s Watching My Kids. He’s A Great Dad

Image credits: missbinz

#44 Sent A Picture Of A Final Fantasy 7 Character To My Mum Thinking She Looked Like Her, She Recreated The Look And Pretty Much Nailed It

Image credits: Kahootlu

#45 My Grandparents Got A New Car And Was Excited To Tell Me, I Travel A Lot With Them So They Were Showing Me The Back Seat

Image credits: no_numbers554

#46 Grandma With The Drip

Image credits: djbewbz

#47 Did A Christmas Scavenger Hunt. This Is What My Grandpa Sent For 3 Wise Men

Image credits: Origami_kittycorn

#48 So Cute

Image credits: Arctic_Mandalorian

#49 Oh The Smiles!

Image credits: D_Kaz09

#50 Maureen The Legend

Image credits: iNeedHealing24_7

#51 My Grandad Being All Giggly When He Was Chatting About His Childhood And All The Mischief He Got Up To Behind His Mothers Back!!!

Image credits: UnpreparedSugar

#52 My Grandparents Just Celebrated Their 50th Wedding Anniversary. This Was Their Last Dance Of The Celebration

Image credits: psychedartist

#53 My Mom Is Almost In Her 60’s And Started Her Weight Loss Journey Around This Time Last Year! 85 Pounds Down!! It’s Never Too Late To Change Your Life!

Image credits: _bbennyy

#54 Grandpa And I Share A Love Of Sudoku And Like To Work On Them Together, But Covid Means We Can't See Each Other. So, He Copied A Puzzle Out Of One Of His Books By Hand And Mailed It To Me To Solve

Image credits: kelsabeth

#55 Adorable Grandpa

Image credits: besiberani

#56 This Is Adorable

Image credits: KingMushroomIV

#57 Obama Told This 90-Year Old Veteran He Didn't Have To Stand. He Said, "No Sir, You're The President"

Image credits: The_Real_Potatos

#58 Awesome Grandpa

Image credits: dobbyisafreepup

#59 An Old Man Taking Pictures Of His Wife Without Her Realising

Image credits: AnyRandomRedditor

#60 I’m A Personal Trainer And I Work With A 77 Year Old With Parkinson’s Named Frank. He Doesn’t Move Around Much Unless He’s With Me So We Set A Step Goal Of 3,000 Steps A Day And He’s Been Updating Me Once He Hits His Goal. I’m So Proud Of Him

Image credits: Alan_The_Duck

#61 Aww Good Husband

Image credits: Adelu1219

#62 Adorable

Image credits: KP20024

#63 Assisted Living Place Is Asking For Pen Pals!!! (Victorian Senior Care On Fb) For Info

Image credits: anxiousinminneapolis

#64 Grandpa Humor Is My All-Time Favourite

Image credits: __Niche__

#65 My Grandpa Had To Go To The Er Last Wednesday At About 6 In The Morning, And I Was Worried About Him All Day And During My Class. My Mom Told Him I Was Worried And Then Sent Me This Picture, Which Is One Of The Cutest Things I’ve Ever Received

Image credits: fairyfries

#66 My Grandpa Uprooted His Life In Rural Vietnam To Build A Happy Life In America For My Family Long Before I Was Born. He's Now 90 And Able To Enjoy The Fruits Of His Labor

Image credits: Wigglewurps

#67 Anchors Away Matey!

Image credits: kaleighb1988

#68 My 96 Year Old Nan. She Always Made Sure That Her Caregivers Put On Her Foundation, Rouge, And Her Signature Red Lipstick. Never Underestimate The Power Of A Bold Red Lip

Image credits: Nurse_Ratched87

#69 Visiting My Grandpa Who Was Just Diagnosed With Cancer Beyond Treatment. He’s Being Put On Hospice Soon, But Here Is Is All Dressed Up For Family

Image credits: superpilotbrooks

#70 My Grandmas 94 Last Week. She Has Dementia And Is Bed Ridden But She Still Has Her Good Spirits. She Loves This Teddy Bear My Cousin Gave Her. So If Me And My Mom Are Feeding Her And She Starts To Fiddle, She Holds Onto It. Love Her So Much

Image credits: sarahcantfunction

#71 Grandma, Former Champion Drag Racer, Riding In My Miata For The First Time. She Asked If I Could Get Her One!

Image credits: born2stab

#72 I Was Playing With The Ar In Pokémon Go And My Grandpa Saw It And Asked What I Was Doing. I Told Him I Was Playing Pokémon He Told Me “I Want To Poke The Mon!”

Image credits: SunnyFreakingD3

#73 My Nana Is Bored So She’s Keeping Me Fresh During The Quarantine

Image credits: Lewis390

#74 She Crocheted All These Hats For A Local Shelter! It's Absolutely Incredible!

Image credits: kitaisaradish

#75 My Mom Got To Visit Snow White - Her Favorite Princess Since She Was A Little Girl. My Mom Retired Friday And This Was Her First Trip To Disney Ever

Image credits: Paelidore

#76 My Beautiful And Sweet Great Nanna Passed Away This Week. She Was 101. Whenever She Asked Someone Her Age And We Told Her, She Flat Out Didn’t Believe Us!

Image credits: bitzygirl

#77 My Parents Are Both In Their 70s (And Look Pretty Good For It). My Mom Was Recently Diagnosed With Two Different Cancers, So She And My Dad Have Matching Haircuts Now

Image credits: jillverseseverything

#78 My 84yr Grandma Doesn’t Understand Memes

Image credits: AmazingAbel_

#79 My Grandparents Meeting My Son For The First Time

Image credits: reddit.com

#80 My Papa Passed Away This Week Before His Time. He Loved Birds And Fought Valiantly To Keep Squirrels Away From His Bird Feeders. We Bought Him So Many Squirrel-Covered Things As A Joke, You’d Think He Secretly Loved Them. I Miss You Papa, Rest Easy

Image credits: sammy5198

#81 This Is My Adorable Grandmother Who Finally Decided To Go For It And Dye Her Hair Purple. Sorry For The Blurry Photo

Image credits: samhull061200

#82 My Ninety Seven Year Old Granny Trying On My Big Shoes

Image credits: billy-eyelash567

#83 I Sent My 91 Year Old Grandmother A Thank You Card For Christmas Money And Got This Text Back

Image credits: archaeob

#84 My Dad, The Epitome Of "Romantic" In Any Situation

Image credits: WittyMosquito

#85 My Dad With His New Grandson!

Image credits: quatrainius

#86 Video Games Bring Us Closer

Image credits: AnyRandomRedditor

#87 My Mum (In Yellow) Brings Her Fanny Pack Every Time She Is Out And About. She Fills It With Dog Kibble, Treats, Poop Baggies, And A Leash In Hopes She’ll Find Any Of The Missing Dogs Posted On Her Neighbourhood Facebook Group

Image credits: Hvnhaaa

#88 I Get A Note From My Grandmas Dog Every Time I Dogsit

Image credits: shelt93

#89 I’ve Been With My BF For 8 Years With No Immediate Plans For Engagement Or Marriage. His Grandma, However, (A Lovely Woman!) Has Signed Him Up As Interested At Various Local Jewelers

Image credits: lionbaby917

#90 My Girlfriends Aunt Turned 101 Yesterday

Image credits: AFlyingFiddlersFuck

#91 I Love My Grandpa So Much

Image credits: eh_itzvictor

#92 Wholesome Review Of A Beach I Found

Image credits: The_Master_of_LOLZ

#93 Mom!! So Cute

Image credits: Herekitty-kitty

#94 My Lightbulb Obsessed Dad Loving His New Glow In The Dark Shirt

Image credits: MyouItonami

#95 Pop Wanted To Recreate His Childhood Santa Photo

Image credits: Shadrack_Meshax

#96 Old People And Cats Hit Different Especially When It’s From This Angle

Image credits: Dead_August

#97 I Sent A Friend Request To A Lovely Older Gentleman In A Facebook Group I'm In After A Nice Discussion. He Replied With This

Image credits: MrEctomy

#98 Friendship Goals

Image credits: BigRecord

#99 A Couple In My Town

Image credits: drewbilly251

#100 My Dad Sending Me A Selfie Of Him And His Buddies Out For A Night At “The Club”


#101 Was Listening To Zelda And Chill And I Saw This Comment

Image credits: potatomanagement

#102 My Grandmother Got A Rabbit To Keep Her Company During Lockdown!

Image credits: seluj78

#103 My Grandparents Wanted To Do A Photoshoot For Their 66th Anniversary. My Grandpa, Art-Directing: “Okay, Now We Should Look At Each Other Lovingly”

Image credits: middleofmediocrity

#104 Mom Didn’t Get The Memo

Image credits: imankitty

#105 Grandma Can’t Have Visitors, But She’s Keeping Us Up To Date!

Image credits: WBAP

#106 My 93 Year Old Grandma Played Basketball With Us For The First Time I Can Remember

Image credits: ANDtac