10 Things I Love Sunday

Hello friends. Happy Sunday. I’m here to share 10 things I am enjoying right now. Our life is pretty intense at the moment as our children are home with us full-time (due to COVID outbreaks in our area). We are about to move and we’re doing one of our biggest shoots of the year this week—a few days before we move. Luckily, Emma is coming to help us with the girls. I’m so grateful for her support and for yours as well! Thank you for being here and reading our blog. We know some of you have been reading for more than 10 years! As we continue to grow, evolve, change age and well, live our lives, we’re so grateful you make the choice to be a part of it with us. 2020 might just be the worst year of many of our lives, but having some constant things has brought us great comfort. So thank you for your support and we will continue to do our best for you as well.

1. I purchased this necklace from this shop. I’m so excited to get it in the mail! I found Omi Woods though the Black-owned shop section on Etsy. I’m so excited to keep shopping and sharing Black-owned shops with you. I also got some really pretty coin earrings from this shop.

2. This kids reading nook room is so incredible. Wow, wow, wow!

3. My friend Alyssa’s book is available for pre-order. And guess what? I’m in the book too! Alyssa is so talented and I know the book is going to be just gorgeous.

4. I recently watched The Parent Trap with Nova and now I want this hoodie. So nostalgic!

5. The prettiest masks I have seen.

6. My best splurge lately was this set. It’s so cute! Sure, I never leave the house, but I’m starting to realize that cute clothes still matter to me—even in quarantine life. The occasional “date night at home” is pretty great. And yoga sets are good too. Haha! I live in them.

7. This puzzle is so beautiful! I feel like it’s a decoration SLASH toy, like a toy that’s beautiful enough to be a decoration as well.

8. A Sesame Street puppet craft for kiddos.

9. I have been marathoning The OC. It’s SO bad, it’s good. We’ve been going through a lot personally (in addition to the world going though a lot, which is also so heavy right now). I’m not hiding from the news—we still watch it almost every day, but it’s nice to have something so BAD like The OC in our life as well. I think it’s really important right now to find ways to take care of yourself. And that looks different for different people. If it helps you survive, I say enjoy it! It’s 2020. I’d love to hear what’s helping you as well.

10. The first purchase I made for our new home was ordering a whole bunch of these prints for our movie room. Can you guess which movies I ordered? I think I ordered 12 of them. I’ve never been so excited to make a gallery wall in my life!

Just for fun, I’d love to hear things you are looking forward to AFTER quarantine. For example, I really want to get some new tattoos. I was about to get some before COVID started, so I am looking forward to that! And obviously, going out on date nights, girl nights, and traveling—but I feel like those are probably on everyone’s list. I’m curious to hear what random things you are missing from pre-COVID life.

Hope you are safe and well! xx- Elsie